Roots of Feminism

She is walking home in summer sun.
Four roofers are ahead, above. Young men,
they glance among themselves while watching her.
She’s tall, tan, athletic. She looks elsewhere.
They hammer on, but after every nail
they track her long legs, strong stride, ponytail.

The tattooed man whistles. She walks on by.
The sweating, shirtless blond one things he’ll try—
"Hey, girl!" he calls. She stops and turns to him.
He sees hot chicks dancing, a Bud Light dream,
and then she speaks, not sexual but bold:
"Jesus, you guys. I am twelve years old."

"Roots of Feminism," by Bob Perkins from Myriad Creative Arts Journal, 2009

Page Turners Transfer Information

At our last Page Turners meeting we covered what some Universities have to offer prospective English Majors. Below is all the information featured on the power point in case you needed to remember something. Good luck on your college applications!

CSU Long Beach overview:

 The program at Long Beach is very special. They have over 100 full time and part time instructors who are experts in their fields and are involved in teaching, scholarships, creative activities, and publishing in linguistics, literacy, literature and creative and technical writing. Class sizes are relatively small and one to one conferencing with students is widely practiced.

Courses range from basic to advanced writing; surveys of literature; studies of particular genres, eras, themes, and authors; and advanced classes on rhetoric and literacy theory. They develop three skills: analytical reading, effective writing and critical thinking about the human interaction gained through study of the best writing in the English language.

The university offers an English Student Association sponsored by the Associated students as well as symposiums, and creative writers are encouraged to join RipRap, the department’s student designed and published magazine.

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Just found out my JC won't be offering winter sessions because of budget cuts.

Meanwhile El Camino College is building a brand spanking new science building. Okay, so that was because of a grant or something. What about cutting athletics!? I mean how many students are benefiting from that anyways? El Camino isn’t known for their sports and yet they have the biggest budget. How about giving over that money to keep classes open for students who need them? Students, like myself, who don’t want to keep coming back every year.


In a textbook case of underutilized space, The Roadium on Redondo Beach Boulevard stands as an open-air swap meet 7 days a week. The sprawling lot used to be a drive-in movie theater in the 70’s and 80’s—my mother told me she watched the Jason slasher movies there. There is actually nothing wrong with its daytime usage as a swap meet because it is one of the largest in the area and is always packed when I drive by it—demonstrating its purpose as a discount retail operation. What is wrong with it is that it has such potential to have a night crowd, but no project has touched it in years. 

Just bring back the drive-in theater. Or a sit-in, open-air movie showing. El Camino Community College is right across the street and is a built-in audience. Unlike larger endeavors of renovation and facelift, this project can be quite cheap to undertake and the most important piece of equipment—the large screen—is already in place. 

I have spent most days in Torrance thinking about how lifeless this town is and while I may not plant another set of roots here, I do appreciate it. I sometimes search “Torrance” or “north Torrance” on tumblr and find posts from residents who share the same sentiments. Boring, boring, boring, trite, boring. I understand this conviction, but as they say, “anything you love is worth saving.” 

Today I'm Going to Relax // Maria Lim

Today I’m going to relax.
Not fret over the ants parading their sticky legs
on the chocolate mousse hardening
on the plates,
stacked like buttered pancakes
prepared for the world’s hungriest man.

My roommate hasn’t paid me
her share of the electricity bill—
today I’m going to relax,
leave her door empty of post-it notes
and threats of darkness—
"Cindi - need the money..or else.."
The door which nevertheless I’m glad is there.

She’s not as annoying as the ants.
Sometimes sweet like the mousse.
But enough, it’s my day of relaxation.
I will cover my eyes
from “The Life of Rembrandt” report due in two days,
like Gericault’s haunting Raft of the Medusa,
which reminds me of the time when Cindi flooded the toilet;
the sea of toilet paper on the floor—
crumpled, wet, dingy white,
like the dying bodies on that troubled raft.
But Gericault won’t tell me how to feel today.
I refuse to mess with the mess!
If Cindi or Gericault show up
I’ll ignore them like beggars—
they can like the plates clean for now.

(an imitation of Today I’ll Sit Still by Ernesto Trejo)

"Today I’m Going to Relax" by Maria Lim from Myriad Creative Arts Journal 2014

On December 2010 I dedicated my time with El Camino College Inter-Club Council to facepaint little kindergardeners’ faces for Holiday festivities. Many club members came and organized this event to help make Christmas magical and worth remembering for children. All I remembered was I.D.E.A.S. Arts Club volunteered to do face paint and make cotton beards and Architecture Club built ginger bread houses and passed out drinks. This was very fun, here is a picture of us all grouped together!

We are Black, White, Indian
We are quadroons
We are mulattoes
We are gumbo every New Year
We are Bahamian roots buried in American soil
We are secrets yet to be revealed
We are too many names for my grandmother to remember
We are my grandfather’s baby fine hair, passed down generation after generation
We are old Negro Spirituals
We are a fondue pot of multiple cultures
We are conflicting values
We are the blinking red light at the railroad track
We are the law fought in courtrooms across America
We are overcome
We are bits and pieces of a history yet to be discovered
We are a bloodline traced all the way back to slavery
We are mammies and chiefs and mighty warriors
We are the realization of Martin’s dream
We are the first black family to live on that street
We are my grandmother’s tears for a son scattered over Vietnam
We are my uncle’s memory playing tricks on him
We are my aunt’s loudly sung gospel
We are in church speaking tongues
We are down at the river being baptized
We are dysfunction
We are yesterday, today, tomorrow
We are family
—  "We Are" by Monique Judge, from a past edition of the Myriad 

This is ridiculous. The enrollment fee for community colleges in California has been raised to $46/unit. When I started El Camino in Fall 2009 it was only $22/unit, so within the past three years the enrollment fee has been more than doubled. On a personal level, I guess it shouldn’t really matter to me now because I’m transferring to a 4-year this fall and will have a more expensive education to worry about, but it’s still very infuriating. Community colleges are supposed to be affordable. With UC’s and Cal States increasing their tuition, more and more students are attending community colleges every year to finish their GE’s. With all the budget cuts, community colleges are cutting back on classes and even winter and summer sessions. If you put those two issues together, what do you have? Frustrated students who aren’t getting the classes they need and are having a tough time paying for their education. 

Financially speaking, this is such a rough time to be a college student. Good luck to us all.