Meet the blogger

I was tagged by lions-and-snails and sluttycatlady thank you uwu

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URL: alinatheduck

Nickname: ducky, duck, linchen (this is a German family thing and but if you can pronounce it you can call me it omg)

Birthday: 25th December 1996

Sexuality: pansexual

Height: 152cm or 5ft :)

Timezone: GMT 

time and date: 30/09/2014 and 12:36

last thing you googled: global wheat yield per decade

my most used phrases: good shout, omg, I don’t even know

last thing you said to a family member: bye, you too!

favourite beverage: vanilla roi boos tea

first word that comes to mind: munchkin

place that makes you happy and why: the woods a short drive from where I live: the air smells clean and when I walk through there I feel like I’m brought out of my head and back into my body. That or the beaches in Norfolk which aren’t visited that much, because the repetitive noise of leaves or the water crashing against the sand is perfect

Number of blankets you sleep under: 1.5, on average. Sometimes a blanket joins my duvet if it’s super cold but i usually muscle through

Last movie you watched at the cinema: tfios (omg I need to go to the cinema again) 

3 things you can’t live without: loved ones, music, hot beverages

Something you plan on learning: how to knit a jumper (Idk how yet but I’ll learn dammit)

Advice for your followers: you are so important, and you matter so much; don’t acknowledge anyone who dares to try make you feel otherwise

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