either that or a water dragon


Dragon!AU - where there is no jaeger but dragons instead.

(And I just need some babi Chuck cuddling with dragons okay)

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Zane and Cross #2 and/or Elmo and Joaquel #11

gotta do the bae 

Were knights even allowed to make their own missions? Probably not… But that little factoid wasn’t about to stop Captain Cross Ward of the Noire Mouton Brigade from fulfilling out a personal duty. Seriously, who was even going to stop him? 

Cross set out early in the morning to the City of Flowers. He was venturing by himself because apparently it was some big secret— Not that he was into protecting the privacy of the elves, but he was also interested in doing this journey alone. Cross had heard from Jack, who had heard from some local nerd, where the general area of the City of Flowers might be… So all he needs to do is find that and he’ll be set.

He had exited Radiata Castle lugging a large burlap sack over his shoulder. Taking a quick look around to make sure that he wasn’t being followed, nor was anyone around him, he continued on his short trail to the outskirts of the town. He needed to make it to the Journey Pig without any of these pesky townspeople bothering him, especially not someone from that Void community. It usually wasn’t an issue, but there was no problem with taking extra precaution.

Cross made it to the Journey Pig with ease, as predicted, and headed straight for the Elf Region. He was expecting to see the two green, mini glow stick light elves to pop out whenever he got too close to the entrance just like Jack said they would, but that might not even be the case since their giant, eucalyptus tree leader, Lord Zane is already outside the gates. 

“What are you doing out here?” Cross asked, his guard up but he was dropping his bag down to his side. It seems as if he had broken the fairy’s train of thought. 

Zane was startled but he had a hard time showing it. He was more taken aback by the question than anything, “Shouldn’t I be saying that to you, human? Always so demanding… You are the one who is out of bonds. What is your business here?” He made note of the bag that the boy had and figure that he couldn’t simply be passing through… Especially not if he started to pick up a conversation. 

Cross chuckled, a bit on the malicious side, “I’m glad you asked. I heard tale of a fountain around here that trades fortune for fortune— or maybe I could wish for anything else that I wanted. I figure there’s no harm in parting with a small amount of my riches just to receive more in the future. Ahahahaha, after all… You have to spend money to make money, ahahah! “ 

Zane grimaced at Cross’ cackling. Of course that human had no other intention to be here than for his own gain… But by the looks of it, Zane could tell that Cross had little idea of where this fountain actually was. The lord’s glare faded into a smile that matched the captain’s as he started to give off a laugh of his own. 

“Bwahah…hahahaha..! Foolish human! I would never let you get past me to the sacred waters. I do not know how you even came about such information, but you and your kind are forbidden from using such Light Elf magic. Just to think if humans would run around this earth with more greed than they already possess and— What— What are you doing?” 

Unfortunately Lord Zane had been careless and taken his eyes off of Cross long enough for him to sneak around and start pouring his bag, that was apparently filled with coins, into the stream behind him. Cross had blinked and looked up once he had heard a cease in all the yammering, “What was that? Were you saying something?” he pretended to care as he emptied the rest of the bag into the water with a mischievous grin. 

“………………….SHINING RAIN,” Zane’s voice boomed out as he laid out an attack in Cross’ direction to send him running for the hills (or at least back to the Journey Pig). 

Society of Elvhenan

For world building purposes I may have tried to draft how the social elevator may have worked in Elvhenan of old. This is up to debate. I have next to no education in sociology so this was drafted mostly based on what remains of my erudition on the topic. This is not even a serious article because I am lazy. 

Now, we know from the game that:

  • Gods likely had their own domains, either over people or over land or both
  • priests may have been bound to their goods
  • nobility had their own slaves which they dedicated to their patron gods via vallaslin
  • there were taboos regarding divine (no dragons for peasants, probably powerful artifacts too) 
  • dreamers, esp those who sailed into uthenera 5ever were approached for wisdom and held in high regard
  • there was shit like this
  • there were “splash me with water” rituals and then there was andrul hunting people
  • society and classes/castes in it were pretty rigid
  • everyone is a mage
  • a bunch of immortal assholes

And that’s what I can recall without looking into my reference box, please feel free to add things to the list. Also if anything below or above looks like complete bullshit - feel free to say so. But not shout so.

I chose to simplify the structure as to never bother with titles that may or may not exist, I drafted it up there and now I am gonna explain you that silly drawing.

‘Possibility of change’ in sub-categories applies onlyto it’s sub-category. 

0. Divine level. 

Here be ‘gods’, powerful beings with their divine forms, artifacts, problems and secrets in the closet. Chance for people from the lower castes to approach it are so slim they are almost non existent, as seat of power is one to be guarded. On another hand, it’s just as impossible to become anything less.

Also don’t forget what Solas said about them:

Yes, all gods.

Possibility of change:

Upwards: nah.
Downwards: nah.
Horizontal: ???

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I’ve been on a bit of a fantasy kick lately.  I don’t know why, but hey, I’m not one to question my muse.  Let’s talk a little bit about this batch of beasties.  All of these guys are concepts for how certain mythological creatures would exist in my little generic vaguely medieval fantasy universe where all my vaguely medieval fantasy stories take place.  Up until now I’ve mostly focused on dragons in that world, because I love dragons and no one can convince me not to.  But now that my dragon ideas are mostly almost kinda sorta not quite finished and set in stone, I’ve been turning to other beasties for attention.

Dwarves and elves are kinda hard to work with nowadays, since everyone either thinks Tolkien (or, more accurately, watered down Tolkien/D&D) or Disney when you bring them up.  I wanted to do something a bit different than the standard, especially considering how these two stock “good guy” species are actually a good deal more morally ambiguous in myth.

For dwarves, I tried to see what I could change without losing some essential dwarf-ness.  They live underground, they crave jewels and precious metals, and they have big beards - but they don’t wear viking armor, or live in underground castles, and aren’t particularly good at forging things in the conventional sense.  They’re basically mole people, with shaggy bodies, crappy eyes, powerful noses, and a more supernatural approach to crafting armor and weapons - they use their super adhesive spit to glue stones together, making an armor that only a dwarf has the power to build and wear.  I figured gnomes could be a subspecies that sports a large red horn on its head to bore through the earth.

While Tolkien’s elves took more from the Light Elves of Norse myth (and his dwarves in turn were mostly based on the Dark Elves), they also take a little from the super-hot and super-amoral humanoid faeries from Celtic and Arthurian folklore - the kind of elves that seduce young maidens one minute and steal babies the next.  I was also inspired by the (unintentional) dickishness of Tolkien’s elves - the smug assholes who tell Frodo that asking them telling the difference between him and Aragorn is like asking a farmer to tell the difference between two of his sheep.  I know they’re meant to be paragons, but holy shit Tolkien’s elves are conceited fuckers.

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Point is, I concieved my elves as the tricky fair folk style elves who believe they’re the saintly “superior” race - the kind of assholes who’d say, “Trust me, you’ll thank me for this when this is all over” before stabbing you in the back.  I also wanted them to be expressive and slightly alluring, but a little uncanny valley-ish as well.  So I took some of my favorite facial features (big eyes, pronounced cheek bones, widow’s peaks) as well as the sort-of traditional elf features of point ears and noses, and then exaggerated them as much as possible till I hit a breaking point.  I think I got a nice spectrum - from one specimen that could almost pass for human, to some truly bizarre abominations that one could even call… eldritch.

(That’s a joke - “eldritch” was originally sort of synonymous with “elven,” you see - back when “Elves” included anything from helpful shoemaker elves to gigantic skinless mer-centaurs that spread the plague.)

Next I did a couple of more traditional, if obscure, faeries - a brownie, which is basically like a house elf from Harry Potter, and a Phooka, which in my version is basically a giant bipedal cat-rabbit critter that pulls pranks.

Then I left the uncanny valley humanoids behind and went to some monsters that are more in my normal ballpark.

I didn’t feel the need to break a lot of new ground with the kraken - it’s a squid that looks like an uprooted tree (kinda sorta) with just enough flourishes to make it monstrous, like battering spikes on its tentacle tips, horns, and big frilly ears, which all sea monsters need.

Next I wanted to draw a medieval whale - which is to say, a generic sea monster drawn by an artist who clearly never saw a whale before and clearly only half listened when one was described to them.  While these “whales” are everywhere on maps, they never got a name of their own (because I guess sailors never bothered to correct people?), which is a shame.  So I’m loaning them the name leviathan - I’m not longer using it for my sea dragons, and leviathan fits a generic sea monster as well as anything else.

Of course, then I had to draw Behemoth, and thanks to those 30 day kaiju challenges, I finally knew what I wanted that big lug to look like.  I guess this means ATOM and the Cecilverse are truly linked, in that they both have the same family of weird fictional dinosaur-like prehistoric rhino monsters running around.  And the rhino-beast from ATOM isn’t even the Behemoth’s only relative…

…for next we come to the Catoblepas, and armored monster whose neck is took weak to pull its heavy skull up from the ground.  This immense design flaw is compensated for by the Catoblepas’s nigh-indestructibility.

Then we come to the Tarasque, rounding out our giant monsters for the time being.  I’m still now sure how I’d prefer to handle the tarasque - it’s either going to be a dragon or a chimera.  I was leaning toward the latter when drawing this, which is why the monster is a literal hybrid of lion, turtle, crocodile, and just a smidge of dragon.  There’s a nice challenge in trying to put all the myth’s mix and match attributes in a purely reptilian monster, but I think the Chimeric look is ultimately a lot stronger.

Finally we’ve got two basilisks.  I realized while drawing the second one that these will probably get a sketch dump all their own later down the line, since I kinda want to make a LOT of different basilisks.  For now, though, we’ll start with a pair to make the foundation of the family: a hooded basilisk that is sort of the standard original description (a crowned serpent with cobra-overtones), and a prehistoric basilisk that has potential to evolve into several different critters under the same banner.  It’s clearly serpentine, but its tail is longer than most snakes, and it still has its (almost vestigial) limbs.

Given the similarities between them, it’s probable that basilisks and dragons shared an early ancestor…

Well, that’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed these!

“Definitely being able to swim around in the water when I want with Marmus. I don’t get to do that very often anymore and I can’t spend the time I want to with him either because of it. I also miss being able to hand around with Mattie as well.”

[[you guys are getting me out of my comfort zone XD]]

I think i would be either a water type gym leader or a dragon type specialist for the elite four. I would wear adorable outfits like retro swim wear anf look so care free. Then pull put a Gyrados cloyster, Staryu out lf no where. My full team would be Kingdra, Milotic, Gyrados, Cloyster, Tentecruel, Sharpeedo, and Jellicent.
While my dragon style would be me speaking like old english and having Dragonite, Garchomp, Hydregion, Skrelp, Salamance, Kingdra

I was tagged by atkar-thedemonkitty, dread bringer of heartbreak and angst to answer some questions (and I fear what may happen if I disappoint). Also these will be waffling answers because I’m indecisive (シ_ _)シ

1. Favourite thing to drink? 

Probably be a good chocolate milkshake or lemon juice (straight or watered down)

2. What was your favourite subject at school?

Modern history, although it probably would have been either food tech or textile & design but there weren’t enough people taking those classes at higher levels so had to stop them sadly :(

3. If you could become any animal, what would it be?

Well hopefully not permanently and retaining my sentience… probs a bird of some sort like a falcon or eagle. If permanently a dragon because shapeshifting plus it’d be awesome!

4. Night or day?

I’m writing this at 2am so I think that answers that >_>

5. Would you rather live in a little cottage by a lake or in a penthouse apartment overlooking a city? 

The cottage if it has good utilities.

6. Any plans for summer?

Well summer is over here, and my plan was largely sleep and curse the heat so probably the same again.

7. One of your fears?


8. If you could take a short trip back in time, when would you go to?

Difficult one. Like an immediate thought is go back some 25 years or so to have some words with my parents, but that’d potentially change so much about my life now, even with the good might not be worth it??? For a more “look at cool stuff approach” I’d probs say either see the great pyramids before they were ruined or dinosaurs.

9. Favourite season?

Autumn - so pretty and nice clothes :3

10. How do you make sure you remember things?

I don’t lol. One time I couldn’t remember where I’d put my phone and spent like an hour looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere. The I discovered I had a piece of cheese in my pocket and had put my phone in the fridge :/

11. Last movie you watched?

I honestly don’t remember it’s been that long since I’ve seen one. Might be Maeleficent but not sure, may have seen something after that (see above re:  forgetfulness)

Lady Vatis, a winged High Dragons, and Astir, a wingless Wyrm. They are the mother and father of Kjell.

The two loved each other deeply, even going so far as to do the soul mating ritual, binding their souls for all eternity. Vatis wanted more than anything to be a mother, but was unable to bear children. When the Dark Goddess came to the dragons seeking one to bear the water dragon as part of an agreement with Dei, the dragons turned her down. Being made of stone and molten lava, they considered a water dragon to be a crime against their very nature. Astir too considered the mere thought an abomination, but Vatis saw it as her only chance at motherhood and took the deal in secret. When Astir found out, he was forced to deliver her an ultimatum at the behest of the Dragon King himself; either she destroy the egg or be banished and forbidden from ever interacting with another dragon again. To the surprise of all, especially Astir, she chose banishment. Astir was both devastated and enraged at her for what he viewed as being betrayed and abandoned. In his last words to her, he only asked that the child not take his name.

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It sure wasn’t the first time that either Sano or Uno joined him in a bath long ago, considering the hot springs they did find together. Right now, it was no different with the dragon priest lounging about in the water, arms resting comfortably on the edge before those ears of his twitched.

“You’re welcome to join me in here, y’know. Xiao Pai nor Lin Fa are going to get after you.”

   ( && gogglesthemind

     “ — I wouldn’t stand there, if I were you. “ 

                  Though she’s mostly guised by a tall oak tree, barely within hearing distance
                   of the boy, it’s apparent her attention rests elsewhere. Silver eyes are fixed
                   on the treeline, far above either of their heads, where if one were to watch closely
                   enough, they might just see black scales occasionally visible, sweeping across the sky. 

   ( It’s the slenderest, most docile of all dragons that
   can fly, yet it’s not exactly like spotting a HUMMINGBIRD.

                 Water is going to go everywhere when Normus lands.

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What's wrong is that you only train dragon types!! Your team needs more diversity master trainer!!

UvU i train fairy types and ground types and I also love water types. Either there designs are beautiful or horrifying



Order and Chaos are RTB again!

I would like to breed them again, however I do not breed them for nothing! I want to get them to a definite home rather then siting in the AH forever. So I was wondering if someone would be interested in their kids!

The Pair would be breeding in a WATER nest, so there would be no bothering red either uwu.

The kids likely cost 50k a pop 75k if a X/X/Y ovo

Fakemon Region Ideas

Alright, here’s some ideas for a fakemon region I’ll be working on…

  • Starters are all neutral to each other as soon as they reach first stage evolution. This means they’ll be Grass/Fighting - Fire/Dark - Water/Psychic
  • From 120 to 145 pokemon in the fakedex. Region will have fakemons only.
  • The main character will either start off being “bad” and then drifting to being good or the opposite.
  • Main Legendaries will be two and they’ll be based on Illusion and Reality. Types will most likely be Dragon/Fighting and Dragon/Psychic (or Dragon/Normal)
  • Region will have 8 gyms, Elite 4 and Champion, with two rivals, one being bad and one being good.

Fill In These Things About You
Name: creative name
Birthday: 27 December
Height: 6 inches
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Dontvhave hair
A random fact about you: I am a ghost
Favorite band: The Living Tombstone
Favorite song: Sector Sweep, Tiny Tina’s Assault on dragon keep soundtrack
Favorite food: rice
Favorite season: winter
Favorite animal: House cat
Favorite movie: Wreck It Ralph
Anything you need to work on?: Lvl capping someone in any borderlands game
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: either
Dark hair or light hair?: either
Smart or attractive?: smart
Is creativity attractive?: Don’t care
Do you care how much money they have?: nah
The last thing you ate: Cookie
The last thing you drank: Water
The last song you listened to: Sector sweep
The last book you read: a series of unfortunate events
The last movie you watched: Horns
Do you play any instrument ?: No
What are your pets’ names?: Miss Cocoa Butter
A random childhood memory: i found a cat chillin in the sewer

Three hours and counting...

Until I have to pick up the littles from respite. M and I had a lovely anniversary weekend and it was our first time away from the kids for more than two or so hours since we got them. It was very much needed. I’m hoping they enjoyed their break from us too (surely we can’t always be that fun either.)

We’re jumping into the week full force tomorrow with a parent visit, and M is starting her more “normal” work schedule. Thank God she’s not working normal days anymore. With Noodle acting out more and more I just can’t handle them both on my own all day. Dragon is ridiculously easy, but Noodle has just really been testing the waters…of course, some of that goes with the age. There’s a reason people dread the toddler years. 

My goal this week is to get a good routine going. Not for the kids, really- they already have a great routine. But I’d like for the days to feel a bit more productive and incorporate more learning stuff into activities rather than just trying to shove toys at them to occupy them while I try to get stuff done. That may be a bit too idealistic, but we shall see how it goes. Part of it, of course, is that naptime is smack in the middle of the day so by the time the sleepyheads get up and we get breakfast and dressed it’s nearly naptime already and they’re feeling it. Then if we have to go anywhere on top of that it’s at least an hour or two out of the day, hopefully not during naptime. Still, I’d love to do more music stuff with them and some gym-type stuff. I’m so irritated The Little Gym near us closed. Dragon especially would love it. I just can’t mimic the things as well at home without the equipment.

Crossing fingers for a more positive week,