either that or a water dragon

Dragon Faucet

Unleash the fury of the water dragon faucet and watch even the toughest of dirt and scum succumb to its high pressured wrath. This mystical and sleek dragon comes available in various elegant antique finishes so it looks great in either any type of decorum.


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Soooo, you know how in DAI when you click on something to gather it, you bend over SUPER low and dramatic to get it and… well, if said item is in a river and you happen to be playing a slightly shorter character (not sure if the humans have this issue, or the Qunari players either), it really appears like you have just face planted in the water and are just DROWNING yourself ^_^;; But then you pop up all okay and you’ve got more herbs… or whatever.

So then I started wondering, what would your party members think the first time this happens? And this dumb thing came out ahah.


Check the comic out on Deviant Art!

And/or more of my Dragon Age arts too!

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[ jumps through window ] i heARD DRAGONS


No but Imagine a our modern world as we know it and all, with technology and shit and then scientists discover bones of creatures they have not yet seen before, and when they try to digitally recreate them those creatures are literal dragons and they, like, try to clone them and manage it and shit???

but the cloned dragons flee and like??? turns out dragons are not dead and just hid deep in forests and mountains and water and air and stuff far away from humans and like???

now imagine one dragon is the “alpha” dragon and he finds out humans tried to clone them to enslave them and he gets so mad they dragons literally start a war against humans??? kinD OF??? }

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Headcanon: Hiccup's dragon racing basket is replaced by Eret's. Ruffnut tries to drop a sheep at Eret's basket but Tuff is like WTF sis?!? And it leads to comical effects like the sheep falling into Snotlout's or Fishleg's basket or into the water or at the spectators. Or Barf-Belch being so done that they toss Ruff or both Ruff and Tuff into Eret's basket.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss I ADORE this headcanon! It makes sense that Hiccup’s racing basket would be replaced by another’s since, as chief, he’s just too busy anymore to play. And Eret, as we do see in the end of HTTYD 2, seems either to be participating in the sport with the other young Hooligans or watching it intently on Skullcrusher. He’ll be great at the sport… once he gets used to riding dragons, at least!

Everything about your headcanon is spot on characterization and humorous beyond belief. I love it. I just adore it. Give me a holler if you ever write something on it, drabble or fic or what have you!

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After that ask on why you dislike chameleon and such how about one about your favorite pokemon. If you do t mind be as descriptive as before 😊

Oh, this is such a lovely question! It is much better to talk about faves than least faves!

Flygon is my favourite Pokemon, which is interesting since I usually lean toward water types. I really adore Flygon’s design, it is really unique (and I would argue, one of the most unique Dragon Pokemon designs). I love the red goggle things it has, and how it is a mix between a bug and dragon, who lives in the desert. Plus the Pokedex entries for it are really neat - when its wings flaps, it has a certain ring to it that sounds like singing, giving it the nickname of “the elemental spirit of the desert”. It isn’t bad in battle either, which is always a bonus. An even better bonus is the fact that its shiny is also gorgeous (shiny Flygon is blue)!

I have maybe 6 Flygon that are currently levels 60+, including one that has raised for a more competitive environment (perfect IVs and getting the perfect moveset - my friend bred me this one as a super special gift), and a shiny one that a very kind someone gave to me. I can never have enough Flygon. I will probably raise a bunch more Flygon, I love them so much. I just wish it had a mega, and more amazing art.


Type: Water/Ground

Whiscash is quality defensive material, limited only by its heavily offensive movepool.  However, Whiscash can pull off a good stalling set as well as a surprising Dragon Dance set.


·        Nature: Bold (Up Defense, down Attack), Impish (Up Defense, down Sp.Atk)

·        EVs: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Sp.Def

·        IVs: HP, Defense, Sp.Def, Speed

·        Ability+Hold Item: Hydration+Damp Rock

·        Moveset: Rain Dance, Rest, Amnesia, Toxic/Tickle

This catfish is best used on a stall team. While this Whiscash doesn’t attack, it doesn’t die either. It will depend on teammates for any heavy damage on the opponent, but a player like myself with a strongly defensive style will have no problem incorporating Whiscash onto a stall team. Because this Whiscash sports no attack moves, either a Bold or Impish nature will do. With 252 HP and 252 Defense EVs, Whiscash will tank most physical attacks with the exception of more powerful Wood Hammers from Abomasnow and Chesnaught as well as Leafeon’s Leaf Blade. This physical investment is preferable as we have Amnesia to boost our Sp.Def. The remaining 4 EVs should go into Sp.Def, however, as they would have little use elsewhere.

Whiscash should send out Rain Dance as soon as it enters battle so it can Rest whenever necessary. Rest will be a highly efficient source of HP recovery in the rain thanks to Hydration. Whiscash can then set up with Amnesia as needed. Toxic will give Whiscash some way of inflicting damage is highly effective for stalling. Tickle, however, can be used to prevent an OHKO by the previously mentioned Abomasnow, Chesnaught, and Leafeon as well as aid ally sweepers. If you use Tickle, however, it is absolutely essential that you ensure Whicash is not left alone in battle. I would not recommend using a team with a Toxic core, valuable as that resource is, as two types are immune to poison and a plethora of other Pokemon have various ways of eliminating status conditions.

Hydration is key to this set as it makes one turn Rests possible. A Damp Rock will extend the rain needed for this ability to work.

This Whiscash’s single biggest threat is Taunt users. A Whiscash trainer should acquaint themselves with common Taunt users who will force Whiscash to switch. Primal Groudon will also be an issue thanks to Desolate Land.

Original Set by Yours Truly

Catfish dragon

·        Nature: Adamant (Up Attack, down Sp.Atk)

·        EVs: 172 HP, 104 Attack, 232 Speed

·        IVs: HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Def, Speed

·        Ability+Hold Item: Anticipation/Hydration+Leftovers/Life Orb

·        Moveset: Substitute/Stone Edge, Earthquake, Waterfall, Dragon Dance

I do not recommend using this Whiscash outside of NU or RU battles, as it is cannot easily take down OU powerhouses such as Tyranitar and Chansey. Within its own tier, however, Whiscash is a powerful sweeper in its own right. 172 HP EVs will ensure Whiscash has Substitutes with at least 101 HP. 232 HP EVs will but Whiscash ahead of opponents such as Primeape and Jynx. The remaining 104 EVs go into Attack and pair with an Adamant nature to take down most opponents after a Dragon Dance boost.

I recommend using Whiscash with Substitute to ease set up, particularly if you’re pitting Whiscash against higher tier Pokemon. Stone Edge can be used for more coverage, but really has little use outside of OHKOing Abomasnow and Articuno. Substitute will find much more use. It is mandatory that Whiscash uses at least one Dragon Dance, or else it will have trouble OHKOing opponents. Earthquake and Waterfall make an excellent STAB combo pair.

Hydration is the preferable ability as it will keep Whiscash from being crippled by burns and paralysis. However, this has little use if Whiscash is not a on a rain team. Otherwise, Anticipation will do just fine to detect unexpected Energy Balls and Solarbeams. Keep in mind that Anticipation will not detect Hidden Power Grass. Leftovers should be used with Substitute for more longevity. If using Stone Edge, however, a Life Orb will be more useful for extra power.

This Whiscash has little to fear as long as stays in its own tier. For higher tiers, Whiscash should only be used as a late game sweeper after all threatening powerhouses have been removed.

Inspired by Smogon

Overall Whiscash has both defensive and offensive use, but excels mostly at defense. Whiscash can make an excellent addition to a stall team with a Hydration+Rest set. Whiscash does occupy a niche as a Dragon Dance sweeper. Although it may struggle with bulkier opponents, with Dragon Dance it can take out previously weakened and NU/RU opponents.

Per request of reckless-emboar

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MAGI! you're doing this too if im doing it

I FINALLY RETURN TO TUMBLR TO ANSWER THISSSSSSS. sorry it took so long dude!!!!! I ended up traveling to another state for the day, my bad! D:

who would I:
Go out to the movies with:

Judal. Or potentially Alibaba. I can see either of them running hilarious commentary.

Name my child after:
……..what if I just. Said Hakuryuu. Since I don’t want children but I’m planning on getting a Chinese water dragon soon and he’s gonna be named Hakuryuu……..

Have sleep overs with:
Sphintus & Titus OR Kouha & his girls. They’d all be fun gossips!!!

Go clubbing with:
Alibaba and Aladdin, dude, they’d be the best!!!!

Drink with:
Sinbad holy shit who else???????

Share personal stories with:
Morgiana. She’s sweet and a good listener~~

Go to an Anime Convention with:
Judal because with all of his dress up costumes in the mobile game he’d be the best damn cosplayer. I’m trash. This is a horrible AU headcanon of mine don’t look at me

Talk with at 2 in the morning:
Sphintus or Kouha. They’d be awake and give some interesting opinions let’s be real.

Go to for advice:
Hakuryuu. I. I don’t know what anyone expects from me. he’d encourage my hatred of my mother

Become best friends with:
Hmmmmmm. Probably Jafar tbh he’s very much like my best friend 5eva.

Probably not get along with:
Gyokuen. I mean. Someone who isn’t 100% horrible??? Probably Kouen then. And Cassim oh god I can’t stand Cassim.

Fight with:
But I love them all??? I’d fight Cassim tho I’d punch him right in his smug stupid face.

Play with in Mario Kart:
Hakuyuu & Hakuren I bet they’d be a god damn terror and they’d so kick my ass. But it would be fun!

all of the pretty ladies. I mean uhhhhhhh probably all the pretty ladies actually. There are so many and they’re all so cute :D 

Ohhhhhhhh god I wanna say Judal because I’m 1) shipper trash and 2) my fiancee is my Judal soooooo???? Hm. Kougyoku tho if I’m not gonna marry Judal she deserves someone better than all the men around her.

Sleep with:
Sinbad because I don’t care if I’m a lesbian, he’s just dick game too strong to resist.

And here is a photo of the entire tank! I am hoping to get tile tomorrow (either that or my father is going to cut out some heavy duty carpet, I think that is most likely).

Far left is a magnetic food holder originally meant for geckos, but who says it can’t hold greens and bugs for beardie?

Then there is a driftwood piece i sterilized a while ago. Dunno where to put it. Sort of a space filler.

Then the little cave thing is just a little shallow water area (with no water in it) and a cave beneath.

On the left there is a small fake succulent plant and a grape wood piece.

My UVB light is 2 months old and the heat fixture has a low watt halogen/flood (not sure exactly which is which) and it keeps the basking spot around 90 so far.

Such a well mannered beardie so far!

I was tagged by deansoldwesternfetish -Thankyou ^.^

Name: Chloe

Average hours of sleep: 8hours

Last thing I googled: Tumblr 

Nickname: Kyps/chlo

Birthday: August 14

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'3

Favorite color: Orange

The one place that makes you happy: Anywhere my friends are

Favorite film: Either oh brother where art tho or Hot fuzz

What I’m wearing right now: Jeans and a cropped top

Last book I read: Lord of the flies

Most used phrase: What the heck

First word that comes to mind: Tea

Favorite food: Pasta

Last film I watched in theaters: Interstellar

Dream vacation: Italy or Botswana

Dream pet: Chinese water dragon

Dream job: Doctor, optician or psychologist

I tag: florety introvert–ation rosemckagancasablancas salasambojcow666 wren-lee quit-yo-jibber-jabber hetero-muffin

{ i will make a dragon group thing ngl.

also what if i make it so people can either make an entirely new blog/muse for it if they want but also some can jusT ADD IT AS A VERSE???

by e

also this song is gonna be used somewhere in it by e }

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21, 25, & 44 :)

Yay! Questions I got from here.

21. What I love most about myself

Ehhh. I’m nice to animals, and I’m always willing to help people out. On a purely physical thing I’m really happy with my body? I mean I could work out a bit more but for getting hardly any exercise I look fine.

25. My idea of a perfect date

Hm, I dunno, I guess just curling up playing video games, that’s what I like to do best. Or going for a hike in the mountains. Either would work!! Yeah either curl up in front of the tv with duvets and blankets and some cats and/or dogs (obviously) and play on a console. Or on a PC. Multiplayer games are fun, or they can just watch me play Dragon Age or Mass Effect and cry over fictional people. Or, pack a load of nice food and a flask of tea (and water obviously) and go out into the mountains. Bonus points if it’s very snowy and icy and crampons are involved. And axes. That’s my shit right there.

44. A random fact about anything

Fossilised beetle remains are a really useful tool for determining the climate of past environments (thousands of years ago) due to their sensitivity to climate change and their chitinous exoskeletons being easily preserved. The data is especially useful if used in conjunction with past pollen counts (found from fossilised pollen, and… counting).


Fey’s curiosity was eating away at the back if his mind, but he needed to let Makoto rest. They’d both just gone through a life-threatening experience, but Fey was oddly calm after what had happened. It was most likely because it was Makoto who had saved him, and that it had brought back another piece of memory. Either way, he was patient. Makoto himself had said he wanted to stay and help him remember, so he had to make his stay as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

He had even taken the liberty of picking berries and collecting fresh water for his friend, the right ones that would help rehydrate and calm him down. He had another bunch in his hand whilst carefully balancing atop his Night Fury’s head to reach more, but a sudden shout had his dragon turning around, effectively dropping Fey onto the ground with a thud. “Hey!” he grumbled, rubbing at the sore spot on his head–but soon realised what the sound was. “… Makoto!”

Before he knew it, Fey was already running towards the den, water skin and bag still in hand as he rushed through the edge of the forest and across the rocky outcrop to the cave his friend was at. At first he had feared that a dragon had wandered in and hurt him, but stepping inside and seeing the panicked state Makoto was in, Fey immediately ran over and jumped onto the fur of the nest, grabbing his friend by the shoulders and getting him to sit upright.

“Makoto, Makoto!” he repeated, shaking him gently to gain his attention before shifting his hands to either side of his face, framing his cheeks and pulling it upwards to lock blue eyes with green. “Are you okay?” Seeing Makoto cry like this was painful, something he’d realised back when he was upset at the pit. “Are you hurt?” Fey wasn’t giving a lot of time for him to respond, but being insistent like this was just second nature, as if he had done it a million times before. Like he would with a dragon, Fey leaned forward slightly and lightly bumped foreheads with his friend. An action of calming trust, something that even the wildest of untame beasts would understand. Makoto wasn’t a beast or untame, but still frantic and upset nonetheless. He looks like he had a nightmare… “Makoto?”

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♠ ❄ ☮

Questions about the Muse || Accepting! [x]

- What are they afraid of?

(( Oooh boy.  She’s afraid to failing or disappointing those she cares about, hence why being unable to change Sombra affects her so badly.  After losing Sombra, she’s also afraid of losing anybody else, and would risk anything to keep them safe.  She has normal fears, too.  She really doesn’t like dark deep water, such as the ocean.  Witnessing Sombra wield dark magic and what it did…terrified her.  Finally, she has a huge and acute phobia of dragons due to them living in the mountains near her family’s farm and the family had to hide in a cellar whenever flew out and near the Empire. ))

❄ -  Favorite season and why?

(( Considering either it’s winter or summer-like conditions in the Frozen North (whether in the Empire itself or in the Frozen North), she probably likes the in-betweens of Spring and Autumn.  Not too cold, not too warm.  Perfect temperatures! ))

☮ - Do they have an idol or someone they look up to?

(( Her parents and brothers were major influences in her life, but now she looks up to her sister-in-law Tourmaline, who seems to always know what to say.  She probably idolized the crystal princesses of the past and their mother, and looks up to Princess Cadance ))

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Water, dragon for mun.

          water. she has a … love - hate relationship with it. since turning human, she’s discovered a fondness for hot showers ( and sharing them ). she can boil it for tea, as well, and that she is most thankful for. but ahri absolutely hates getting wet against her will. rain, getting splashed, or any water abilities absolutely irritate her. don’t ask her to go swimming, either. she’ll sit pretty on the beach in her best bikini & sun tan the entire time.

          dragon. dragons are cool! i remember being interested in them as a kid and i bought this huge book with pop - ups and information and neat interactive bits in it about them. not huge about them now, but smaug is a pretty cool dragon. ilikehim.

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1. I don't have a crush.
2. I love mascara.
3. A secret.XD
4. I'm fucking terrified of heights and spiders.
5. Your confidence, hair, and nerdy-ness.
6. I dislike the fact you asked me this question?:p
7. I like how smart I am.
8. Average, I'm a cyber school student so my entire life is pretty much on the internet.
9. I hate people who make fun of kids on the internet. It's just immature.
10. I have 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, and 2 chinchillas.
11. I love tonic water. 12. What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is either a turtle or a dragon. 

omg who sent this tho, I am a very confident person c: