So I got my first follower on Twitter!!! I must be doing something right. Turns out I’m probably being watched. I wonder if I should be concerned…. Remember that guy who had the FBI come to his door for a Facebook post?

It’s easy to find out who rules over you, just look at who you can’t criticize.

Tell me what you think. I took some screenshots from EiQ Networks website. You don’t suppose it’s healthcare that’s watching me? Or telecoms? Oh wait, I see the government in there too. I thought the NSA and DEA had a lock on surveillance of the American people.

The emerging field of Emotional Intelligence indicates that success is not so much about ‘what you’ve got’ but ‘how you use it’.

Explore your core identity. Going beyond existing models, it defines three main areas (self, social and situational) to provide a sharper focus for development.

The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ3D) not only captures this new model but measures it using self-report or paired feedback. Uniquely, it provides a paired process which is both personally challenging and also highly conducive to development.

When the EIQ3D is teamed with the Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM) it gives a new way of understanding people’s energy and motivation, resulting in a potent description of a person’s core identity.

I Think Some People Might Find It Depressing But Veterans Know That An F Is Infinitely More Funnier Than A C


Emotional IQ test (EIQ): The only kind of test I regularly fail. It was on Penelope’s blog (referred entry here) and I love her.

Maybe I am having Worries about adjusting to the new social climate because there is no Voltron to tell me what to do. But I think these two girls are roommates and they look grounded enough for me to sporadically latch on to and then distance from, so I will wander around our floor for their room number that they have told me several times but I still can’t remember and maybe I will guess right.

Have fun!

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The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education - A More than Sound Podcast 

In the upcoming release, The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education,Peter Senge and Daniel Goleman provide educators with a solid rationale for incorporating focus-related skill sets in the classroom. The two conducted a webinar recently to discuss the three types of focus they describe in the book: self awareness, empathy, and an understanding of our relationship with the world around us. In this episode of the podcast we’ll share an excerpt featuring Daniel Goleman.

Emotional Intelligence


Does IQ define our destiny? Daniel Goleman argues that our view of human intelligence is far too narrow, and that our emotions play major role in thought, decision making and individual success.

Self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, motivation, empathy and social deftness are all qualities that mark people who excel: whose relationships flourish, who are stars in the workplace. With new insights into the brain architecture underlying emotion and rationality.

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A 2013 study at Stanford Business School found that nearly two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development. And almost half of senior executives in general aren’t receiving any, either. Paradoxically, nearly all said they would like coaching to enhance their development. So, why do CEOs and other senior leaders say they want coaching but don’t seek it?

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Daniel Goleman and George Kohlrieser discuss High Performance Leadership 

How can leaders get into the right frame of mind to get positive results? Daniel Goleman spoke with organizational psychologist and IMD professor, George Kohlrieser, about how to get into a positive state of mind.

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