Finally, an EIP!

They screwed up at work again for the second time this week today, but I left a note and I’m confident that someone is going to get chewed out for their poor inventory lists and not getting me what I need to do my job. Especially after I already left a note telling them I was nearly out.

I’ve been having fun distracting myself with New Leaf. Within a week, I got nearly all of my dreamies (dream villagers) and I’m having fun breeding flowers and sprucing up my town.

I’m also thinking of restarting my Animal Crossing: New Leaf liveblog. Would anyone be interested seeing that take off again?

Aside from that, I just had ice cream and it was great. And I still suck at Smash Bros, but I’m having fun playing the demo with the code I was generously given for free from a friend! Villager seems kind of OP, and I’m almost laughing because the memes saw it coming.

Despite some really shitty stuff that happened early today and put me in a foul mood, I feel like I’m past it now and I think that’s the important thing.

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