"…are those devil horns? Well, he says they’re only goat horns, so you’ll have to go with that.

It’s strange though. Eiou resembles that boy who gave you that goat plushie when you were at the hospital with the broken arm….

But Mom made you throw the stuffed animal away, since she claimed that ‘it was full of hospital germs’ or something like that.”

an npc for the raki story. he won’t be appearing soon though.

where-witches-reside asked:

25. do you have any ocs that you havent drawn/written as/talked about in a long time? if so, who?

Oh boy

There’s Eiou and co. (my YGO ocs)
My sailor moon OCS (my mary sues ontop of the new teamrs i made a little while back),
Michaiah and co. (SPN ocs, though I’m sort of revisiting her design yet again because I cant decide how I wanna approach her appearance now),
my Naruto OCs,
my Digimon Ocs,
and finally my Pokemon OCs (esp since one’s kinda been shelved for now until I figure out what to do with her, and then the others still need to be fleshed out)

…So like, nearly all of them. LOL and then theres a lot of ocs that were scrapped or put away permanently