New update of The Eternally Injured Ninja over at Dumm Comics! Go check it out! Also, fellow Dumm Comics artist Katie Rice has just announced she’s participated last month in the Strip Search show being done by Loading Ready Run and Penny Arcade with 11 other artists (Sort of like Master Chef or Project Runway, but low budget and for comic artists!) All the best to everyone involved! :D

The Eternally Injured Ninja is my new webcomic! I made the first mini for SDCC, and colored it all for APE! I was selling the mini’s and will put them up online sometime in the future (the above image is one of 2 Postcards I made, and will be throwing them in with the mini’s while supplies last!) 

I’ll be posting updates on Tuesdays and Fridays (starting this Friday) doing it all in color cause I LOVE color!

Keep an eye on it, spread the word and I hope you all like it! :D