Arngeir: Your ability is… impressive.

Teledra: Really? I mean, yeah, I know.

Arngeir: The next part of your training will be completed in the courtyard.

Teledra: Sorry about the pots, by the way. I saw that you had them all set up nice and… I’ll fix it later.

My training begins with the learning of another word - “Ro” - to add on to the power of my Thu’um for “Fus.” Yeah, it took me a while to understand this whole business of shouts and thu’um and the Voice. What I understand of it is more instinctual than academic. In a nutshell, each shout is comprised of three words. Knowing one word of the shout can be powerful enough. Two words makes that shout even stronger. Learning all THREE words renders the shout lethal.

The Greybeards tried to explain to me all the spiritual and philosophical bits in between, but try as I might, none of it really made much of an impression on me. After all, I came here to learn about being a Dragonborn, not to discuss religion.