i have literally no motivation for anything rn

like if i could focus my energy on school stuff instead of feeling like shit id get so much done but i cant be bothered, school is stupid and im tired of it

Guys i’m crying right now (well i was when this happened). My brother just came to my room and gave me ice cream and juice and a note. 

The note says:

Hey Eilidh,

Good job on the bravery today! Don’t make life harder for yourself than it needs to be, but don’t let other people influence who you are. I still think you should tell mum but that’s just me, i’m sure it’s harder for you. I’ll always be here to look out for you so don’t feel scared to talk to me about anything. Love you Eilidh x

Oh sometimes i like my family.

My friend just sent me old pictures of myself eep

So we have a vaguely normal one with my brother and his friend Tom when we went to florida. (4 years ago)

And then we just have this masterpiece.

Oh little me.