Day Eighty-Eight: “This is what dreams are made of” – Hilary Duff

11th September, 2014

Dear Taylor,

I was going to talk about this at the end of this letter, but who am I kidding, it’s all that is running through my mind right now! You’re coming here so soon!!! I know it hasn’t been officially announced and all that the X Factor has released is clues, but we all know it’s you haha! I can’t even explain how happy I am! I cried for a solid hour, then Facetimed my friend who was also crying and we cried together, I’m just so excited! I can’t wait until more details come out, I have to meet you, I just have to! I didn’t expect you to be back here so soon, so I wanted to get to day 365 of these letters and then put them in a book and give them to you one day, but I think I’ll get to day 100 and then make the book and try and give it to you while you’re here! 12 more days until 100! Please don’t be here before the next 12 days haha! I hope I get the chance to give it to you though and hug you and thank you for everything.

Also I met Hilary Duff this morning so this day has just been absolutely wonderful, I don’t even know what to do with myself. She was so lovely and I’m so happy and ah I’m trying to write this calmly and slowly so it’s still legible, but my head is just filled with excited squeals right now! Then tonight I went out to dinner with my brother and his girlfriend, and we found a little indoor garden where you could have tea while butterflies fly around you! It was beautiful and magical, just like this entire day!!!

I have absolutely no hope of getting all of my assignments done now! There’s too many things to think about and prepare for!

Thank you for being a part of my life every day!

Forever and always,

Abbey xoxo



Fall for you.

Look how adorable we are, thanks to you who edited it. I’ve been playing it since you asked me to help you upload it on your ig.

I can’t wait to meet you. I swear i missing you badly. Like really bad.

// day eighty-eight.