Blitz, arty magazine and style bible for 80s club kids, 1980-1991. England. It was set up by two Oxford students, Carey Labovitch and Simon Tesler and named after a club in London. Art Director: Jeremy Leslie. Book about Blitz by Iain R. Webb, former fashion editor. Source 1+2 

Photography: Juli 85, Billy Idol by Richard Croft; Jan 89 Madonna by Herb Ritts. Feb 1986, Maria Cornejo by Mark Lewis. 4 Sep 85, Scarlett Cannon by David Hiscock, scarfed by Hermès. See more or download complete issues online: blitzmagazine

This October, the 1986-1990 kids’ series “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” will be available on blu-ray for the first time. The set will not only have new bonus material, but going by Shout Factory’s YouTube featurette, the restoration work done on the actual episodes is stunning. To celebrate this release, I wanted to revisit one of my earliest Tumblr posts, where I had complete versions for all of the public domain cartoons excerpted during the show’s “King of Cartoons” segments put into a YouTube playlist. This time, rather than risk YouTube (or its users) deleting selected videos, I decided to download the best (or rather, most decent) versions I could find of each cartoon (including some that are not on YouTube at all), renumber them (though I probably should have corrected some misspellings, too!), and upload them to a folder in Mediafire. Now you can download all 40 cartoons for yourself and watch them whenever you want! (Total running time: 4hr52min.)