“Stevie Nicks built her legend on the California-Babylon chronicles she perfected in the Seventies with Fleetwood Mac, and in the Eighties on underrated solo gems like The Other Side of the Mirror. But she still has that eternal edge-of-17 tremor in her voice. The gypsy queen is in royal form on In Your Dreams — it’s not just her first album in 10 years, it’s her finest collection of songs since the Eighties.” – Rolling Stone 

“The year of making In Your Dreams was the best year of my life." 

➪  “In Your Dreams” was released on May 3rd, 2011

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ft angst week day three: broken (promises/hearted)
 what he has done cannot be rewind to a time before that, before a time of broken promises
characters: natsu (nalu)
notes: lines used later in this story are from broken promises by element eighty

Natsu wandered through the destroyed and deserted City of Crocus. He didn’t look up or around.

The fire on the wooden houses and fallen tree trunks crackled in his ear, mixed with the soothing flow of the water. It didn’t sound right. The fire sounded like the screams and the fear of the people; it didn’t go with the calm water stream.

He felt ashamed. It had been a good four weeks since, but through his raging thoughts, he still could feel shame.

It had gotten the best of him, or worst, and as a reaction to it, he – it – had destroyed Crocus, Magnolia and more.

Natsu stopped walking. He would recognize the pattern of this street out of thousand others. In the past, he had come her as much and as many times as he could.

Deep inside he knew what it was and to whom it belonged that he would see. He moved his head slowly to the left, scared of what he would find.

This was her house.

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i wonder if it hurts to be a star, to burn for billions of years only to explode and fade away, for us they are only a point of light in our endless games of connect the dots, what is all this starlight for if all we do is build our cities to outshine the sky?

i don’t remember my childhood. everything before the age of four is a mystery to me and i base the past on tales told and dusty photo albums, who knows who i might’ve been, who knows what i’ll remember when i’m eighty?

she is the girl with bubblegum lips and ivory smiles and you’ve been texting her all night, it’s three am, it’s three am, it’s three am and oh my god you asked her out

you imagine yourself as the moon, what have you seen? who have you been? you pull the tides of the ocean. you have been scarred with every meteor crashing against your pale surface. people have walked upon you and left their footsteps. the marks are still there. and you remember.

the worst of being awake at three am is when you wonder what makes you person at all? maybe you aren’t real. maybe no one is real. maybe you don’t know the definition of real.

maybe sitting on mountain tops with winter air in your forever lungs isn’t what makes you alive. maybe the stars that glow in the dark on your bedroom ceiling aren’t so different from the stars beyond. maybe you are just one grain of sand in the mighty sea and it will not matter who you might’ve been.

—  late night thoughts // - m.s.p.

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Plan on getting any new tattoos in the future?

I’m planning to eventually have around an eighty-five percent body coverage of tattoos