Cabin Crew, let me tell you about my excellent CP Secret Santa, @eialyne, otherwise known as @teacabinet.

Since she’s brilliant, she sent me this amazing package, within which are: sugar mice; all the fixin’s for making mulled wine, Arthur Shappey-style (and for the real stuff, like a proper grown up); a gorgeous ruffled scarf; the biggest Toblerone ever; and, my personal favorite, a crocheted tea cup.

But, not only is the teacup adorable, it also smells like the CP tea blend, The Steward, so it’s super-cool and makes me salivate every time I get a whiff of the thing. (Basically, it smells like chocolate.)

Thanks so much, Andrea! You’re the best! :D

The Subject: Teia!

The Components: Chocolate Chai, Caramel, Vanilla, Cardamon


Clever Creator: Eialyne

The long and hot of it: Boiling for about 8 minutes

How do you take it? Two sugar packets and a large splash of cream

Reusability: N/A (but likely not a good candidate)

I want this too! Currently a private blend. Either you’ll have to trade me for it or wait until I get around to making it public.

Comments: This week’s review is going to be a bit of self indulgence on my part. Last year was the “year of tea” where I finally gave Adagio’s tea blending option a go and came up with blends for many of my friends for their birthdays. I did the same thing for myself, and since my birthday is on Saturday, I decided to go ahead and review that blend.

In theory this tea should have been delectable to my tastebuds as I threw together pretty much all of my favorite flavors (plus vanilla to tie everything together) and…well it’s good, but it takes a lot of effort to get it to that point and I haven’t quite mastered that yet.

This is a tea that NEEDS to be steeped hot and long in order to bring out the full flavor. I’d forgotten I’d run into that issue before and as a result this cup was rather watery in flavor, the only exception being the last few mouthfuls I had that had been sitting in the cup for a few hours, and even then it didn’t live up to my expectations.

As mentioned above the taste (what little I could get of it) is rather nice, but I just wish it could be a bit more robust. The chocolate chai comes out the most while the caramel and vanilla sort of fade in the background.

All things considered, I think this tea has the markings of being something delicious, but I either need to tweak percentages or find that golden spot for temperature and steeping time.


okaysional replied to your post: okaysional replied to your post: so i wore those…

I need a NSFW tag on this pic because DAYUM



eialyne replied to your postso i wore those fangs as smauglock all day and now…

So you were the smauglock from yesterday! I suspected you were someone I followed on tumblr after the Halloween meetup, I just couldn’t place who. And I can sympathize with the fang problem ^^;; Very easy to forget about them if you have a good pair.

OH HEY I KNOW YOU. awesome! yeah, they scratched up my inner lip a little bit because one of them got caught, but it’s okay. they were really great and i recommend scarecrow fangs for anyone who needs to wear fangs all day.

@eialyne — I wanted to enjoy Wuthering Heights, but it’s never going to happen. I’ve read it twice now and hated it both times. Our library director said that she’d heard that you’re either a Wuthering Heights person or a Jane Eyre person — and I’m so a Jane Eyre person. ;)

It also took me a very long time (I’m talking years and multiple tries) to love Pride and Prejudice (as a book). I’d get to one point about fifty pages in, and I just could NOT get back Mrs. Bennet who I still cannot stand to this day. But I finally had to read the book for a class I took on Austen and the Brontes, and I got past that point, and now I love the book as much as I loved the Colin Firth miniseries.

Also OH MY GOD THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I love The Hobbit — I could read it all the time — but I CANNOT get into LotR. Can NOT.

lecieltumultueux — Mysteries, actually. :) As a librarian in a community which absolutely DEVOURS mysteries, I feel a bit weird for not reading Louise Penny or Michael Connelly, and I feel like a bit of a failure in general for never having read a single Agatha Christie mystery. Also I haven’t yet read Gone Girl, but I’m hoping to remedy that very soon with the audiobook.

Also high fantasy because I love Game of Thrones but I’ve only read the first book. And The Name of the Wind.

eialyne said:

FMA, as I imagine someone following you will beat me to DCMK

Shit I don’t actually have that many ships for fma lol. And so many of them are half remembered or things that people on the gaia thread shipped and I was like sure okay

uhhhhhhhhhhhh let’s just say KiMiles for everything and forget this happened

eialyne replied to your post:Sci-Fi Expo is right around the corner! And I…

You’re going to NY?! Remind me when it gets closer and I might arrange a visit so I can see you!

Yup we’ll be in Buffalo Sept 19-22 for a doll convention. Assuming everything goes smoothly, I’ll be going for sure. I’ll probably be pretty available that Thursday and Sunday; depending on flights of course.

eialyne said:

Book meme! 6, 7, 10, and 13

I already over-answered 6 and 7 haha

10) Do you judge books by their covers?

Yeah. All the time. I won’t buy a book for myself if it’s not pretty. I’m less judgmental if I’m buying it from the library.

13) Which book is so special to you that you don’t share it with others?

Probably Nick Dear’s Frankenstein. I mean, I share with all you guys (remember the time I live-blogged my reading of the play?), but I don’t really share it with people “in real life” except for Becky. And I don’t mean that I don’t encourage people to see the play when the NT broadcasts it — more that I don’t share my paper copy of the text.

Otherwise, I totally want to share my favorites. So I’m not sure what’s up with that play.

eialyne answered: Have I recomended Princess Jellyfish to you already? (Amazon), Polar Bear Cafe (CR) and Arakawa Under the Bridge (no clue as I downloaded)

I saw Jellyfish awhile ago on hulu after watching Madoka…I think Hulu recommended it as a pick me up after Madoka, lol. It was super cute. I’ll have to look for the others on CR when I finish Say “I love you”!!


eialyne replied to your post: dbbuk replied to your post: So on Friday I had…

Perhaps a new detergent or hair/body product? I know that usualy tends to be a common source with sudden and unexplained allergies.

Nope, we checked all that stuff too but I’m using the same stuff I have been for months. Now, when we went to Nacogdoches for the funeral both of us got itch from the hotel sheets but this outbreak happened two days after we returned home so it can’t be that….

I’ve been itchy at work today though…maybe I’m allergic to working. That’s a believable excuse, right?

eialyne replied to your post: Why did I just spend so much money at Sephora? Oh,…

Online? Yeahhhhh…that’s REALLY easy to do, especialy with the freebies and qualifying for free shipping, and discounts and ugh….they really are a lovely company that I just wanna give all my monies to

Srrrrssssllllyyyyy! It didn’t help they were like: Oh hey make an account and get a free birthday gift set and well, I was doomed then. But I gots pretty nail polish coming, perfume samples, instant nail polish remover wipes and so many eyeshadows *u* I’m really gonna be screwed if they keep churning out the disney princess stuff plus those HUGE things of colors for only $25. At least there was free shipping :D

eialyne said:

From that anime question thing: 4, 22, and 32

Lol I think you’re the only one who ever asks me these things XD

4: If you could make a spin off of any anime, what would it be? Hands down Fushigi Yugi: Adventures of Tasuki and Chichiri OR Fushigi Yugi series that follows all the genbu novels! I want to see all of their pasts in more than just a few pictures!! ><

22: You get to have a harem of [6] anime characters of your choice, who do you choose? UHHH ok! Chichiri, Tasuki, Duo Maxwell, Edward Elric, Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune. This was really tough cuz I’e gotten into so many new animes but I had to appease the weeb in me.

32: If you could make a game for an anime of your choice, what would it be and why? OH hmmmm a lot of my favorite animes already have games so I wanna go with something that doesn’t but HMMM Gundam Wing, maybe. Cuz what they did have that included like two gundams sucked and I think it’d be cool to do like a FPS with the gundams and also getting extra story on the pilot you pick plus control a gundam? Fuck yeah.

This was way tougher than I thought it’d be ._.;;