Me an the #crew minus 2 always acting up. Can’t never take a #picture the right way. @tmills @ilovetmills @johnnyv3200 @duhduhz @prettytony_ just missing @335mm an @yung_coco but you’ll see us all this summer. #americanrag #americanragappareal #youngfavs #youngfavorites #yngfvs #pinkdolphin #civilclothing #ehlife #wots #tmills #tmills #macys


The new Ehliens promo video

I went to bed last night at…well, not last night. It was about 5am or something.

I asked bff2 if she wanted to go out to the mall with me today and she said yes. When she asked what time we would go I said something like, “When I roll outta bed.” Which is too true.

I woke up and finally got out of bed at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I’m a disappointment, I know.

Then I spent the next hour and a half taking a shower and wondering if I should shave (I don’t like to shave - I epilate) and just taking entirely too long to get ready. If it wasn’t for all that contemplating, I would have been done in maybe 45 min (optimistically).

My mom asked if I reapplied to school yet. Of course my answer was “not yet” while stuffing my face with the last slice of pizza from yesterday.

Why is she worrying so much? Doesn’t she realize yet?

It’s too late for me.