It gives me life to know that Sakura will finally have the attention she deserves (at least that’s what I’m reading around here, correct if I’m wrong plz). I really hope to learn a little bit more about her ^^

Also, have older Sarada, because she is a princess and Sakura has the beauty of the Uchihas only in pink hair and green eyes. I also really loved Sakura’s new clothes (the one in the SasuSaku family pic XD)

EDIT: I put one pic undert the other because the other size was bugging me too much >.<’


Abaddon is long-dead, but Cain knows their victory isn’t yet complete. Crowley still controls Hell, and with Rowena in the mix it will be that much harder to restore their kingdom to true glory and purity. Cain commissions his favorite son to make a new knight of hell, someone who will be loyal to them alone, and just as brutal as Abaddon had ever been.

Dean already has the perfect little hunter in mind, and she’ll be so happy to see him again.

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"Why were you looking at 1920's men's underwear?" Sherlock asks. "For my story," John replies. "Why would you set it in the twenties?" Sherlock whines, "the twenties was so boring." "Go to your mind palace and dress Moriarty in one of those men's undergarments," John says folding his arms and waiting. Sherlock starts giggling uncontrollably, "ok, you win, it's funny," he agrees, "but can I show you something?" "Sure." "This is what he'd wear if you set it in the Victorian era," Sherlock smiles.


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Dude what about Weiss asking where her tiara is and Ruby just points at the direction with her lips, as if she's kissing. We Pinoys have a tendency to do that even when we don't mean it at all. And Weiss is just all confused as to why Ruby is kissing the air.

Some whiterose bonus (sorry but I’ve always wanted an excuse to do this)


Kageyama has no chill