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How can you say the ancient Egyptians were black? There are evidence of Tiye having red hair, and given that she is related to King Tut that pretty much debunk the whole Egyptians were black thing. As much as I want it to be true, the fact reminds that they were Caucasian. Do you have any DNA or scientific evidence that prove otherwise?

Oh, god. It’s one of THOSE days, isn’t it?

Let’s take this one in pieces.

"How can you say the ancient Egyptians were Black?"

Where? What did I say? Show me what I said and then maybe I’ll know what it is you want to have an argument about.

"There are evidence"

Please show me this evidence. I’ll wait.

"that pretty much debunk the whole Egyptians were Black thing"

I’m waiting on that evidence.

"The fact reminds that they were ‘Caucasian’"

Neither of those words think what you think they mean.

1. "Caucasian" is a word you do not see me using here (except quoted materials) for a reason. It’s inaccurate garbage that should be done away with.

2. “Fact" is a lot like "proof" when it comes to history and things that are possible for human beings to know. “Proof” is a word that has no place in science, much less history.

"Do you have any DNA?"

*rifles through pockets* Just the one I was born with.

"or scientific evidence that prove otherwise?"

See above: “proof”. I’m a bit worried about your level of conviction that every single human being in the entirety of the history of the world was and is white until it has been proven to you that they weren’t, as well as the certainty that the two possibilities for every human that lived inside a geopolitical border assigned mostly by us to people who lived several thousand years ago was either 1. what you would consider a “Caucasian” (I think you mean “white”), OR 2. A person you would consider Black.

It’s sad that I can literally point to you where and when exactly in “history” the Ancient Egyptians became “white”, but people will still take a racist fantasy invented for the express purpose of cementing white supremacy as some kind of “fact” floating up from the distant past, pure and untainted by the centuries between us.

The Ancient Egyptian race controversy is a modern invention that only serves modern society; it has nothing to do with truth or facts.  I mean, are we still stuck in 1844? Is that where we are seriously at with this? When George Gliddon wrote, “The Egyptians were white men, of no darker hue than a pure Arab, a Jew, or a Phoenician”? Has our “progress” actually consisted of making the peoples of ancient Egypt even whiter since then? Is this what passes for “science”, still?

White supremacy is so very, very ingrained in our culture, so entitled to every accomplishment, so accustomed to dictating history and what “facts” are, that you feel absolutely entitled to demand some kind of scientific “proof” that you most likely wouldn’t even understand the significance of, to tell you that the movies are wrong.

You want me to prove with “science” that the pictures you’ve seen over and over that show you your own face plastered over Egyptian historical dominion are wrong. And only science will do! Never mind that you appear to understand neither science, nor history, nor really anything but cultural fantasies invented for your comfort and edification.

A century of this:

…defeats automatically anything I could ever say on the matter. This cultural fantasy replaces the truth, if truth is even possible in an ongoing academic, historic and sociocultural war over who is racially entitled to claim these accomplishments.

I’m not expected to argue with facts or evidence presented to me, or writing, or even words.

I’m expected to argue with a century of images. Which is why I fight art with art, and still people make demands for DNA and sciencey-sounding things that 1. they don’t understand and 2. don’t actually exist. I am not here to TELL anyone what to think or what to believe. I’m here to show you pictures, analyze and hopefully excise racist theories that are literally centuries old, interpret academic jargon, and let people make up their own damn minds. This is not a question for science. It is social, political, and cultural.

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In a monumental win against female genital mutilation (FGM), a doctor in Egypt was sentenced to jail for performing the outlawed procedure that resulted in the death of 13-year-old Suhair al-Bataa. The doctor and Suhair’s father were both cleared of any wrongdoing at their initial trial, but local and international pressure led to their eventual conviction.

Read more via BBC News

I’m sure we’ve all had difficulty in picking which box to check when our race/ethnicity on various applications, because it’s very rare that we see a category specifically for Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) people. Last month, the United States Census Bureau announced that they will be testing the inclusion of a Middle Eastern/North African category to be on the 2020 Census. At this time, they are testing the category and are asking for opinions concerning the inclusion of the MENA category for the next Census. 

This is an exciting development not just for our own gratification as MENAs living in the United States, but also to get a more accurate picture of how many of us there are, which is important in order for us be properly represented. 

Click here to express your support for the MENA category on the United States Census! 


1947: Jews in Arab lands mistreated.

Here’s a story that has been knocking around in my in-tray for some weeks: the excellent Elder of Ziyon has been burrowing in the JTA archives and come up with this telling article from August 1947 about Jews living in Arab states.

"The fact is," the writer Gerold Frank claims," that the lives of Jews in all Arab states range from unenviable to intolerable."

While Arab spokesmen point out the lack of anti-Jewish laws on the statue - that would change within a year - discrimination and vilification are widespread. Boycotts and restrictions are already in place. Links with Palestine are discouraged or prohibited altogether. A Jew in Iraq cannot leave the country unless he pays a hefty sum as warrant for his return. Jews are systematically excluded from certain professions in Syria. The loyalty of Jews to their countries of birth is questioned. The Egyptianisation of commerce and industry has already begun, compelling Jewish companies to take Egyptian partners.

All this BEFORE the creation of the state of Israel.

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Egyptomania meets Book Arts in a newly discovered gem from WLE at #BKMLibrary. The work in question — Das Totenbuch oder Die Kapitel vom Hervorkommen am Tage (Dichterische Paraphrase) (A Poetical Paraphrase of the Egyptian Book of the Dead; The Chapter of Arising at Daybreak) — by the German poet Felix Wolff.

This charming volume of poetry was published in a very limited edition by the Ernst Ludwig Presse of Darmstadt in 1914. The Ludwig Presse was founded in 1907 by Duke Ernst Ludwig Von Hessen and directed by the German graphic artist and typographer Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens. Kleukens was deeply involved in the German ‘New Book Art’ movement of the time – an artistic movement  active in the years before the First World War and heavily influenced by the contemporaneous Arts and Crafts Movement.

The title page of this slim volume features a delicate Heliogravure of a tomb painting at Thebes by Kleukens; as artistic director of the Ludwig Presse, Kleukens hand-crafted all fonts, decorations and illustrations.

This lovely book came to the Wilbour Library through a donation by the noted Egyptologist Georg Steindorff. The edition is fabulously rare — WLE owns the only known copy in North America. Das Totenbuch is a beautiful example of the marriage of Arts and Crafts sensibility and European fascination with the ancient world.

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بيقولوا “البعيد عن العين, بعيد عن القلب”…بيقولوا كمان ان “المسافات بتقتل العلاقات الانسانية”
و بيقولوا حاجات كتير عن ان الحياة بتقدر تخد الناس من بعض, الانشغال بحاجات جديدة بتضيع الحاجات اللي كنا ماسكين فيها و احنا صغيرين و مفيش في دماغنا حاجة غير اصحابنا و تقضية الوقت الحلو معاهم.

بس البنات دول اثبتوا لي, مرة و اتنين و تلاتة, ان البعيد عن العين ساعات بيكون اقرب للقلب من القريب…و المسافات بتخليك عايز تشتغل اكتر على العلاقات الانسانية اللي تستاهل عشان تحافظ عليها عايشة.
و ان الحب مش بعدد المكالمات التليفونية و لا المقابلات, بس بالمرات اللي بتبقى على وشك تقع فيها و مايسمحوش بده لانهم حامين ضهرك.

اثبتوا لي ان الاخوة مش بس بالدم و الاب و الام المشتركين, و انك تقدر تكون موجود طالما عايز تكون موجود.

احنا مرينا بمسافات, مرينا بانشغالنا بناس تانية و ارتباطات و شغل و مشاوير و اهل…و اختبرتنا الحياة اكتر من مرة و وقع مننا اللي وقع.

بس كل مرة بنتجمع فيها تحت سقف مكان واحد, بنكتشف قد ايه كل الاختبارات ديه خلتنا اقوى و اقرب, و قد ايه المسافات ديه كانت مجرد اميال على خريطة مش حقيقة تتقاس عليها العلاقة.

اعتقد النهاردة كان اكتر يوم احس فيه اني مفتقداهم و في نفس الوقت ممتنة لوجودهم في حياتي بشكل عام…و كان يوم مناسب اني اقلب في صورنا و اعبر لهم عن حبي الغير مشروط بمسافات.

شكراً للناس اللي كل يوم بتقرر تفضل في حياتي مهما حصل, و بتقرر تدي من طاقتها عشان تحقق ده و تحافظ على ثباته.

في مصر كانت هناك مساوة في السعادة؛ً بدا الامر لي كما لو ان الناس يضحكون ويطلقون النكات من الفجر الى الغسق، بعض النظر عن ظروفهم. الناس المتشبثون بجوانب الحافلات المكتظة يبتسمون خلال رحلتهم الخطرة وعشرات من ركاب القطار المضطرين للسفر على سطحه كانوا سعداء ومرتاحين مثلهم مثل المتمتعين بالسفر على سفينة فاخرة. بساطة المصريين وتواضعهم جعلاني احس بالراحة بينهم.
—  عبد الباري عطوان - وطن من كلمات

Several large bombings happened just minutes ago in Sinai , but is anyone mentioning this here ? no ! because it seems we`re not worth it !! 
It extremely saddens me , that some comrades here still believe that those bloody muslim brotherhood bastards are the oppressed ones here ! you have not lived the horror we lived under their rule ! and you are not living the horror we are living now , seeing them fulfilling their promises to turn Egypt into a ball of flame in case we revolted against them ! if you didn`t see the videos , the clear videos of the members of this bloody group giving these promises , at least do not side with them !!

Ideas for stories that could be good, but I couldn't write #1

An ancient aliens premise where aliens visit Egypt prior to the pyramids and try to impress them by building small temples with vehicles and stuff. To which the egyptians respond ‘fuck this noise’ and build the pyramids with all their own tech and in an alignment that is significant to the aliens (which they discover by translating some of the aliens’ hieroglyph-esque writing system), causing them to bugger off and not invade earth, or come back at all.

Allowing the egyptians to keep their agency and explaining why we’ve never heard from aliens since.