More than 600 people have been killed in Yemen in the past three weeks as a result of Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes and ground fighting. More than half of those killed are civilians, including 74 children. Saudi Arabia continues to do this with the help of 10 other Arab States, not because they were attacked or in self-defense, but to ensure a Sunni pro-Saudi government will return to power in Yemen. I have yet to see any major protests against the horrendous killing of so many innocent lives, a number that will continue to rise!



#‎MuḥammadanFridays‬: “I am at Imām Shāfi’ī’s.“ -— Prophet (ﷺ)

When I was in Egypt a few years ago I came to learn that it was an old custom for the Shayūkh of the Azhar to visit Imām Shāfi‘ī on Fridays. Thus I was advised that Fridays was the best day to visit Imām Shāfi‘ī preferably after Friday prayers. His final resting place is in Cairo in a place known as al-Qarafa al-Sughra (the Small Cemetery).

The great Shaykh Șāliḥ al-Ja’farī in one of his powerful Friday lessons expanded why this was a custom amongst the learned ʿUlamāʾ of the Azhar.

Shaykh ʿAlī al-Ṣaʿīdī al-ʿAdawī a teacher of the great Mālikī Shaykh Aḥmad Dardīr once said to him, “They say that you see the Messenger of Allāh (ﷺ) frequently. When you see him, ask him about my state.” So he did, he saw the Prophet (ﷺ) saying to him, “He is a righteous man, but he has some coldness toward me.”

When Shaykh al-Ṣaʿīdī heard this he was beset with grief and cried heavily. His student al-Dardīr asked him: “What makes you cry?” He replied, “The Messenger of Allāh (ﷺ) is blaming me for my shortcoming when it comes to visiting him. I am now old, and cannot bear the difficulties of travel. If you see him again, tell him that.” So al-Dardīr saw the Prophet (ﷺ) again and told him (ﷺ) as he had been instructed. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Tell him (Shaykh al-Ṣaʿīdī) that I am at Imām Shāfi‘ī every Friday, from after ʿAṣr till Fajr. Let him come to me there.” So Shaykh al-Ṣaʿīdī went to the scholars of the Azhar and told this to them, and it became their custom to visit Imām al-Shāfi‘ī every Friday, one group after another, from ʿAṣr until Fajr. This was in that radiant age, when scholars were real scholars, and students were real students.

May Allāh be pleased with them all.

And may He shower blessings, peace and mercy on the Prophet (ﷺ).

Ṣall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam.

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على مر العصور و التاريخ, اثبت ان مفيش حاجة اسمها انك تغير بني آدم و تظبطه بحيث يبقى على مقاسك…و كل محاولات انك تعمل ده يا بتفشل, يا بتخلق بني آدم منافق بيحاول يجي على نفسه او يدعي انه حاجة هو مش عليها…خدعة يعني…و هو برضه نوع من انواع الفشل اللي عامل نفسه مش فشل.
و عليه أسوء حاجة ممكن حد يعملها ف حد, هو انه يقول انه مقتنع ب80% من شخص و شايف ان ال20% اللي فاضلين محتاجين, من وجهة نظره, تظبيط و تعديل و تصليح…ف يقرر انه يلتزم بالشخص ده و يدخله حياته, على اعتبار انه حيصلح ال20% دول و يأيفهم على مقاس مبادئه و مقايسه هو للحلو و الصح.
كل اللي تقدر تعمله للبني آدم اللي مبسوط ب80% من شخصه, و بتحبهم و شايفهم راكبين عليك, هو انك تتقبل ال20% التانيين اللي مش عجبينك, و تحتويهم, و تحبهم كمان.
لكن محاولات الاصلاح الدائمة ديه مدمرة جداً, و مفيهاش ذرة حب او محبة و بتقول اصلاً ان ال80% اللي بتقول انك بتحبهم, مش بتحبهم فعلاً و لا حاجة و بتحاول تقنع نفسك بيهم على اعتبار انهم اكبر نسبة ممكن تلاقيها في الوقت الحالي!

المبهر بقى ان الناس طول الوقت بتربط بين محاولات التحفيز و القاء الضوء على نقاط القوة و زق البني آدمين اللي في حياتهم لقدام و انهم يستغلوا طاقتهم, بمحاولات التصليح و التأييف ديه.
بيبقى الشخص فاكر نفسه بيحاول يدفع اللي قدامه يبقى شخص احسن, بينما هو بيدفعه انه يكون الشخص الاحسن و الاحلى من وجهة نظره…هو مش بيحاول يدفعه يكون احسن شخص هو يقدر يكون عليه.
و مع الوقت عدم الرضا بيبدأ يغطي على العلاقة و يغرق الاشخاص فيها, لانهم مهما حاولوا يظبطوا الشخص انه يبقى اللي هما عايزينه, حيفضل برضه فيه خلل ما لانه في النهاية بني آدم مش حتة قماش!

برة عن كل الفلسفة ديه, انا مبسوطة…و حاسة الفترة ديه اني محظوظة عشان بيتاح لي فرص اني ابقى حوالين ناس بتحبني من  غير شروط او محاولات تأييف, و اكون حوالين ناس اقدر احبهم من غير ما احاول اظبطهم او اوصلهم انهم يبقوا على مقاسي.
و اني بتنفس كل نفس لوحده, و بعيش اليوم بيومه, من غير هستيريا على اللي حيحصل في المستقبل او اللي ممكن يكون.
بتفرج على الحياة و هي ماشية و بتمشى معاها, و بحاول بقدر الامكان اطبق اللي اتعلمه
& let the people around me BE.
و اتقبل ال20% اللي فيهم اللي مش شبهي و مش على مقاس مبادئي و افكاري و وجهة نظري عن الحياة و الصح و الغلط و ازقهم يبقوا احسن ف اللي بيحبوه, حتى لو مش هو اللي انا بحبه او شايفه الاصح.

خلينا لمرة نتقبل بعض و نبص لبعض على اننا افراد مستقلة و ان العلاقات الانسانية مش بتدينا حق امتلاك حيوات بعض او اختيارات بعض او تغيير بعض و ان كانت بتضفي حس من التنازلات المتبادلة بالتراضي كده و بكل الحب….و ان الاتنين بينهم شعرة مهم طول الوقت نبقى واخدين بالنا منها!


People keep trying to deny who I am, I’m Egyptian.

I’ve got black roots, African roots. 

My sisters afro disagrees with you calling us white.

My fathers flat nose disagrees with you calling us white.

DNA analysis of my ancestors disagrees with you calling us white.

We might not have melanin anymore, but we’re not white.

We’re not black either.

We’re just fucking Egyptian.


A sparkling golden tower on the banks of the Nile, the luxury 5-star Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah reflects contemporary elegance with its artful blend of Pharaonic, Arabic and French art deco design. Located on the quiet southern tip of El Gezirah island, you will be close to some of Cairo’s great points of interest. Start the day with a stroll along the Quai du Nil, do a bit of shopping for antiquities at the Egyptian Museum, arrange a Pyramids tour, and spend an evening at Cairo Opera House. Return to a refreshing dip in a heated infinity pool overlooking the Nile. Magnifique!


CPJ requests information about alleged detention of two journalists in Egypt

The Committee to Protect Journalists wrote to the Egyptian Ministry of Justice on Thursday requesting information about two journalists who were allegedly arrested on Tuesday while attempting to cover the bombing of two electrical pylons that transmit power to the Media Production City in Cairo.

In the letter, CPJ requested that the Justice Ministry provide the names of the journalists who have allegedly been detained, their location, and any charges against them. Widespread media reports indicated two journalists had been arrested, but CPJ has been unable to identify them. It is unclear if the journalists are still being detained.

Read more.

Images:  REUTERS/Amr Abdallah, REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

As it relates to simple humanity and our adherence to the illusion for the mere sake of gaining an innerstanding of the self it is important that ALL beings have their say!! We can’t go FROM a white washed reality where all things relevant are made white, TO a “we are all one, there is no difference” UNTIL the weight of the pendulum of misused and bias laden doctrine swings back the other way!!!! The mere fact that whites (melanin recessive) get offended by the notion of blacks seeing themselves in a light that excludes them to a degree is symptomatic of the dis-ease and imbalance that a white washed civilization causes. IF black (melanin dominant) people demanding that things be put BACK into its proper perspective is unsettling to you then good! Nevertheless for every action there is an equal and opposite REaction. Know thyself!

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