The Egyptian Osireion, located in Abydos.

At the back of the Temple of Seti I (r. ca. 1290–1279 BC), is this extraordinarily unique ‘dummy tomb’ known as the Osireion. This structure probably represented the burial place of Osiris, in the form of a primeval island. A sarcophagus was once situated on this artificial island, surrounded by water.

Photos taken by Olaf Tausch.


NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts aboard the ISS: “From the Nile River, Egypt, Israel, on to Baghdad.” March 26th, 2015.

Source: NASA/Terry W. Virts

QUEEN TIYE, Ghurab, Egypt, 18th Dynasty

The miniature head of Queen Tiye, mother of Akhenaton, is a moving portrait of old age. Although not of royal birth, Tiye was the daughter of a high ranking official and became the chief wife of Amenhotep III. Tiye appears as an older woman with lines and furrows, consistent with the new relaxation of artistic rules in the Amarna age. Her portrait is carved of dark yew wood, possibly to match her complexion. The sculptor inlaid her heavy-lidded slanting eyes with alabaster and ebony, and painted the lips red.


A sunken relief stele provides a rare look at this royal family. Undulating curves have replaced rigid lines, and the figures possess the prominent bellies that characterize figures of the Amarna period. The pharaoh, his wife, and their three daughters bask in the life-giving rays of Aton, the sun disk. The mood is informal and anecdotal. Akhenaton lifts one of his daughters in order to kiss her. Another daughter sits on Nefirtiti’s lap and gestures toward her father, while the youngest daughter reaches out to touch a pendant on her mother’s crown. This kind of intimate portrayal of the pharaoh and his family is unprecedented in Egyptian art. Matching the political and religious revolution under Akhenaton was an equally radical upheaval in art.

A father comforts his young daughter as he gets her a Coptic cross tattooed on her wrist. Tattooing young children is a routine practice for this religious tattoo artist. The whole ordeal is finished within less than 30 seconds. Some children cry out of fear, while others don’t even flinch.

Photo by Tinne Van Loon @tinnevl January 25, 2015.
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Sneak Peek into the two newly reopened Pharaonic tombs at the Pyramid Area

Photos Courtesy of Ministry of Antiquities

What a way to start the week! 

The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Eldamaty (re)opened two important individuals’ tombs at the western cemetery of the Pyramids Archaeological Area. 

The first of the two tombs belongs to a priestly individual by the name of “Emery” who held the title ‘Priest of King Khufu’. His tomb was built of lime stone and its walls plastered with “beautiful scenes depicting craftsmen” including sculptors, goldsmiths and carpenters. Meanwhile, the second tomb belongs to Emery’s eldest son; “Nefer-Ptah” whose tomb was “discovered in 1925 with an area of 144 m(2) approximately and a height of 4.6m” said Dr. Mahmoud Afifi, Chargé d’affaires of the Ancient Egyptian Sector’s Chief. The latter tomb also includes five rooms and a crypt at the southern side. Both tombs’s structural and artistic elements reflect the architectural and artistic fashion of the Old Kingdom which includes the depiction of ritual life. 

The tombs had been closed in 2007 for restoration purposes which began in 2010 but was brought to a halt during the January Revolution. It was due to the Ministry of Antiquities’ Projects Sector’s decision to terminate the restoration work completely which led to the reopening of the tombs. This termination plan coincides with the Ministry’s plan to “develop the Pyramids Area as a whole…it is considered a good step towards dragging the tourists’ interest to visit new places” said Dr. Eldamaty. 

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LGBT news briefs: Russia, Jamaica, Egypt, Nigeria, India, more

LGBT news briefs: Russia, Jamaica, Egypt, Nigeria, India, more

News briefs about countries with anti-gay laws, excerpted from the Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI-related news:

Equal Eyes labeled this photo “Obama Shoots Giant Rainbow Out Of His Hand in Jamaica” and states, “Pres. Obama visited Jamaica, the 1st US president to do so 30 years. Departing, he shot a beautiful, giant rainbow at the island nation, proving he has some tricks up his gay wizard…

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