Fake Enlightenment is just so insidious like it’s truly just people pretending to care about an issue that they’ll never have to deal with (and never getting to the roots of it but just enough to scrape the surface) and using that information to garner praise and recognition because they’re looked at as so fucking intelligent and such the humanitarian and “wow you’ve opened my eyes to something i never really understood” meanwhile the people that are actually affected by said issue are still floundering under the weight of the things that no one wants to really talk about and the things that no one really wants to unpack and no one is really paying attention to them but let some asshole with a basic understanding of human decency and a thesaurus and a limited view of how things work make a text post and suddenly we need to give them a Nobel Peace Prize like save it

i can assure you that you’re not doing anyone any kind of courtesy by using their narrative to fulfill your weird ego complex 

Aquarius Moon

Moon signs deal with your emotions, self-image and how you think and feel. Moon signs also show your jealousy, hatred, and fears. Moon is ruled by cancer.

People born under an Aquarius moon might be shy or reserved. They tend to be more emotionally detached like the Capricorn moon. Growing up, they’ve probably felt like they were different than others because they are usually more eccentric. They might have a strong ego and a god complex. Aquarius moon isn’t the type to get really jealous or possessive. Like people born under a Taurus moon, they can be very stubborn about getting their way. They need independence and freedom. Because they are so independent, they tend to be loners. They have the tendency to brag a lot about their accomplishments because they are proud of themselves. Unlike Capricorn moon, they are really optimistic and always looking on the positive side. They are compassionate and caring. Aquarius moon will help anyone without expecting anything in return. They hate criticism and judgment. They always want to be accepted by other people so rejection might be one of their fears. 


Then don’t go home. Simple. You don’t “hate to” do anything. Not matter what Sebastian might be whispering into your ear.
Ha. Sure. Like you’ve ever been good at hiding anything, Brother. It’s not the matrix. Again. I’m not a computer construct. I’m a slut with an ego. More complex then a computer program.

This isn’t anything to do with Sebastian. But I do kind of have to. Not important though. What are your plans?

Are you sure? Technology is pretty advanced these days.

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please list EVERY PROBLEMATIC THING that Malachi has ever done

He’s a bigot
He thinks he’s always right
He has a superiority complex
His ego is to big
He under appreciates his friends
He is grumpy all the time
He probably only eats mayo and yogurt
He likes his steak underdone
He’s pasty and rude
He yells all the time
He idolizes abel for no reason
He thinks people without a religion have no purpose
His attention span is literally 2 seconds
He’s a boy scout and he can’t even catch a fish
He is manipulative
He’s a hypocrite
He is a germaphobe
He gets mad when ppl can do things he can’t
He always has to be the best
I could go on and on

princess–ashe said: This probably sounds stupid but im guessing that stands for like Puerto Rico Comic Con… thats probably a really dumb question

Not a stupid question XD It is Puerto Rico Comic Con. I’m hyped about it @u@ This is the first year where the event gets extended to three days, and I’ll be working there again this year so it’s always exciting for me~ XD 

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“DEMON HIRO! A MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DEMON! …Ignore the fact that I’m straight-up five foot. And a total whiner-baby with an ego complex. And- well, there’s a ton that I could mention about my mental state, but we don’t have a week to delve into my crazy brain!” Swag laughed, making tiny devil horns with two fingers.

“Also, I’m kind of addicted to killing people. And sex. And killing people with sex- wait, shit, no, wrong! I don’t do that, I swear! I just eat people’s souls,” Swag said, placing a hand over his heart like a boy scout. “You know, just normal things for a fourteen year old to do.”

Then he flapped his arms and cawed like a bird before grinning. “BEWARE THE DIVINE CHICKEN AS I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL! …wait, is Fem watching? Dude, I can’t eat souls in front of my girlfriend! Maybe we can just cuddle and do dumb couple things like sharing a soda down at the ice cream parlor,” Swag said in a saccharine voice.

“Swag, you owe me a twenty! Swag, can you get me a blood bag? Swag, you’re so lame, why can’t you be cool like me? Ignore the fact that I fell out of a tree. I looked so cool while I did it, amirite?”

fuck my ex boyfriend. fuck that emotionally abusive, manipulative, ego-centric, victim complex liar. fuck you and how you damaged me. fuck you for belittling me. fuck you for invalidating me. fuck you for never putting in the effort that i did for you. fuck you for swearing at me when i came to you in patience. fuck you for making me afraid to say how i feel. fuck you for leaving me with the fear of being told how im crazy or wrong. fuck you for making me feel insane and like i cant trust myself. fuck you for responding in anger when i pleaded for our health. fuck you for taking advantage of my love for months on end. fuck you for making me feel like my needs are too much. fuck you for how you hurt me. its not okay and im very angry. fuck you for the lies you spread to protect your ego. fuck you for keeping me down and for not thinking im worth fighting for. fuck you for not seeing my worth until im gone. fuck you for demonizing me. fuck your negative mindset. fuck you for thinking you could talk and treat me the way you did. fuck you for disregarding me everytime i came to you then making me into the bad guy when i get the self esteem to walk away from a toxic relationship. fuck all of that and you. i am allowed to be angry and i deserve that right and i definitely am. you’re ridiculous and i have no time at all for that bullshit. leave you and your family and whoever else OUT of my life and personal blog. i am allowed to celebrate my own happiness and growth. leave my life alone.

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why do keep calling yourself smart? do have an ego complex? no offence

define ego complex. 

Idk about you but, there is a difference between ego and confidence. i had to learn that the hard way. Im bad at everything else except learning, its the only thing i have. and im a person who has alot of self esteem issues, i figured if i have smarts might as well be confident about it.

besides, when other people constantly talk about how strong, or athletic or pretty they are, i dont think people would/should call them egotistic~ for people like me who have only that one nice thing. its something i hold dear and proud.

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kills off female characters with potential and keeps alive white dudes with ego complexes


But probably the walking dead

i need you bb
want you like bad
i saw yr picture in the message that you sent…
now i’m a passive man or maybe loved
i feel the super ego complex when i see you love…

i’m in the neo city raving
i was really in that EVA there
touch me’s what i’m saying
i’m the one
sync with me i’ll be you though
icy yr mine, cool it yr mine
and i really feel yr pain when you stab me while i hold ya
icy yr mine, cool it yr mine
cemetery love when yr leaning on my shoulder
icy yr mine, i see you baby all the time…