1800s Week!

Unknown British Artist

Portrait of Paul Cuffe/Cuffee

England (c. 1880)

oil on canvas, 64.1 x 52.1 cm.

Stuart P. Feld collection, NY, NY

The Image of the Black in Western Art Research Project and Photo Archive, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University

Paul Cuffee (1759-1817) was a man of Aquinnah Wampanoag and West African Ashanti descent, Quaker businessman, ship owner, navigator, abolitionist and also founded the first racially integrated school in Westport, Massachusetts. He was the founder of the Friendly Society of Sierra Leone, and organized expeditions that facilitated emigration of free Blacks from the United States to Sierra Leone and the newly independent Haiti.

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Slimmer, lighter PlayStation Vita redesign coming to the UK

" The Vita PCH-2000’s Japanese unveiling.

Early this morning, Sony announced that the redesigned PCH-2000 version of its PlayStation Vita portable would be coming to the United Kingdom on February 7 for £180 ($297), after launching in Japan last October.

The new version of the system, which eliminates the 3G option available on the original Vita, is about 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than its predecessor, with more rounded edges, recessed buttons, and thumbsticks. The new model also includes 1GB of internal storage and replaces the high-end OLED screen on the first Vita with an LCD screen, contributing to an increased battery life of about an hour on a single charge.

That screen change has caused some Japanese importers to consider the PCH-2000 less than a full upgrade from the bulkier original Vita, but Sony is seeking to downplay the importance of the new display. “When we introduced Vita with the OLED screen, that was considered—and it was—the pinnacle of screen technology,” Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara told news site VG247. “It was a beautiful screen, and LCD at the time would have felt like a compromise. What’s happened in the interim is LCD screen technology has improved significantly. Whilst some think there’s a subtle difference between the two, we think it’s relatively imperceptible.”

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Question tag thingy♡

I was tagged by: fakesmile99

Rule one: Always post the rules
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1. Who’s your idol? A lot of people but mostly Tyler Oakley & John Green

2. Are you happy with your life? Idk, sometimes yes, sometimes no?

3. Favourite band/singer? Troye Sivan, Lorde, Ed Sheeran

4. Favourite city/country? Bournemouth, Egnland

5. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be? I honestly have no idea

6. Is there anybody you love rn? There are many people I love, but I’m not in love right now

7. Where do you live? Germany

8. Favourite subject? German, English & Ethics

9. What languages can you speak? German, English, Spanish, French & a teeny tiny bit Chinese

10. What’s your favourite book? Harry Potter & Paper Towns

11. Who would you like to meet? Troyler obv, John Green, Ju (tylerslittleshit) & Laura (smolderingtroyler)

My questions:

1. Where are you from?
2. Do you watch any TV series, if so, which?
3. Cats or dogs?
4. First youtuber you watched?
5. Do you still watch them?
6. Ever been to a concert?
7. Where do you want to live when you’re older?
8. Favourite book, favourite movie?
9. Do you have any tumblr besties?:)
10. Favourite song rightw now?
11. What inspires you?

I tag:

tylerslittleshit (you won’t do it anyways i know)
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