Two gay brothers ask Boy Scouts: 'Which one of us is welcome?'
Proposed Resolution Leaves Two Gay Boy Scout Brothers Wondering Why One Brother Is Welcome and One Isn’t
    • Lucien Tessier, a 20-year-old gay Eagle Scout from the Washington D.C. area, wants to know why under the BSA’s newly-proposed membership policy, the Boy Scouts would deem him unfit to lead his gay younger brother’s Boy Scout troop
    • In one week’s time, more than 30,000 people have signed onto Tessier’s petition on urging the Boy Scouts of America to vote to end its anti-gay policy so his gay younger brother can earn an Eagle award;

    WASHINGTON, DC – Just days after the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced a proposed resolution that would allow gay youth to participate in the organization but would maintain its ban on gay parents and leaders, two openly gay Boy Scout brothers want to know why the BSA believes just one of the brothers should be allowed to participate in Scouting.

    Lucien Tessier, a 20-year-old Eagle Scout from Kensington, Maryland, launched a petition on after a spokesperson for his local Boy Scout Council, the National Capital Area Boy Scout Council, said that if Tessier’s younger brother Pascal was openly gay, it would be impossible for Pascal to earn an Eagle award. Tessier’s petition urging the Boy Scouts to let his brother earn his Eagle award was launched the same week that the Boy Scouts of America announced a resolution that would allow gay youth to participate in Scouting, but would maintain a ban on gay parents and adult leaders. That resolution will be voted on at the Boy Scouts of America’s National Council meeting this May.

    “I’m thrilled that under the proposed resolution, after years of service and dedication to the Boy Scouts, my brother would be eligible to earn his Eagle award,” said Eagle Scout Lucien Tessier, who launched his petition on “But what I cannot understand is why the Boy Scouts of America believes that I’m not fit to lead my brother’s troop, even though I received the Boy Scouts highest honor just a few years ago. If a Scout has what it takes to earn his Eagle award, surely he has what it takes to serve as an adult leader.”

    On his petition, Tessier says that he and his little brother have a lot in common. They’ve both dedicated many years of their lives to the Boy Scouts of America, and both Lucien and Pascal are openly gay. Neither brother had ever been rejected for being open and honest about being gay, until the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed its anti-gay policy and announced that Pascal wouldn’t be eligible to earn his Eagle award.

    “For me, the proudest moment of my years of service and dedication to Scouting was the moment I received my Eagle award. My little brother deserves that moment, too. Every Scout deserves a chance to get their Eagle,” says Tessier.

    GLAAD, which has been helping gay Scouts and Scout leaders affected by the policy share their stories, pointed out that in the Executive Summary released along with the Boy Scouts’ proposed resolution, the Boy Scouts’ own internal survey found that a majority of its membership agreed that no Boy Scout should be denied an Eagle award simply because of the applicant’s sexual orientation.

    "The Boy Scouts insist on denying hard-working young men the honors they deserve simply because they’re gay, which tears apart Scouting families like the Tessiers," said Rich Ferraro, GLAAD’s Vice President of Communications. "A majority of Americans, and even the Boy Scouts’ own members, agree that it’s time we end the frivolous and shameful rejection of qualified gay Scouts."

    Scouts for Equality, a Boy Scout alumni organization of more than 5,000 Eagle Scouts urging the Boy Scouts of America to end its anti-gay policy, said Lucien and Pascal’s story represents the shortcomings of the Boy Scouts’ proposed change in membership criteria.

    "Lucien and Pascal are shining examples of outstanding Scouts. Their situation clearly demonstrates the shortcomings of the BSA’s policy, and we will not rest until youth like Pascal get the rank and respect they deserve," said Brad Hankins, Eagle Scout and National Campaign Director of Scouts for Equality. "We’re proud to see Lucien standing up for his little brother, and we’re proud to call them both brothers in Scouting and members of Scouts for Equality."

    “In just one week, more than 30,000 people have signed Lucien’s petition on, urging the Boy Scouts of America to vote to end its anti-gay policy so his brother can get his Eagle award,” said Mark Anthony Dingbaum, senior campaign manager at “Lucien’s campaign is just the most recent addition to more than 100 petitions launched on by Scouts, Scout leaders, and Scouting families who want all gay youth and parents to be welcome in the Boy Scouts of America.”

    Journalists interested in setting up an interview should use the contact details at the top of the page.

    Live signature totals from Lucien Tessier’s petition:

    Live signature totals from other petitions targeting the Boy Scouts of America:

    PDFs of BSA’s Proposed Resolution and Executive Summary:

    Journalists interested in contacting local and national Boy Scout leaders should try

    Les Baron 
    Scout Executive, National Capital Area Council 
    (301) 214-9101

    Deron Smith 
    Public Relations,Boy Scouts of America 
    (972) 580-7848

    For more information on, please visit: is the world’s largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see. There are more than 30 million users in every country who use our tools to transform their communities – locally, nationally and globally.

    For more information on GLAAD, please visit: 
    GLAAD amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality. For more information, please visit or connect with GLAAD at

    For more information on Scouts for Equality, please visit: 
    Scouts for Equality is the Boy Scouts of America alumni working to end the BSA’s ban on gay members and leaders. We are committed to the task of winning over individual Scouting units at the local level while continuing to push for a full end to discrimination in the BSA. As Scouts, we believe discrimination goes against the values our movement teaches us and has no place in Scouting’s future.

Voters Guide

Candidates for Erie County Executive, Erie County Council , Erie City Mayor and Erie City Council were asked about their positions on GLBT issues. Their responses appear below. The Pennsylvania Primary Election will be held May 21, 2013. Contact your county voter registration office if you have questions about your registration.

This Voters Guide is compiled by Erie Gay News. The EGN Voters Guide does not endorse or rate candidates, but offers each candidate the opportunity to present their positions, efforts, and experiences in their own words. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

These were the questions for all races:


Do you support legislation, such as the previous PA HB 300, which would amend the Pennsylvania Human Relations statute to include as protected categories real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity/expression?

Marriage Equality

Would you support lobbying Erie’s mayor to sign onto Freedom to Marry’s Mayors for Equality (, which currently has over 300 US mayors, including 7 from Pennsylvania.


What is your position on comprehensive local legislation for students concerning bullying in schools? If other categories are enumerated, do you support also including sexual orientation and gender identity/expression?

LGBT Support

If elected, would you pledge to speak about LGBT equality issues to not only the LGBT community, but at public meetings that are not LGBT-specific audiences?


What else would you like to let gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) voters, and their families, friends and supporter concerned about GLBT issues know about you?


Not Responding: Thomas Loftus (R), Thomas McGahen (R), Don Tucci (R)

Anti-Discrimination Barry Grossman (D-Incumbent)

Yes, I would support legislation that protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Should such legislation be proposed in Pennsylvania, I would talk with our Senator and Representatives and make it known to them that their support of such a bill is critical.

Kathleen Dahlkemper (D)

Yes, I have a proven public record of protecting citizen’s rights when it comes to their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. While serving in Congress, I proudly voted in favor of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which expanded existing federal hate crime law to include crimes provoked by someone’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. When elected as Erie County Executive, I will ensure that our local government will not discriminate against any person based on their real or perceived sexual orientation. I will continue to support equality for every citizen of Erie County and will correspond with any level of government on the issue of equality.

Marriage Equality Kathleen Dahlkemper (D)

Yes, I would support lobbying Erie’s mayor to sign onto the Freedom to Marry Mayors for Equality.

Barry Grossman (D-Incumbent)

I would urge all elected officials to do so. If there has been any confusion or misperception in our country, our state, or our county on the issue of marriage equality, the smoke is surely clearing. We are less than a 20 minute drive to New York State, where same sex marriage is legal. We now know that a number of Justices on the US Supreme Court have clearly observed the state of inequity that exists with regard to same sex marriage, and public opinion has vastly improved on this matter in a very short period of time. It is time for us all to be on the right side of history.

Anti-Bullying Kathleen Dahlkemper (D)

I would support comprehensive local legislation for bullying not only in schools but in business and our local government offices. I believe there should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and the intimidation of others. I would support categories that included sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Barry Grossman (D-Incumbent)

First of all, we all must agree unwaveringly that bullying for ANY reason is unacceptable in our society. We have a collective responsibility to ensure that everyone – especially our youth – are free to live their lives without fear of harm because of who they are or the circumstances of their life. Since LGBT youth are particularly vulnerable to this type of violence, and with horrific outcomes such as increase in depression and suicide, I support any legislation that gives support and protection to LGBT youth.

LGBT Support Kathleen Dahlkemper (D)

As your County Executive I would represent all citizens of Erie County in public hearings including those in the LGBT community.

Barry Grossman (D-Incumbent)


Other Kathleen Dahlkemper (D)

I am the proud mother of a gay son and have a personal understanding of the issues that the LGBT community faces each day. As a legislator, I proudly cosponsored and voted in favor of legislation that repealed Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell, so that every person can serve our nation proudly and as your County Executive I will continue to push for equality for every citizen.

Barry Grossman (D-Incumbent)

As County Executive, I have actively supported the LGBT community. Under my administration, the County has invited in and has provided funding for the first-ever counseling/outreach center for LGBT citizens (the Persad Center) in our community’s history. We have sponsored trainings for hundreds of social service professionals in support of sensitivity and deeper understanding of LGBT concerns. My administration has also encouraged the establishment of project SafeLine at Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, a hotline dedicated to taking calls from youth who are being bullied, or those who are worried about a youngster who is being bullied. I personally have participated in events and forums that support LGBT concerns and equality.

I also want you to know that I have on my own cabinet a leader who is a fine professional who also happens to be gay. In 2010 I selected Shari Gross to be the Director of Human Services and invited her to be a member of my cabinet. She is responsible for the largest single department in our county government. She has encouraged me to let people know that she hopes to marry her partner Judy here in Pennsylvania someday soon, and that I support her in that dream. Her voice at the table gives voice to LGBT citizens every day within county government.

COUNTY COUNCIL District 2 Anti Discimination Lisa Austin (D)

I believe in human rights. Housing discrimination or employment discrimination based on gender, creed, age, race or sexual orientation is illegal. As a member of Erie County Council I would not take these laws for granted. With your help, I would remain vigilant in protecting the rights of all Erie County residents.

Joe Giles (D-Incumbent)

During the past several years, Erie County re-invigorated and created a county wide Human Relations Commission. As a leader in that process, I am proud to say that we included gender and sexual orientation as a “protected class”. In this way all of Erie County’s residents are protected equally under the terms of our H.R. Commission. In order to expand our HRC resources, I conducted meetings in DC with HUD and HEW officials and secured multiple years of federal funding for both community education and case processing at the local level regarding housing discrimination in Erie county. The bill in Harrisburg, PA HB 300 extends the same protection on a state wide basis. Therefore, my support of this legislation is strong and consistent with my ongoing work toward total equality.

Andre Horton (D)

My whole life has been shaped, molded and centered on service. I learned at a very early age that all people are created and should be treated equal. I learned the Golden Rule. My parents were activist and Freedom Fighters. I’ve been discriminated against in ways one shouldn’t have to be subjected to. I know the sting of being stereotyped solely on the color of my skin. Ouch, still to this day in 2013.

With all of those things in mind, I say not yes but HELL YEAH to the question on anti-discrimination…..

Dave Pamula (D)

Yes. I would ask Council to pass a resolution in favor of it.

Renee Vendetti (D)

Yes. We have the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights that our forefathers wrote to protect all citizens.

Ned Smith (R)

Yes. I would encourage our legislative delegation to introduce and/or support such legislation through resolution and other appropriate means.

Marriage Equality Lisa Austin (D)

Partners of same-sex relationships have sometimes been penalized by inheritance taxes that create difficult financial burdens for the surviving partner. During a medical crisis, partners may be denied the opportunity to serve as an advocate or as a decisionmaker for their incapacitated loved one. Both of these problems deserve a solution

Joe Giles (D-Incumbent)

While I support marriage equality, I would caution all that it would be inappropriate for the county to formally adopt any resolution that attempts to control or dictate policy to any other local govt. level. While we work in a spirit of respect for the autonomy of each borough, township and city in Erie County, we work as partners. Any attempt to dictate to other local governing bodies would be perceived as an intrusion. Typically we work together while maintaining independence. For the county to request and require the city’s mayor to perform some public function, exceeds the authority of Erie County. However, it would be appropriate for the county itself to adopt a supportive resolution regarding this issue.

Andre Horton (D)

I have no problem supporting Marriage Equality myself because that is what I believe, but I have to say NO; I would not try to legislate what the City of Erie’s Mayor’s position on signing his signature to such a document or not. I would share with the mayor my personal thoughts and beliefs on the matter. I see nothing wrong with EGN asking the mayor to clarify his position.

Dave Pamula (D)

Yes. I prefer it to be called civil union.

Renee Vendetti (D)

Love has no sexual preference, color, nationality. Love truly comes from the heart. Why has it come to this? There is the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect all Americans.

Ned Smith (R)

No. I do not think it is Council’s place to tell an elected official of a jurisdiction that has no influence on legislative outcomes what to do, think or say. This is the mayor’s decision to make.

Anti-Bullying Lisa Austin (D)

Like discrimination, bullying demands an aspiration of “zero tolerance” in Erie County schools and workplaces, no matter who the target is or why the bullying takes place. I believe that a diverse, accepting community of people is the best antidote to bullying and discrimination.

Joe Giles (D-Incumbent)

To date, we have joined forces in our community actively to engage in anti-bullying programs. I serve on the “Steward Team” for the Erie Together Initiative. (Anti-Poverty Program administered by the United Way.) I am a founding board member of the Erie Policy and Planning Council for Families and Children. (Administered by the Mercyhurst Civic Institute.) I continue to actively provide leadership on the latest local version of Communities that Care Initiative. (Administered by Mr. Joe Markiewicz, Penn State Behrend.) As a pioneer founder of the 1st local Edition, I continue to remain committed to the CTC initiative as advanced and lead by U.S.Attorney Marshall Pachininni in its 2nd Edition. Each of these local efforts bring a different set of tools to respond to local social issues including positive youth development and related bullying issues. All three efforts are varied in approach and all are equally concerned about any and every form of bullying.

Andre Horton (D)

At present I don’t have a position on comprehensive local legislation. In fact I’m not even sure what the question is. (Too broad for interpretation. Willing to look at it though). My views on bullying and violence are widely known. My record and the work that I do in the community speaks for itself. One would be hardpressed to find any Public Servant (Elected Official) that is more hands on in that area. Of course I support this.

Dave Pamula (D)

Yes, if other categories ahave been enumerated.

Renee Vendetti (D)

Yes. All of our children should be protected. No child should be abused by anyone. It should be up to parents and teachers to guide our children.

Ned Smith (R)

Since 2008, Pennsylvania law mandates that all school districts have an anti-bullying policy and program in place, and that policy be updated every three years. Many of the school districts include sexual orientation as one category of bullying; by all means, those that do not include such wording should do so. I support House Bill 156, recently introduced and referred to committee, as an improved anti-bullying bill.

LGBT Support Joe Giles (D-Incumbent)

When re-elected to county council, I remain strongly committed to all LGBT people within our community and county. As the economic pressures continue, we need more than ever to value each other and appreciate our diversity.

Andre Horton (D)

No I will not make this Pledge. Not necessary that I do so. I just resigned from the Presidency of the Local NAACP Branch. I vow to always speak out against any form of discrimination, Regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, creed, religion, disability, sexual identity, whatever. and not because you’re asking because I want to serve. That’s not what I do, that’s who I am.

Dave Pamula (D)


Renee Vendetti (D)

Yes, I have spoken out many times on family rights and equality. It is my opinion that I do not have the right to force my personal opinion on anyone. This is a free country and everyone has a right to their own beliefs

Ned Smith (R)


Other Lisa Austin (D)

As a candidate running on economic development issues, I am acutely aware that the GLBT community has been a key component in creating thriving economies in other cities. I believe that a diverse and accepting community in Erie County will help promote sustainable economic development in the region.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts in advance of the Democratic Primary on May 21.

Andre Horton (D)

Thank you again for this opportunity to engage on such very important matters. Keep up the good work and I look forward to serving as your Representative in the 2nd Legislative District of County Council.

Dave Pamula (D)

I am running to make Erie County better for everyone. I can be found on Facebook - Pamula for Council.

Renee Vendetti (D)

I believe in this country , our constitution. I am who will speak out if I feel that there rights are being violated. I have been attending County Council Meeting from 2005 to present. I am a family right and mental health advocate and have helped many families in Erie County. I have 20 years of experience in the accounting field.

I would like to know how you would like me to represent you. I work for you, the constituents, not my own personal adgenda.

Ned Smith (R)

I am a lifelong Erie resident and have lived on the west bayfront for the last 26 years, My career has been spent in educational technology, I have served on the Erie School Board (2003-2007) and am a Commissioner of the Housing Authority of the City of Erie, appointed by the mayor. I am honest, fair and dedicated to efficient and effective government on all levels.


Not Responding: Ronald ‘Whitey’ Cleaver (D-Incumbent)

Anti Discimination Jay Breneman (D)

Yes I do. I will do everything within my power to demonstrate to the Commonwealth that justice cannot wait, and that their inaction or failure to act justly is not acceptable.

Marriage Equality Jay Breneman (D)

I believe all public servants have an obligation to actively work for equality. I will do more than call on the mayor to do the right thing and stand for equality (as I have already done), I will call on all public servants to be accountable to justice and the greater good of all our citizens.

Anti-Bullying Jay Breneman (D)

I have actively worked on localized anti-bullying, safe-zone, and GSA recognition campaigns across the country, and on larger equality campaigns across the world. Lives are truly at risk until we afford the protections that all people—particularly our children—deserve. All levels of our community must work proactively on this matter, and I will continue to pursue this by every means possible.

LGBT Support Jay Breneman (D)

Absolutely. I will do more than attend GLBT events and declare my support; I will continue to serve as a true Ally by pursuing and achieving victories for justice and equality through true and earnest action, because equality has been—and will continue to be—a top priority for my life’s work.

Other Jay Breneman (D)

I believe Erie County should follow the example set by Pittsburgh and Philadelphia by providing a Domestic Partner Registry and extending health care benefits to the partners of Erie County employees.

Furthermore, as a member of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, Erie County must push for equality to be included in their organizational platform.

But this is not enough. Erie can no longer stay idle on the matter of equality. We must break our self-imposed shackles and make our Erie Region a true leader for justice and equality in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and our great nation.


Not Responding: Edward DiMattio (R-Incumbent), Trish Shoulders (R)

ERIE CITY MAYOR Anti Discimination Joe Sinnott (D - Incumbent)

I do not object to legislation amending the PA Human Relations statue to protect from discrimination against those with real sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. I do not support a category for perceived sexual orientation or gender identity/expression because the definition of perception has been problematic in other discrimination areas such as Title VII and the American with Disabilities Act. This is to say that I am against according a right to an individual who in fact does not have a disability or a sexual orientation, but seeks protected class status by charging organizations like the City with an ill motive because of an alleged “perception’ of an individual. The intention of such legislation is noble but its practice has been imperfect.

I will make my position known to our local state government delegation.

Marriage Equality Joe Sinnott (D - Incumbent)

At this time, I am not intending to sign onto the Freedom to Marry’s Mayors for Equality.

Anti-Bullying Joe Sinnott (D - Incumbent)

I am against bullying of any kind. With that said, I do not favor local legislation to address bullying in schools. I do not believe such local legislation will have a deterrent effect. At present, local municipalities have the limited authority to enact penal statutes for summary offenses only. Any greater penalty must be enacted by the State Assembly. Further, our public schools employ their own security force which is better suited to enforce school rules forbidding bullying.

LGBT Support Joe Sinnott (D - Incumbent)

It has not been my practice nor do I feel it comes within the duties of the Mayor to advocate on behalf of any particular group’s rights. As a general matter, I support all individual liberties that are embraced by or enacted into Pennsylvania statutes or derived from court decision construing Pennsylvania law or the constitutions of Pennsylvania and the United States.


Not Responding: Curtis Jones Jr (D-Incumbent), Jim Winarski (D-Incumbent), Jeff Evans (R-Incumbent)

Anti Discimination Dave Brennan (D-Incumbent)

As a member of Erie City Council for the past year, I have, and always will, represent and serve all of the citizens of Erie regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, religious beliefs, age, race, or gender. I would be in support of legislation that provides equal protection to all persons regardless of these attributes.

As a representative of the citizens of Erie, I would contact our State Representatives in order to advocate for the passage of this type of Bill with the end goal of eliminating discrimination.

Selena King (D)

I wholeheartedly support legislation such as PA HB 300 and any other legislation which prevents discrimination of any individual on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

As an office-holder, I would call awareness to issues of discrimination and advocate for individuals or classes who are being discriminated against, in order to ensure equal treatment and provision of services.

Casimir J ‘Kaz’ Kwitowski (D)

Yes I do. I have many friends who are state legislators, and were co-sponsors to this bill. I will contact those and others soliciting their support to pass this bill. Why will I do this? Because it is the right thing to do.

Marriage Equality Dave Brennan (D-Incumbent)

I believe that local government works best when elected officials can work collaboratively towards common goals. To that end, I will work with the Mayor and my fellow council members to determine the City’s most effective role to ensure that all residents have equal protections and opportunities in Pennsylvania.

Selena King (D)

Ms. King did not respond to the marriage equality question for the print version questionnaore. She did however make her feelings known by posting a photo of herself on Facebook, at Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day, with the caption, “Supporting Chik-fil-A today! #standupforwhatyoubelievein” and further commented “I have & will always believe in the sanctity of marriage as a union between a man and a woman because of its establishment in the Word of God; however, I still love and care for those who believe/practice otherwise.”

Casimir J ‘Kaz’ Kwitowski (D)

Yes I would.

Anti-Bullying Dave Brennan (D-Incumbent)

I am the father of a two children, one in grade school and one in high school. Bullying has been a subject discussed many times in our household. Bullying can be physical or verbal abuse and can lower a child’s self esteem and also cause long term emotional damage. Our community should stand up against bullying in all forms.

Selena King (D)

I support the current policy and procedures which are implemented throughout the City of Erie School District. The ESD currently utilizes a Zero Tolerance Policy, which prohibit bullying, harassment and any other forms of violence among the students, faculty and staff. I support legislation which is inclusive of all individuals and fosters an environment conducive to learning and safety.

Casimir J ‘Kaz’ Kwitowski (D)

We need legislation at all levels to protect everyone from bullying. Bullying is an all-inclusive problem. No one is safe. And yes sexual orientation and gender Identity/expression should be included. As I taught my kids, People who make fun of people in front of you might be making fun of you in front of other people. All people deserve respect and consideration.

LGBT Support Dave Brennan (D-Incumbent)

As an elected official and also as a private citizen, I support equality on ANY issue and would be willing to speak out in support of equality regardless of the audience.

Selena King (D)

As an elected official, I will speak up and speak out for equality issues which violate an indvidual’s rights.

Casimir J ‘Kaz’ Kwitowski (D)

Yes I would. All issues are relevant at all public meetings. As an elected public official I represent all the citizens of the City of Erie. I always have and always will. That is my promise.

Other Dave Brennan (D-Incumbent)

I am a “hands-on” community leader, a professional architect / planner and I am truly committed my hometown of Erie! As a forward thinking and innovative member of Erie City Council, I am uniquely qualified to creatively tackle the complexity of challenges that currently face our City. My education, skills, and experience has enabled me to define problems, listen to citizen’s concerns and needs, and present creative solutions. I am also the Director of Planning & Design for the Economic Development Corporation.

Being a professional architect and planner, I am a trained “consensus builder”. I am not a career politician and I will continue to represent, collaborate, and proactively engage the citizens and community groups of Erie who share the same vision to make Erie a prosperous place to live. My vision includes; healthy neighborhoods, a thriving downtown, a strong economy, and a vibrant quality of life! I strongly believe that the future prosperity of our City will be determined by our local leader’s ability to build relationships with our community and work as a team to solve our problems and plan for our future. For more information on my EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, and VISION, please visit my website and Facebook pages at the following locations: and and

Planning our Future Together!

Julia Calipo (D)

Julia Calipo for City Council. Not your average bear - I CARE! Advocate for Erie who votes NO new taxes! Stop gouging the city with taxes and penalties, while officials get pay raises. My emphasis #1…PEOPLE!

There is a new war on America to take away family planning, cuts to education from preschool to college, elder rights, poor rights, and unprecedented cuts to the very poorest. Here in PA, Republican Governor Corbett, has senior citizen and veterans denied care and CRI employees unpaid, and these people are at risk of DEATH. Corbett’s cuts to WIC will make infants starve and be nutritionally deficient. We are battling our own government by letters, lawsuits, and rallies for our dignities as humans! We have $260 million being cut from Erie County by Corbett. Our lottery is being exported to another country, our liquor stores destroyed to oust the unions and force more minimum wage slaves. What cookie jar will Corbett raid next???

Qualified: yup, I do volunteer and fundraising for our city and am forming a nonprofit named Cali Cares which will focus on a new homeless shelter for the hundreds who aimlessly wander our streets for shelter and scavenge for food in trash cans. I beg you to help in the search for a building which can be rehabbed to house those hundreds, and to write grants and join me in procuring funds. I have lawn signs and banners so please contact me for materials at 454-0736 or julia ann calipo@FB.

I want to make clear to you that I am in fact…. DEMOCRAT. I have a belief in freedom! I support, (and only vote) pro choice, gay marriage & insurance rights, gay & alternate lifestyles, and equal Civil rights for ALL! My campaign is focused on building a homeless shelter, putting people before concrete, and dealing with blight and pork spending.I believe in a fair LIVING wage. I believe that people matter more than dollar bills, bribes, and political opinion. Please join me in standing for the Democrats, our freedoms should never be compromised! Freedom is not free and we have a duty to vote on May 21. Erie is not on the chopping block and we must stand for what is ours. Justice.

Casimir J ‘Kaz’ Kwitowski (D)

As an elected official I have always had an open door policy. Anyone can find my phone number in the book. I have taken many oaths both as a soldier and an elected official. I believe in the constitution and the protection of its citizens and the rights bestowed upon them. What makes our country great is its diversity. Sometimes we forget that. I have many friends, from all facets of this world. Know this about me. I’m open minded and will always listen to your concerns.

So, I was watching Lamill stream, and I kinda was like “huh, that background is really bright… it kinda looks familiar…. WHAT. THATS MY PIECE OF ART!” lol it was pretty funny. I Submitted a piece I did a while ago for the EGN LoL art contest thing, and she’s using it as her background when she’s out of game. I feel so special, for the dumbest reason lol.

The Edge of Never (Entre o Agora e o nunca)



Introdução da historia: Camryn Bennett apos de enfrentar uma serie de acontecimentos trágicos em sua vida, decide seguir o que sempre quis: Viajar pelo mundo sem destino.

Nessa viajem ela conhece Andrew Parrish, um homem sedutor que acaba mudando sua vida.


Camryn: Eu me identifiquei muito com a Camryn no jeito de enfrentar problemas, de guardar tudo para mim (infelizmente!) e as vezes precisar de um empurrãozinho para fazer as coisas que eu quero fazer mas tenho medo. Foi um choque sair de Fallen (que a principal é muito chata) e ir para o Entre o Agora e o nunca porque a Camryn ela é muito legal e como eu disse, eu me identifiquei com ela.

Andrew: É quase impossível ficar imune ao charme dele! Se você conseguir acabar o livro sem se apaixonar por Andrew Parrish uau..  (senta aqui amiga e vamos conversar! ). O jeito mandão, charmoso, de fazer tudo o que ele quer e ir mudando a Camryn de um jeito bom ao decorrer do livro é suspirante  hahaha.

Natalie: No começo eu gostei muito do jeito doido dela e de ser fã do Jared Leto (amorzinho!) , mas no decorrer do livro eu achei que faltou um “que” para ser melhor amiga da Camryn. Mas pensando por outro lado ninguém aguentaria a Natalie se intrometendo na historia o tempo todo! kkkkk

Musicas do livro: Entre agora e o nunca não seria o mesmo sem The Civil Wars como trilha sonora, sem Poison & Wine para os momentos fofos e tristes, sem Barton Hollow para os shows! Toda vez que eu escuto as musicas deles eu penso “Não é a Joy  e o John que ta cantando, é a Camryn e o Andrew!).

Um dia desses eu tava escutando How Long Will I Love You da Ellie Goulding e me lembrou a historia, então acho que da certinho também!

Como eu imagino:



(mais ou menos assim)



(tem como ser outro?) 

Natalie: Eu imagino ele de pele bem morena, de cabelo liso e magrinha haha.

Me conta na ask o que achou do livro.

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