Sonic, Sonia, and Manic failed and Möbius fell to Robotnik. The three were forced to split up and, years later, Sonic single-handedly pursued Robotnik through rolling Green Hills, caves lined with Marble, and a watery Labyrinth (among other environments) until taking down Robotnik right at the heart of his operations, which he called “Scrap Brain”. The chases only went on from there, even after all hope of finding his mother was given up.

Sonic won’t admit it, perhaps not realizing it himself, but part of him is vengeful toward Robotnik. After all, he’s the reason Sonic didn’t even know his own mother…

Team Sonic by DJ-XIII

Just another normal occurrence in the lives of Team Sonic. This artist literally just started today and he already has a bunch of neat art. He even made fan concept art of “Sonic Battle 2″ and an animation of Sonic doing push-ups, check him out.

Sonic Lost World actually takes place in an alternate timeline, which explains why Eggman isn’t as insane as stated in an earlier headcanon and why Tails uses the Classic Tornado instead of the one from Unleashed. It would also be why no one acknowledges that Generations exists or makes a mention of it in that game.

[Referring to this headcanon.]


If they made another Sonic cartoon with Classic elements like this, and Jim Cummings voicing Eggman/Robotnik again, I’d watch it in a heartbeat. That animation is beautiful. 

Source: Back2Soul

This Week on Sonic Boom

Sonic got caught eating ass.

It got so bad, his obsession with eating ass drove him to insanity, with Sonic even beginning to speak in third person. His friends and even nemesis Dr. Eggman tied him up due to their concern for him.

It got so bad Sonic eventually broke free and his problem got so bad he eventually died while in Knuckles’s arms.

R.I.P. Sonic T. Hedgehog 1991-2015. He went to fasst.