so guess who basically got to draw rise of the guardians fanart for concept art homework?! (THIS SOBBING NERD

RotG has been on my to-watch list for some time now, and i’m so glad i finally got around to seeing it (for actual school purposes, no less)! here is real bb jack frost hanging out in my version of bunnymund’s gorgeous easter warren. 

Raw Vegan Larabars
(Flavours include: Apple pie, banana bread, blueberry muffin, carrot cake, cashew cookie, cherry pie, chocolate chip brownie, peanut butter cookie, etc.)
(Click image for recipe)


What you wear sends a message to the world, so how are you feeling today? Like a frying pan cooking up eggs and veg, a platter of fresh sushi, a bowl of green salad or perhaps a mouthwatering berry pie? These beautiful food-based felted wool fascinator headpieces are the work of Tel Aviv-based artist, costume designer and stylist Maor Zabar.

You’ll find these and many other handcrafted hats available at Zabar’s Etsy shop, MaorZabarHats.

[via Blazenfluff]