“I’ve given you your space, Egan. I’ve given you your space for five years.”

Egan bit his tongue. He had just started to be a normally functioning adult, but whenever his father was introduced into the equation he reverted back to an eternally angry teenager. Osric Shinnick had found the statement of indoctrination in the newspaper and deemed it the opportune time to visit his estranged son at the Shrine. This was much at the behest of his wife who desperately missed her son.

“Fine. Say what you want and get out.”

Osric Shinnick sighed and twiddled his thumbs. “Your mother and I…we miss you, son.”

Egan couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “Oh so now you do. You couldn’t be bothered to spare me a second glance when I was living in that hell of a li-”

“Enough!” Osric hissed through clenched teeth. “I don’t care if you’re the High Priest, I am still your father and I deserve some respect. You need to listen to me.”

Egan then turned a withering look on his father that he had not turned before. “You deserve nothing from me. What have you ever done for me?”

“I gave you a roof over your head! I gave you life!”

Egan groaned in frustration and turned around, walking away a few paces. 

“Egan Shinnick you come back here this instant.” Osric was one of those men who demanded of his work the same he demanded of his family. He didn’t abide insubordination of his authority and, with Egan as a son, needless to say it had driven him near to the breaking point. 

Egan grit his teeth. This was the moment he’d show his father he was no longer a child. He whirled around, his eyes flaring unholy green. He stalked after his father, scowl on his face. 

“I owe you nothing. You are nothing to me. You are inconsequential. I went out to the streets and clawed myself up to a better position than you ever could. I’ve learned about the world, and life, and death, and many things inbetween. I wouldn’t have learned shit wearing my bones to the core in that menial job of yours. Now get out, or I will make you.” 

He jabbed his finger to the door, his irises blaring a bright green. His father backed up, briefly registering that he was afraid of his son, and with a defeated sigh turned and left back to his wife who would no doubt not spend a peaceful night. 

anonymous asked:

Can you post some American Bullies bred for sport/Work? Any leggy Bullies maybe? :3

I don’t really know of any breeders who breed bullies purely for sport/work. 

This dog, Egan’s Blue Locomotive aka Adrenaline K9′s Loki has been pretty successful from what I’ve seen. I can’t remember all of his achievements since Bullypedia changed their accessibility. -_- Loki has gone through police k9 certification in detection and apprehension. 

ABKC XL GR CH Blue Ribbons White Knuckles  CGC, CGCA, TT, ATAN, CSAU, FEDAB-TT, WDST1, ACAL 3, SD3, SD5, SD, GDT, IDT3, and is DNA-P