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“La vagina es elástica, se adapta a la forma del falo. Por eso, ninguna mujer es infiel: es diferente con cada hombre, su placer es otro.”

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Pregunta: Un amigo que se dió cuenta que su esposa le fue infiel, tienen 2 hijos y no sabe que hacer, van 6 años de matrimonio

Respuesta de Alejandro Jodorowsky: La vagina de la mujer es elástica y toma la forma del falo que la penetra. Di a tu amigo que su vagina matrimonial nadie la ha penetrado.


Pussy power! Vårt motto inom el casa de mickey mouse, The Wolf Verine-familjen och Fraise-crew!

saxat ifrån:

So I posted an article about “humanism” not being a good replacement for the word “feminism”. And one of my (male) fb friends commented it, and it was a super long comment, so I was ready to be annoyed by a potential ignorant response, but it turned out it was all good.

He didn’t agree with “humanism”=”feminism” either, but thought that it could be replaced by “egalitarism”. I replied explaining that it didn’t meant the same and other stuff, and he replied and so on.

And it was all very civilized and good, and even if we didn’t end up reaching an agreement about the word, (“egalitarsim with especial interest in gender issues” was the best he could come up with, which yeah dude, just use feminism) I feel like that was a really good facebook “fight”. 

Idk I’m just glad that people still know how to stand up for their pov without being disrespectfull or stubborn. He did change a couple of his statements after seing my pov, which is something people (especially on the internet) don’t usually do.

//before u all look at me like “smh ur prasing him for nothing”: i’m not. I still disagree with some of his postures, but i’m happy that we could reach a middle point without compromising our integrity ~//