EXO Fic Rec [PART 1]: Lay

EXO Fic Rec master list for specific pairing posts.
(alt link in case my url changes.)

Quick announcement: I’m pretty picky about the type of fics I read so I HIGHLY recommend everything on this list. Please don’t be intimidated by how long the list is because these are all quality fics.

and yes, this is alphabetical order.

Lay (all pairings)

  1. KrAy post
  2. KaiLay post
  3. ChanXing - Degrees of Okay (Side!BaeKris/XiuSoo. Past!KrAy/BaekYeol. Hinted!TaoChen. College AU. This fic is by my most favorite EXO author. I highly recommend it. It’s lovely & beautiful & perfect & the angst just kills you & sows you back together.)
  4. ChanXing - Just This Once (BFF!ChanXing. BaekYeol & KrAy. This fic is really just so beautiful. I love it so much.)
  5. ChanXing - A Star to Guide You Home (After EXO disbanded, Chanyeol settled into an existence notedly deprived of the one person he was sure he couldn’t get over. This is oddly soothing and lovely. Not to mention hot.)
  6. LayChen - Notes to Jongdae (Lay and Chen buy a new home and get their lives in order. This is a really sweet and realistic fic. Written in a slice-of-life kind of format.)
  7. LayChen - From XX (BFF!BaekChen. Chen has been feeling down for a while now when suddenly he gets a secret admirer. This is really fucking cute.)
  8. LayChen - The New National Anthem (Chen gets celebrated. Birthday smut~)
  9. LaySoo - Just Yours (Soo is always so comfortable. PWP.)
  10. LaySoo - Eighteen Months To Fall In Love (WARNINGS: racism, prejudice. top!Soo. This fic is really amazing and I love it a ton.)
  11. LaySoo - Why You Trippin’, Boy? (Soo finds himself missing Lay more than he should when he’s gone. Kai won’t let him hear the end of it. BFF!KaiSoo. This is so cute asdfghjkl.)
  12. LuLay - Goldfish (Friends that are something more but not? IDK how to describe it, but this fic was hot.)
  13. LuLay - I Can Be Your Peter Pan (This fic is so, so sad yet so beautiful. It’s the only fic that has ever made me cry.)
  14. LuLay - Sometimes I Need That Romance (All Lay wants is for Luhan to feel good. Sex and angst, with an end that makes me smile.)
  15. LuLay - Electrical Parades (The boys mess around backstage. Also Duizhang is an easy target. This is perfect. My jaw dropped at the end I laughed really hard.)
  16. LuLay - Will It Pour Needles Someday? (How many months does it take to miss someone. [[spoilerluhan is already dead]] Angst at it’s peak. Read with tissues and a strong heart.)
  17. LuLay - So Grow a Pair (Genderswap, band fic. Luhan’s always been pretty, but he’s never been this pretty. Neither has Lay, for that matter. Slight!KrisLayHan. I really enjoyed this.)
  18. Lulay - Accidental Baby Acquisition (Drabble. Title is best description. Slight angst but super sweet ending.)
  19. LuLay - Unexpected Bliss (Lay and Luhan’s friendship through the years. This is really nice.)
  20. LuLay - 我们创造的 History (Lay and Luhan are told it’s the last day on earth, that the sun is going to explode so they spend the day with eachother and then have sex as the world is crumbling.)
  21. LuLay - That Monstrosity (Fem!Lay/slight!ChanHan/side!KrisYeol. Pay attention to the warnings, but this is really amazing.)
  22. SeXing - Just Let Me Liberate You (Sehun can’t stop staring at Lay’s neck.)
  23. SeXing - Bicycle Pump (Sehun and Luhan swap bodies. Hilarity ensues. I secretly ship LuKai now.)
  24. SeXing - On Top [of the World] (Kai drags a reluctant Sehun to the club and Sehun finds himself enjoying it more than he’d ever before.)
  25. SeXing - Seven Minutes To Heaven (Includes various pairings. The boys play “I never” together.)
  26. SeXing - Cherry Blossom Roads [1/3] (Sehun meets a musician in the park and things begin to change. I love this fic with a burning passion.)
  27. SeXing - Why Best Friends Are the Key to Everything (BFF!LuLay. Luhan and Lay move together to South Korea.)
  28. SeXing - Suyoil (Sehun has a crush on his piano teacher. Ridiculously cute.)
  29. SuLay - Optimum Temperature [1/2] (This is a spin off of a TaoRis fic, but you don’t have to read it to understand. Suho doesn’t need Lay and it’s beautiful. I’m absolutely in love with this author and in love with this fic.)
  30. SuLay - By the Daisies (Suho really likes Lay. A lot.)
  31. SuLay - Atermoiements (Suho and Lay are roommates. I squealed when I read this.)
  32. SuLay - Truth or Dare (PWP. Lay gets the truth out of Suho. Lay nonchalantly sucking cock is really fucking hot. Unf. It’s the 3rd drabble.)
  33. SuLay - Untitled (Lay has been secretly seducing Suho because he has a thing for leaders. OH MY GOD, LAY!! x’DDD)
  34. TaoLay - Perspiration (Tao likes Lay because he sweats. I have a thing for sweat so this fic was sexy.)
  35. TaoLay - The Methodology of Comforting (Lay probably maybe shouldn’t be feeling this way towards his younger sister’s best friend.)
  36. TaoLay - Untitled (Drabble. Smut. Tao is possessive.)
  37. TaoLay - Strange Vanity (Tao wants to go shopping, but Lay is reluctant. He ends up enjoying it more than he thought. It’s actually TaoKrAy, but the focus is TaoLay. WARNING: sex in public places.)
  38. TaoLay - Love Drunk (Tao has to take care of a drunk, giggly Lay (who has a little secret). This is really cute and funny! A frustrated Tao is the best kind of Tao. xD)
  39. XiuLay - Call Me Maybe? [1/2] (Really cute and funny. Featuring tipsy!EXO and a crazy Luhan.)
  40. XiuLay - In the Quicksand (Fucktoy AU. The last thing Xiumin had ever expected was to be entering Kris’s house with the intent of buying one of his toys. This is so lovely and sexy. Gah.)
  41. XiuLay - Flavor of the Evening (PWP. Featuring a needy Lay.)
  42. XiuLay - My Mistakes Were Made For You (Fem!Xiumin. Scholarship girl and wealthy, altruistic loner fall in love over photosynthesis. Also, Chanyeol gets punched in the face. This is amazing.)

EXO Fic Rec master list for specific pairing posts.
(alt link in case my url changes.)


  1. Lay (all pairings)
    • KrAy (i have a lot lol)
    • KaiLay (this too, idk why)
  2. BaeKris
  3. BaekTao
  4. ChanSoo
  5. KaiSoo
  6. SuChen
  7. XiuHan
  8. Other pairings (there’s a lot OTL)
  9. Misc (threesomes & more)

Quick announcement: I’m pretty picky about the type of fics I read so I HIGHLY recommend everything on this list. Please don’t be intimidated by how long the list is because these are all quality fics.

and yes, this is alphabetical order! :D

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no se si es rock n' roll, pero no encuentro una excusa mejor.

jamas me cansare de decir que son la banda de mi vida, y mi máxima inspiración en la música! llevo casi 10 años escuchándolos y aun se me eriza la  piel como la primera vez.. 

ojala tenga chance de homenajearlos el resto de mi vida.

I <3 DM.


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EXO Fic Rec [PART 8]: Other Pairings

EXO Fic Rec master list for specific pairing posts.
(alt link in case my url changes.)

Quick announcement: I’m pretty picky about the type of fics I read so I HIGHLY recommend everything on this list. Please don’t be intimidated by how long the list is because these are all quality fics.

Other Pairings (Lumped together b/c there isn’t enough to get their own sections. Alphabetical order by pairing.)

  1. 2jong - Untitled (PWP. Bandfic, handjob.)
  2. 2jong - Chomping At the Bit (Hinted!ChanHun. Kai hires reckless jockey Chen to ride his little pony. This is actually about horse racing, although there is smut in the end. Top!Chen.)
  3. BaeKai - Shy Boy (Most people find it weird that Kai and Baek are dating. They’re perfect opposites. This is so cute omg. ;w;)
  4. BaeKai - Untitled (Fem!Kai. Baek fingers Kai in the library.)
  5. BaeKai - Wake To Sleep (Kai sleepwalks. Baek thinks it’s hilarious, until it isn’t really anymore. This is so funny! xD)
  6. BaeKai - Darling, You’re Still Divine (Predebut. Kai is almost too tsundere to function.)
  7. BaeKai - Untitled (Fem!Baek. Kai eating Baek out.)
  8. BaekHo - Weakness (Suho takes advantage of Baek’s sensitive spot. Oh god, this was so hot.)
  9. BaekHun - Fixations (Fixations are never a good thing where Baek is concerned. OH MY GOD. A conniving Baek is the best kind of Baek.)
  10. BaekYeol - Only Three Words Come To Mind (They’ve already broken up, but that doesn’t stop Baek from accepting Chanyeol’s offer of a date. Things happen, as expected. Read the sequel too because it’s fucking hot.)
  11. BaekYeol - Pinning You Down (Baek and Chanyeol fight. It gets messy but they like it. Fuck this was so hot.)
  12. BaekYeol - Last Summer (Goodbyes are sometimes the perfect place to start something new. Asdfghjkl so cute.)
  13. BaekYeol - Make A Day Feel Like A Minute [1/4] (Chanyeol doesn’t want to ‘get to know’ the guy who comes to every show dressed in a bright gold jacket and carrying a glittery sign with Chanyeol’s name on it. Except, well, he kind of does. Love this.)
  14. BaekYeol - Masquerades [1/3] (Dr. Byun Baek’s life turns upside down when he meets Agent Park Chanyeol, and his partner, Agent Kris Wu, and gets plunged into an unexpectedly dangerous adventure. This is the best thing ever.)
  15. BaekYeol - Armor (Top!Baek. There’s a mystery in Chanyeol’s eyes, and Chanyeol is still wearing his stage smile, and Baek thinks maybe he should figure out what’s actually happening, here. Lovely lovely lovely.)
  16. ChanHan - Because of Reasons (PWP high school AU. Luhan corners Chanyeol in the lockeroom showers. Needy Luhan is so fucking hot. Ugh.)
  17. ChanHun - Take it from the Top [1/3] (Sehun wakes up and realizes he’s made a mistake, again and again and again. This fic was perfection.)
  18. ChanKai - The Thin Line Between [1/4] (Kai’s always had people he likes best. Chanyeol’s pretty sure he’s never going to be one of those people. This is one of the BEST fics ever. I love it so much. Prepare to feel a lot of pain and angst, but trust me, it’s worth it in the end.)
  19. ChanKai - Got you Stuck on my Body [Like a Tattoo] (They fight, they fuck, they love, but not necessarily in that order. This is great.WARNING: semi-violent.)
  20. ChanKai - Could You Stay Awhile? (College AU. This is really good.)
  21. ChanKai - Untitled (Newspaper AU. PWP.)
  22. ChanKai - Take My Picture (Chanyeol really likes pictures. PWP.)
  23. ChanTao - Untitled (Drabble, handjob. Stranded on an island.)
  24. ChanTao - Baby, You Can Drive My Starship (Starfighter AU. Tao’s tougher than he appears. Chanyeol has a bit of a hard time getting that into his head.)
  25. ChenYeol - Park “Pussy Smasher” Chanyeol (Chanyeol takes an interest Chen and proceeds to fuck the living daylights out of him. Ninja!KrisMin & SeSoo.)
  26. ChenYeol - Bus Rides Are Full of Clichés (Chen falls asleep on a bus and misses his stop. Cue the handsome stranger.)
  27. ChenYeol - You Don’t Spell Love (Free hugs are free hugs, except a lot better. This is ridiculously fluffy and will make you happy.)
  28. ChenYeol - Heaven-Sent (Chen moved into a new flat and his window-neighbour likes to wander around in his own flat only in a pair of jeans. Really fucking cute.)
  29. ChenYeol - Third Story (Chanyeol wants a kiss but their height difference makes things awkward. This is so cute omg.)
  30. HunHan - Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Side!KaiSoo, hinted!TaoRis. In which Luhan is paid to be insane, Tao is paid to be depressing, Kai and Sehun are paid to stand around shirtless, and Soo is caught in the middle. Laughed my ass off.)
  31. HunHan - Crossword Puzzles (High school AU. Luhan regrets leaving China after meeting his insane classmates at his new high school.)
  32. KaiRis - Kingdom AU (Before Kai could even blink he was being shipped off to a castle across the ocean to marry some man he’s never even met before. This is so adorable asdfghjkl.) Part 2.
  33. KaiRis - (Go On, Believe) If It Turns You On [1/3] (Escort AU. Kai’s newest client rekindles old feelings hidden inside him, and Kai has to remind himself to keep his heart in check. I love this fic so much I could cry.)
  34. KaiRis - Lazy Morning (Kris doesn’t need a perfect setting for a proposal.)
  35. KaiRis - Almost In Love [1/2] (College AU. Kris is a player and Kai is his next target. Mentions of ChanHun.)
  36. KaiRis - PPCC (Kai is broken inside but Kris still wants him. I really love this so much.)
  37. KaiRis - Put To Bed (fem!Kai. Kris takes a little time out of his busy schedule to appreciate his girlfriend. PWP.)
  38. KrisChen - Notice Me (Chen is more than a little obsessed with the male model Wu Kris. This fic is so funny and accurate. Definitely love this a lot.)
  39. KrisChen - Café au Lait (Kris finds himself falling for the voice on the other side of the drive-thru speaker at Starbucks. I really enjoyed this fic. And the LayHan definitely adds to it.)
  40. KrisChen - Leaderly Bonding (Kris has a thing for Chen. He also has a thing for the rest of the members.)
  41. KrisChen - Unexpected (Kris and Chen are after the same girl until they suddenly aren’t. This is pretty hot.)
  42. KrisHan - Fly Me Home (Airplanes are a constant in Kris’ life but it isn’t until he meets Luhan that flights actually get interesting. I love this so much it physically pains me. It’s so hilarious.)
  43. KrisHan - Stumbling Forward (A series of firsts leave both Kris and Luhan in anticipation. Sexy and lovely.)
  44. KrisHo - Full Moon (Wolf+MAMA+High School AU. There are two packs at the high school, and it just so happens that the other pack leader has a thing for Suho. It’s really too bad that he already has a crush on someone else… or is it?)
  45. KrisHo - Silent G (A day in the student council is never dull. Suho thinks he has heart cancer. THIS IS THE BEST FIC IN THE WORLD. Just read it and prepare to laugh your ass off.)
  46. KrisHo - Angel Is The Centerfold (Suho poses nude in a magazine to throw a little excitement into his painfully dull life. The last thing he expects is to stumble into a relationship because of it. AHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. BFF!SuHan is the best.)
  47. KrisHo - The Prince’s Blade (Kris is the general of an army. Suho is the crown prince. They fall in love in spring, confess in summer, are enamored of each other in autumn and topple in winter.)
  48. KrisHo - Clean Secret (‘I’m cleaning my apartment while naked. Anyone who says that’s not why they want to live on their own is lying.’ Suho cleans his apartment naked and Kris finds out. AHHHHH.)
  49. KrisHo - A Matter Of Expression (Suho feels extremely insecure about his smile after Soo’s comment on The Beatles Code. Kris has problems with telling Suho just how wrong he is. My toes curled from the cute.)
  50. KrisHo - Worthy Feint (Harry Potter AU. Quidditch professional player Wu Kris is on the edge of his career because of a damned move. This is so good.)
  51. KrisHo - On parallel planes (high school AU; class rep Kim Suho has one mission: to lead his rag tag team of five to the Math Olympiad this year. AHH, this is so good.)
  52. KrisHo - Into Your World (Suho was used to rejection. Kris wasn’t. Ah, this is lovely. I want to rewrite it so I can make it longer.)
  53. KrisHun - High Hopes (Sehun’s got it bad for the guy on the subway. Too bad Mr. Handsome’s in college and Sehun’s a few months away from legal. Smut. Ah, this is perfect.)
  54. KriSoo - I’m All Shook Up For You (Kris has the worst coworkers in the world. And the cutest little stalker.)
  55. KriSoo - Safe Shade (Smut. Kris still calls before he comes over and Soo finds it amusing. This is really hot and sweet.)
  56. KriSoo - Signs (Kitty!Kris. Top!Soo. The life of a cat owner is not easy, especially when said cats goes into heat.)
  57. KriSoo - Give Me All Your Poison (Wolf AU. Soo is the runt of the pack, mistreated and abused by the others. Finding a mate is his only escape. I love this so much, oh god.)
  58. KriSoo - Textbook Crush (Kris likes Soo. Gah, so cute~)
  59. KrisYeol - Crash [1/2] (When Suho is gone, Chanyeol meets Kris and nothing will ever be the same. Sad and wonderful with an amazing end.)
  60. KrisYeol - Speed Dating [1/6] (When Kris and Chanyeol’s friends and fellows decide that they need to improve their personal lives, the two get signed up for speed dating. It just, well, doesn’t go exactly as planned. This is really funny and cute.)
  61. KrisYeol - Hey Baby Do What You Please (PWP. Blowjob between photoshoots.)
  62. KyungHan - Busted (College AU. Soo is at this party for one reason and it’s not the alcohol. Smut.)
  63. KyungMyeon - Starring Role (Suho and Soo need money to pay rent, so they ask Sehun and Kai how to get some… *cough* porno *cough* smut *cough*)
  64. KyungMyeon - Push and Shove (Soo needs to get laid and Suho is the perfect target. Hot with a sweet ending.)
  65. LuKai - Let Me Break The Ice (Fucktoy AU. The first time Kai saw Luhan, he knew he had to have him. This fic is really sexy.)
  66. LuKai - I’d Burn This City Down to Show You the Lights (High school AU. Kai has a disgustingly obvious crush and Luhan isn’t as innocent as he seems. Oh I laughed my ass off at this. LuKai is my secret OTP for a reason.)
  67. LuKai - Something Like Quick-Witted Romance (Mentions of HunHan and SeXing. After a bad break up, Luhan is in hysterics. Chanyeol finds him a job and his boss turns out to be an asshole. A very attractive asshole. Comedy. This is fucking hilarious.)
  68. LuKai - Suki×3ssu! (Kai is in love with the soccer team captain. It doesn’t work out. This was really cute drabble but then it made me sad. It’s still really good.)
  69. LuKai - For Real (College AU. Luhan is finishing his masters and Kai is just a junior. This is nice. Smut.)
  70. LuKai - Wait For A Word (Luhan is a writer and Kai hasn’t read a single one of his works.)
  71. LuKai - Between The Pages (Luhan confesses to Kai in his latest book, but Kai doesn’t seem to be getting it. Remix of Wait For A Word. Smut.)
  72. SeHo - Wind and Water (Fantasy AU. Suho finds an abandoned demon in the forest and takes him under his wing. Needless to say, everyone is in shock. Hilarity ensues.)
  73. SeKai - Places That I Could Hide (WARNING: rimming. With Chen’s urging, Sehun and Kai try something new.)
  74. SeSoo - Smooth you out (Getting it on at hotel. WARNING: hair pulling.)
  75. SeSoo - Looking For Some Trouble Tonight (Sehun is a singer and he wants Soo because Soo doesn’t want him. This is funny and perfect and hot.)
  76. SeSoo - Consequences (top!Soo. Sehun’s a brat and Soo punishes him for it. PWP.)
  77. SeSoo - Softly, Gently (Wolf AU. Soo takes care of his pack and that includes an injured Sehun who shows up at his door in the middle of the night.)
  78. SeTao - Make It Last Forever (Internet buddies meet for the first time. GAH, I love love love this.)
  79. SeTao - Run and Hide [From My Embrace] (Wolf AU. WARNINGS:knotting, dubcon-ish but not really. Tao claims Sehun. This was hot.)
  80. SeTao - Moonrise [1/2] (Catboy AU. Based off Erin Hunter’s “Warriors” series. In a world where catboys are made for sex trafficking, there’s only so much you can do to run. Sehun does all of it and more. Tao is the only one who runs after him.)
  81. SuKai - Towl Boy (Suho knows he’s only a summer fling but he hopes that he is more.)
  82. SuKai - Burn Out [1/2] (Kai has an itch that only Suho can sooth. Wow, this is great.)
  83. SuKai - Walking A Fine Line (Kai is wearing a skirt. PWP.)
  84. SuTao - I’ll Be Peter Pan [and You Just Be Pretty] [1/3] (Secret society AU. Suho finds himself caught up with a mysterious crowd, and things don’t turn out well. This fic was super cool and unexpected.)
  85. SuTao - Snuggie (Suho is trying to sleep on the couch and Tao volunteers to warm him up. PWP.)
  86. TaoChen - Home Is the Most Important Place In the World [Second To My Dick] (WARNINGS: fellatio, misuse of furniture, sexual encounters in public(?) places. Exo prompt meme fill.)
  87. TaoChen - You Embody Me (Tao is a romance actor who wants to try something different and Chen is his agent. This fic is really touching and sweet. The angst is absolutely lovely. WARNINGS: mentions of alcoholism, mentions of drug overdose, adult themes.)
  88. TaoChen - Universal Languages [1/5] (Chen goes to China to learn about wushu, and ends up learning about himself, instead. Ah, so fluffy and funny xD. Chen/OT12-ish.)
  89. TaoChen - Telepathy (Drabble. Funny and cute.)
  90. TaoChen - Complicated [1/4] (Tao is complicated. He is aware of this. It is something he has come to accept a long time ago. He’s just not used to other things being complicated besides himself. Wow. This is amazing, deep, beautiful and I absolutely love it.)
  91. TaoKai - The Great Outdoors (Basically picnic porn.)
  92. TaoSoo - Untitled (AU, PWP. This fic is hot, not gonna lie. Also, the ending was unexpectedly hilarious, in a good way.)
  93. XiuTao - Fail Baking!AU (Tao wants to bake a cake. Really cute.)
  94. XiuKai - Bubblegum Bitch (College au. Kai thinks Xiumin is adorable and will be submissive in bed, but behind closed doors Xiumin completely dominates. Oh dear.)
  95. XiuYeol - Nazlanmak (Xiumin’s got baggage and Chanyeol wants him. This is lovely.)

Yet another story inspired by efr-s post here. Their art work is absolutely amazing. Please check it out if you haven’t before!


Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha all stared at Jaune in shock. They couldn’t comprehend how to handle the situation, it wasn’t something they ever expected they would have to handle.

Jaune stood there, sniffling as he wiped his eyes with an overly long sleeve. ”I want my sisters.” He whined.

Ren sighed. ”Well this is a problem.”

“You. Are. So. Adorable!” Nora chimed, rushing forward and swinging Jaune around in her arms.

After a moment Jaune stopped crying and began to cheer happily.

Pyrrha still stood there, confused at how the entire situation had come about.

Nora stopped spinning and set down the now 6 year old Jaune.

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Ruedan tus rizos lóbregos y gruesos
por tus cándidas formas como un río,
y esparzo en su raudal crespo y sombrío
las rosas encendidas de mis besos.

En tanto que descojo los espesos
anillos, siento el roce leve y frío
de tu mano, y un largo calosfrío
me recorre y penetra hasta los huesos.

Tus pupilas caóticas y hurañas
destellan cuando escuchan el suspiro
que sale desgarrando mis entrañas,

y mientras yo agonizo, tú, sedienta,
finges un negro y pertinaz vampiro
que de mi ardiente sangre se sustenta.

—  El vampiro - Efrén Rebolledo.

anonymous asked:

Xlth, as you are now the apparent Pyrrha expert, what sort of stuffed grimm do suppose she grew up sleeping with as a child? (sort of like teddy bears but I guess remnant might not have actual animals?anyway its a thing)





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