I grew up around the El Forastero Motorcycle Club [EFMC] and other 1%-er clubs and spent a lot of time hanging around the adult book store and tattoo shop where my uncles worked. 

Easyriders magazine is ideally suited to the tastes of a 9-year old boy as well as bikers and as a kid I was never inconvenienced for a copy of Easyriders to look through. I loved the paintings done by David Mann and one of the more memorable ones is called El Forastero Cave Party. It’s one of the large handful of paintings that Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth painted after an original done by David Mann. 

I made countless drawings of Rat Fink and and loved putting together any of the Ed Roth model kits. 

Dan was a member (#EFMC) back in the day and is featured on the far right in David Mann’s “My Old Gang”. Dan is fighting the big fight and needs some support from the chopper world. If you’re unable to attend but still want to donate @stevethedirt will post a link in his profile. #livinghistory #supportthosewhosupportyou