Okay just don’t think about the first war Hiccup fights after his battle with Drago, his first war as chief.

Don’t think about him keeping an eye out for his mom and Gobber— the unspoken anxiety that grips him when he doesn’t see either of them for long stretches of time.

Don’t think about Hiccup pulling Eret aside and commanding him to get Astrid out of there if something happens to him. No matter what.

Don’t wonder how his heart might pound seeing hundreds of gazes looking to him for leadership.

Don’t picture him getting cornered by an enemy and definitely don’t imagine him checking over his shoulder, terrified someone else might try and sacrifice themselves for him.

Don’t think about Toothless bounding towards him in the chaos and Hiccup pulling Astrid behind him out of reflex. Don’t picture the way the two would stare at each other once he realizes what he’s done.

Don’t think about Hiccup having to make a speech during the funeral for fallen Hooligans. Don’t imagine him keeping his eyes on the ground, too ashamed to make eye contact with mourning villagers.

my mom is feverishly singing fergalicious and taking breaths in between verses that often overlap with the verses themselves so she’s like fergalicious [breath]efinition make themboyz go loco [breathes in]

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SO SO GOOD. It was definitely the best night of my life. Even though the security person was so rude and I didn’t have enough time to tell Tyler everything I wanted to, it was so surreal meeting him and Korey. The show itself was so perfect like there wasn’t even one part that wasn’t adorable and hilarious. I just miss him and Korey so much :(

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the cuddler: Both of them, but Jemma initiates it more often than not.

who makes the bed: Jemma, usually, but sometimes Fitz. 

who wakes up first: Jemma. Definitely Jemma.

who has the weird taste in music: Probably Jemma.

who is more protective: They’re both very protective, probably equally so.

who sings in the shower: Fitz. Loudly.

who cries during movies: Jemma.

who spends the most while out shopping: Jemma.

who kisses more roughly: It depends. They’re both pretty versatile. I would say probably Fitz, though.

who is more dominate: I want to say Jemma?

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 1000000

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28,35,44 :)

28.Are you a forgiving person? I always forgive,but never forget.

35.If you could move somewhere else, would you? Definitely. Some Scandinavian shit.

44.Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes, 7 years ago, by my mother.

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16 & 17

16. What inspired you to start writing?


In all honesty, it was when I was in fifth grade. I was the wierdo girl who didn’t follow suit like everyone elese who had recently moved from a Catholic School where people treated her like shit to a Public School where people treated her like shit and then some. I started writing at that age as a way to escape from that hell, and it just grew from there. Most of the time, my stories back then were just self inserts and mary sues and things, but I’ve gotten better at it. I still write the occasional self insert though, from time to time.

17. What is your favorite genre to write?


Definitely fluff & action & friendships & crack. I’ve never been really good at angst, though, because I hate ripping out people’s hearts with a muse like Joker, who already caused a lot of feels in the fandom. He wounded people, and I don’t want the wounds to deepen.

Stream OG Maco’s Politically Tinged ‘Breathe’ EP

OG Maco is definitely more than a flavor-of-the-moment Vine meme. The Atlanta rapper has proven himself to be a more-than-capable lyricist in recent months, and now he’s making a statement with his latest, Breathe. The Breathe EP may only run three tracks in length, but that’s just enough to get Maco’s point across. On his latest, OG Maco uses a backdrop of beats that mix hard-hitting trap thumps with soulful and somber stylings to tackle issues currently dominating headlines. Chuck Inglish, LC On The Traxx, and Proto Cal supply the production on Breathe, while Maco chooses to roll solo for the project. Check out Breathe above.

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Could I have a clingy sungjong scenario where he keeps whining because his "princess" (you) is spending more time with Myungsoo and he's jealous

A clingy Sungjong huh? Hmmmm, I wonder how clingy will he get with his gorgeous princess? Definitely added to the list! - Admin M

Here’s a cute Sungjong for you Anon~


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I can proudly say I fucked up your ask once again :) :) :) :) <3 - The bomb


"… Definitely." He chuckled.