Day One: I’m seconds away from cracking in front of my mother, but she asks me how we’re both doing and I lose it. I empty everything I have into her arms. I could be smiling in your presence, but I’m here sobbing in hers. You left, and there’s nothing I can do.

Day Two: He walks past me, as if I’m a total stranger. How could what we had be completely ripped away from me so fast?

Day Three: I’m sitting in class, trying to concentrate but my mind is racing. I can feel my face grow redder and my eyes start to tear up. One single thought of you brings back memories of you, ones that we will no longer share.

Day Four: Who said this was easy? I’m a mess. You fucking messed me up in every way possible. I just want to scream. You make me so angry, you make me furious with myself. You made it easy for yourself, so why did you have to make this so hard for me?

Day Five: 12am and I’m laying here by myself reading our old messages. Stupid little girl, silly stupid little girl. He hurt me so much, why am I doing this to myself?

Day Six: I’m out with friends trying to get you off my mind. It’s working. I think of you often, but at least I’m with people who deserve me now.

Day Seven: Big deep breaths. I see you in the long halls of school and I just look and walk away. I once knew you as someone unique, but there’s nothing special about you anymore.

—  I remember writing this while I was under a great deal of heartbreak. I’ve moved on now but this just shows that it takes time. Your heart will heal. I promise. (via d-efinition)

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"Would you rather die by drowning or strangulation? I'm just curious, not, like, plotting your death or anything, I swear."

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          “I do hope that someone like you has more creative ways to kill someone. At least a house being dropped on me isn’t an option there. But fine, if I had to choose, definitely strangulation. I like to look them in the eye while they’re doing it. I want them to remember the look on my face. Besides, I always thought water was your thing, anyway.

Kevin Wimmer discusses summer transfer to Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur have been linked to the Austrian defender for a couple of months. He spoke about the possibility of a switch recently. Tottenham Hotspur have been unacceptably porous at the back this year and need to shore up the center of defense during the upcoming transfer window if they hope to challenge for higher honors in the next year. Kevin Wimmer, the Austrian international plying his trade for Bundesliga strugglers FC Köln, has been identified early by Spurs’ front office as a young, dynamic answer to the teams current struggles in central defense. Neither of these are new developments. What is new, however, is getting a glimpse into Wimmer’s thoughts on the potential switch. Speaking to German radio station, 1LIVE, he explained the situation, as he perceives it. Nothing is done yet…[d]efinitely there is interest in my services. Both clubs have agreed we will at first be sure of our top-flight status. And then we will see what’s going to happen. While I am no insider on this transfer, these comments scream “I’m moving to North London this summer, but that is not my focus now; let’s stay up first, talk transfer second”. With all the vague comments and agent speak that usually surround a transfer like this, it is actually refreshing to get an instance of semi-transparency from a player regarding his move. Let us hope that nothing drastic happens in the next six weeks, as this move seems to fit the purpose of the clubs and player involved nicely.

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A questionnaire for the immodest and curious

Do you appreciate philosophy? As a form of scholarship, as a pastime

Of Course! Philosophy is interesting. Besides, not everything is concrete. Definitely as a pastime though. I’d rather study more readily useful things.❞

Do you believe in progress?

Definitely. No matter how good you are at something, you can always improve. Likewise, if you are bad at something, if you’re really passionate, hard work can get you very far

Your favorite aphorism