gmcard7 said:

M and W :)

M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had

Haunt by Bastille would efinitely be cool

W: a song with an amazing music video

All of OneRepublic’s videos are amazing but I think Feel Again might be my favorite

Look at that barbie’s tagline though, ‘we girls can do anything’. The prevailing gimmick of the barbie line has always been that this character who is ostensibly just different/alternate-universe versions of the same person has 50+ careers available to her at any time. It was definitely more obvious in their 60s/70s/80s marketing than modern but, I’m always surprised when pop-feminist critique of Barbie as a supposed female ideal entirely ignores this fact ((instead of acknowledging it while then making their original point regarding body image etc which would presumably still be valid))

okay so I spent the last two weeks without internet because you have to put in the password in a very specific way or else it wont let you is not fun.

but anyways i’m here now and I got here safely and I lost hearing in my right ear for a couple of days (I really thoutght it was gonna be my left ear to get messed up cause it hurt more but then when I was waiting for the train suddenly my right ear went out like I could hear the sound diminishing as I sat there it was crazy) but after a few days I was finally able to pop them and I got my hearing back. ( I was so close to sign up for a sign language course you guys dont even know) but yes everything is fine now.

one thing I discovered though is that I can play my steam games in offline mode so at least I had those!

even so i’m really glad to have internet back!

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someone somewhere is judging all my spelling mistakes i check through google. ‘how many times do we need to tell you how to spell this ashley.’ a lot, google. a lot.

lmao i’m the same, but with definitions instead of spelling. google efinitely judges me on how many times a week i look up internet slang with the ‘define’ function

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jesus i have so man y favorite bands but i guess the top of my list rn would either be awolnation o r imagine dragons. but if we’re like talking about single artists and stuff elvis is d efinitely at the top of that list.