Hello Harto is amazing.

I just want to say how happy I am to feel apart of this amazing community who are so willing to help others and do some good.

I think it’s inspiring to see Hannah achieve these great things and lead such a cool community and help give back to those who need it, and those who are in situations that she herself found herself in in the past.

We totally are the lucky ones.

Thanks Hannah and everyone who has made Hello Harto such a wonderful success, we should all be proud :)

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What’s something other people often say about you?

People always say I’m smart. It always seems to be their description of me (to my face anyway), but I just do well in an academic setting.

Ideal date night? activities/foods, etc?

I’ve never been on a “date” per se, but it’d just have to be super casual (no awkward dinners!). There’s an amazing chocolate café in my city and if you take me there for hot chocolate, I’m yours. :D

Three memorable moments of 2014 for you personally?

Um…definitely the #nofilter show in Dublin and getting to meet Hannah Hart, one of my favourite people (and she knew my name!). Seeing Fall Out Boy play, when I had been gutted in the past about missing their last gig in Ireland before they split. And…being told I got a job after five months of fruitless searches. :)

Would you prefer to work a dishonest/corrupt job with high pay or honest job for average pay? Why?

Honest job for average pay! The high pay would be amazing, but I would not be able to live with myself being dishonest like that. I think it would eat me up from the inside out. 

Favourite cartoon character?

I always quote the simpsons, so maybe all of those characters. :)

Tell me a memory from your primary school days.

One time in sixth class (when I was 11), it was the week of Halloween and we all brought pumpkins in to carve on the last day before the holiday. Except for this one kid in the class under me. He brought in a watermelon. The principal was just like “keith…this isn’t a pumpkin”. 

What song never fails to make you want to dance?

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe. Puts me in the best mood!

If you could take anything from me, what would it be?

Do you mean like a moral lesson or something? Or like actually taking something from you? :D I’ll go for the lesson. And it’s that no matter what way you feel, you always have the ability to bring brightness to someone else’s day. :) 

If you could speak/understand another language (that you don’t already know), what would it be?

Well if I had to start another language from scratch, I think I’d actually like to speak Polish! There are some really nice Polish girls at work, and I’d love to be able to talk with them in their language. 

What is your signature dish?

I don’t really like cooking savoury stuff much, but I bake a lot. I can make a mean chocolate fondant (a chocolate cake-type thing with a liquid chocolate centre). Google photos at your own risk.

You have tomorrow off with no responsibilities, what would you do and where would you go?

To be honest, I’d just have a lazy morning with tea and internet, and then I’d spend the rest of the day doing some kind of artwork and listening to some awesome music. Maybe if I’m feeling sociable I’d meet up with a friend for tea. :D But, basically, just be lazy. 

My questions:

  1. Are you a morning or an evening person?
  2. What is a skill that you would absolutely love to have?
  3. How would you describe your clothes style?
  4. What was (or is) your favourite subject in school?
  5. If you could take a two-week holiday for free right now, no strings attached, where would you go?
  6. Tea or coffee?
  7. Who would you consider your biggest inspiration?
  8. What’s one cd/record you just couldn’t live without?
  9. Do you prefer to be too hot or too cold?
  10. Sleek and modern house design, or cute and cosy?
  11. What are some words of wisdom that you would give now to your younger self?

I tag… hallowsoverhorcruxes, effyeahhannahhart, hayleyandtheholytrinity, nurse-bromley, butterfliesandsuicides, areyoucuddlebummed, gayer-than-saraquin, and kgkghg. :)

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1. How many languages do you speak more or less fluently?
I speak fluent Danish & English… I can speak a little Swedish and French :)

2. Favorite CD you have at home or somewhere else, that you can physically hold in your hands?
Katy Perry Prism & Lady Gaga Artpop…!

3. first concert?
Some danish festtival when i was 8…

4. favorite cookie?
I don’t know i love the one with chocolate chips & i love the one with m&ms in SO….

5. favorite place on earth? (a spot or country or town?)
USA <3 NEVER EVER been but USA USA….!!!

6. Favorite website?
Youtube & tumblr :D

7. Favorite language? (doesnt have to be a language you speak)
English/American ;D

8. A place you go when you wanna be alone and think for a second?
At home it’s my room! At school it’s outside!

9. favorite boardgame?
Chutes and ladders…. I know it’s a stupid game but i love it ;D

10. worst joke you’ve ever heard?
"You wanna hear a joke" *Person burps me right in my ear*

11. favorite thing you did when you were younger?
Looking at the stars with my friends <3 <3 <3

SO here are my questions:
1. Do you still watch cartoons?
2. What a movie you could watch over and over again but still love? (The right answer is Camp Takota!)
3. Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?
4. Do you eat fries with a fork?
5. Do you have any weird phobias?
6. Do you have any weird/cool body skills? (Like bending your fingers or something)
7. Favorite time of the day?
8. Favorite thing to do?
9. Books or movies?
10. Cats or dogs?
11. Can we be friends?

I tag:

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1. How did you find tumblr?
I think a friend told me about it but it has been so long I can hardly remember!!

2. Who is the person you look up to most?
Uhh… probably Hannah Hart. She has gone through a lot to get to where she is today and she is still smiling and seeing the best in people :)

3. What is your favourite movie?
Mulan, Pitch Perfect or Flicka

4. Who is the person you would love to be?
Probably not just one person but I would love to be someone who is open about their sexuality and who they are. They always see the best in people and always wants to be the best person they can be :)

5. Who do you watch most on youtube
Ohhhhh hard question!! Hannah Hart, Arielle Scarcella, Lauren Lowther or ElloSteph

6. What job do you want in the future?
I want to be a teacher :) Probably high school… probably geography or society and culture…

7. If you wanted to meet one person in real life who would it be,and why?
I have met Hannah but I would probably love to meet her and just spend more time, enough to have conversations. I think she would be super interesting to just sit and listen to (and although I do that all the time I think it would be more interesting in person).

8. Have you ever given inspirational advice?
Uhhh… I have no idea. Probably. The only thing I can think of is year 9 camp when we had to trek through mud and the bush for three days… I just gave the adivce “It’s the journey not the destination.” but no one really enjoyed that one :) haha

9. What is your favorite country?
I haven’t really been to many countries but I do love Australia. It has so much variety in the nature across the country but I think I would love so many countries. I would love to travel.

10. What is your favorite colour?

11. In one word how would you describe yourself?
Loud… hahaha


If you had to turn into one inanimate object, what would it be?
What is your favourite animal? Why?
Would you rather give up tumblr or youtube?
Favourite youtuber?
Essays or maths?
Future career?
Want any kids?
Are you creative?
Like long car trips?
Play any sports?
Cats or dogs?

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1. What’s your favourite My Drunk Kitchen episode?

  • I really liked Banana Bread and the Minneapolis Hot Dish

2. Where are you from/ do you live and what’s it like?

  • I live near Toronto and it’s actually kinda warm today at -2. LOL the snowbanks are taller than people right now. 

3. Have you ever met Hannah, Grace or Mamrie?

  • YES, I’ve met all three of them at the Buffer Festival. I will never forget. 

4. Who is your favourite Youtuber?

  • Grace (and Mamrie and Hannah and a bunch of others) 

5. Fuck, marry, kill: Hannah, Grace, Mamrie? 

  • NOPE. I can’t. 

6. What’s your favourite band/ musician?

  • I don’t really have a favorite, I just listen to whatever catches my attention at the moment. 

7. Have you ever had a dream about Hannah, Grace or Mamrie? If so, describe it briefly.

  • I don’t think I had a dream about them (yet) 

8. Do you prefer My Drunk Kitchen or YDAD? (oooooo)

  • I’ll copy Grace’s answer on this exact same question: 


9. Describe yourself in 3 words?

  • I’m basically an introvert so whatever words used to describe an introvert? 

10. When did you start watching Youtube/ the trintiy?

  • I saw a gif of Grace here on tumblr (I forgot which one) two years ago and then clicked a link to her video. I didn’t like it at first but then I find myself going back from time to time and watch random videos, and the rest is history. 

I’m a lazy person so if you want to do this tag, go ahead! :)

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ONE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! That’s kinda crazy to me, so here is a list of all the wonderful people I have encountered in the time it took to reach this many followers. Thank you all so much!


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Thank you for everything girls. Long live the holy trinity.


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First, thanks for following me. I love every single one of you guys so much. I don’t know how all of you put up with me.


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and last but not least, mamrie mydrunkkitchen gracehelbig camptakotathemovie

I probably missed so many people but I love all of you so much <3

ok this is my first follow forever so bear with me, i’ve probably most likely definitely forgotten some really important people.

I have some really great friends 
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I also need to thank these guys for all kinds of things
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I just realised I passed 4000 followers, which is crazy!!
Thanks so much you lovely cutie patooties! :)
I’m super grateful to be apart of such a nice community of hartosexuals. Let’s keep having fun!
Love Rita xx

Ps. My other blogs are:
reeet.tumblr.com (main blog)
ritamcmahon.tumblr.com (art blog)

…just incase you’re interested :)