"Try me, I fucking dare you."

This is Effren Ramirez he is 37 Years old and he is OPEN. People say he looks alot like Morris Chestnut but he doesn’t see it.

✓ Loyal, Protective, Smart

✘ Conniving, Dishonest


Effren grew up in a terrible household. He and his siblings were abused by his alcoholic father, he lived in the slums of north philly, and to top it all off he was poor. Growing up Effren had no personal space and nothing was soley his. This is what made Effren realize that he never wanted his children to feel the way he did. So once he turned 13 or 14 he turned to the streets. In about a year he had his weight up and was known as the youngest hardcore dealer in North Philly.

After that, he put a hit out on his father. He wanted to be present to watch him die slow. At the age of 16, Effren moved his entire family into a huge home in Plymouth Meeting, his mom didn’t question it she was just thankful. But a little after this, a girl Effren had sex with came by and told Effren she was pregnant and was expecting a girl. Morgan Ramirez was born on Effren’s 17th birthday.

Now years into the Drug Game, Effren is a kingpin and you don’t want to screw him over. He’s killed plenty of men and  won’t hesitate to do it again.




“What kinda dumbass question is  that?”


[incoming call from UNKNOWN CALLER]

[2 text messages from Morgan]

[3 Missed Calls from Genesis]


Morgan and Endia Ramirez - Daughters; He loves them very much, would give them the world if  he could.

Genesis Williams - Sexual Relations; she gave him head a few times a while ago but that was it, now she won’t leave him alone.

Yaris Santana - Baby Mother; She is Endia’s Mom. He and her don’t really get along.


North Philly

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Me singing by Lana del Rey - National anthem. Homemade music video. (by Inesulka1)