can i just?

ok so the fact that francis lawrence decides to add the little things like:

  • katniss wearing peeta’s locket
  • katniss looking seventeen and a normal teenage girl
  • effie putting the mockingly pin because cinna’s not there anymore

just shows us how much he cares for the characters and how much he respects the fans and how passionate he is with creating this movie

i honestly don’t see it as fan service, i just see it as francis being so in love with the characters that he knows what each of them would do and would have wanted

someone please hold me, i am fragile


“Remake her to Beauty Base Zero,” Fulvia ordered first thing this morning. “We’ll work from there.” Beauty Base Zero turns out to be what a person would look like if they stepped out of bed looking flawless but natural. It means my nails are perfectly shaped but not polished. My hair soft and shiny but not styled. My skin smooth and clear but not painted. Wax the body hair and erase the dark circles, but don’t make any noticeable enhancements. I suppose Cinna gave the same instructions the first day I arrived as a tribute in the Capitol. Only that was different, since I was a contestant. As a rebel, I thought I’d get to look more like myself. But it seems a televised rebel has her own standards to live up to.