Let's Reconsider Our Aesthetic Stance

“Efferent” vs. “Aesthetic”

First we must define the above terms. The efferent stance refers to reading and taking the direct meaning from it. Examples would be directions to follow, conclusions to be retained, information to be retained or acted upon after reading the text. Aesthetic stance on the other hand is when you pay attention to the feelings, images, emotions, sounds, or rhymes of words or tensions of the text.

Literature and Life

I try to relate the above two not just to literature, but also to life in general. You carry away with you what you learn but actually understanding and knowing why is a complete whole step. That’s why the efferent stance is unchanged (unless you take nothing from an experience) and the aesthetic stance is ever changing. Most things fall between efferent and aesthetics. But bringing your past and present feelings, ideas, beliefs, etc. will make your self expression better.

Reconsider Your Aesthetic Stance

Always know that your aesthetic stance is ever changing and I hope things will occur to challenge it. It can remain the same or it can broaden or narrow. Just know that it will reflect onto others. So when things don’t seem quite like you would want them, acknowledge your efferent stance but reconsider your aesthetic stance.

If you’ve got time to spare, check out the book “The Giver”.


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Steve Rogers and Language or it was just a joke, get over it.

Okay. I’m going to say a thing. Usually I just stay over in my corner and let things go on, but today is not one of those days.

Concerning the whole language joke in Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’m sorry but was I the only one who caught the hint of sarcasm in Steve’s voice when he said language? Also the guy probably gets constant grandpa jokes and the like, which most likely includes jokes concerning the way kids talk these days. Also it felt like a running thing before the movie even happen. As a team, the Avengers probably have a lot of inside jokes such as. 

Also there are varying levels of profanity. Steve might not be okay with using too much of it or using things like mother effer (I’m not going to type it out because I’m personally not comfortable with it) or fuck period. It’s really not an explored detail of his character and in that light when it comes to fan fic and rping it’s up to the writer’s discretion on what Steve tolerates or doesn’t (and we shouldn’t judge writers for how they decide to address this). 

Basically what I’m saying is, it was a joke. It’s not a bad joke or offensive in any way so I really don’t get what the big deal is over it.

You know what I hate? When you want to buy cute clothes but you wait to get paid and it’s SOLD OUT! Mother effer!

anonymous asked:

Crazy confession: I looked up the "Et l'Infini terrible effara ton œil bleu." Because I didn't know what efferer means... 🙍🏽 (and I secretly quite like these crazy emojis)

Ahah, it’s from a very beautiful poem, Ophélie by Rimbaud (from Hamlet’s Ophelia), and it’s my favorite verse ever. I stumbled across it when I was a child and I was mesmerized. I get chills everytime I read it.

If you want to read the whole poem in French, you can find it here: http://poesie.webnet.fr/lesgrandsclassiques/poemes/arthur_rimbaud/ophelie.html

and there’s an english traduction here (but it’s really bland compared to the real thing of course): http://www.mag4.net/Rimbaud/poesies/Ophelia.html

AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU COULD USE EMOJIS ON TUMBLR :O *Lolymoon discovers the internet…*

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