Let's Reconsider Our Aesthetic Stance

“Efferent” vs. “Aesthetic”

First we must define the above terms. The efferent stance refers to reading and taking the direct meaning from it. Examples would be directions to follow, conclusions to be retained, information to be retained or acted upon after reading the text. Aesthetic stance on the other hand is when you pay attention to the feelings, images, emotions, sounds, or rhymes of words or tensions of the text.

Literature and Life

I try to relate the above two not just to literature, but also to life in general. You carry away with you what you learn but actually understanding and knowing why is a complete whole step. That’s why the efferent stance is unchanged (unless you take nothing from an experience) and the aesthetic stance is ever changing. Most things fall between efferent and aesthetics. But bringing your past and present feelings, ideas, beliefs, etc. will make your self expression better.

Reconsider Your Aesthetic Stance

Always know that your aesthetic stance is ever changing and I hope things will occur to challenge it. It can remain the same or it can broaden or narrow. Just know that it will reflect onto others. So when things don’t seem quite like you would want them, acknowledge your efferent stance but reconsider your aesthetic stance.

If you’ve got time to spare, check out the book “The Giver”.


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This was full of the biggest em-effing strawberries I’ve ever effing seen and I was going to take a picture but ended up eating them all before I could so you just get the empty container.

Happy Sunday, em-effers.

a transcript of the video where i was very very drunk and talking about brendon urie:

“alright….. um… haley asked me to do make this video… brendon urie is….. great… he is um.. i honestly just dont think that we deserve him like he exists in such an ethereal and magnificent way.. it’s like, um, we just, we don’t, have the ability to, uh, process the true beauty of his, just, effortless existence. he just, he, he operates on this… *dog barks in the background* … plane of… is that my dog? is that my dog out there? effie? effers? effie!!! hey.. whats up!!………….. anyway……. he’s just this whole other plane of human being. i look at him sometimes and i just dont understand what i did to deserve this kind of beauty and just, this love in my life, and im just so proud that he’s here and that he’s, you know, just doing things, he has a great voice and uh, i love him, and i look at him sometimes and im just……………………….. *takes a gulp of my drink*………. thats a lot of vodka………… i look at him sometimes and im just blown away by how wonderful he is and how pretty and nice and generally a really nice person and good you know general human being and just…. hes so fucking COOL…… alright…. alright”

ok time 4 bed gn ss lu i made it to 11:30 thats longer than i thought . i wish i couldve skyped effers :=(

Me during the Grimm finale SPOILERS!!!

I’m so SAD
yes! Get ‘em!!!
Oh I love you bud.
For my mother. Perfect!!!
Let’s frame Ken-doll as Jack.
Everything is going as planned!!!
Get those m-effers!!!!!!
Whoo one more royal down.
Wait wheres JuJubiest??
No she’s in the house!!!
Wait no.

wetrxg && mastcrmiind I need a verse where Ray is all kinds of fucked up from her mother’s death, that she secretly hunted down and killed the effer responsible for murdering her mum which triggered her bloodlust, so, when she meets billy/stu and finds out who they are, she is their third ally/partner and goes on a wild killing spree with them. And also, all the scre4m original team feels and just all the things. Yes.

How I feel on my period

Me: Oh I started my per-

CRAMPS: *excruciating pain explodes in lower abdomen* SURPRISE MOTHER-EFFER THOUGHT YOU SAW THE LAST OF ME


CRAMPS: *maniacal laughter*

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Some days I look at myself and I think, ‘Dang, Drew, you are one fine mother effer! No one is as gorgeous as you! I would totally make sweet love to you if we were two different people.’
And then some days I look at myself and think, 'Wow, look at this fat a**, you’re a gross freak and you look like a girl but not even a pretty girl, a girl with a Jew nose and a cleft chin!“’
There seems to be no inbetween.

And the thing is, I would never even think those negative things about someone else, not even my worst enemy! So then why do I think them about myself?!

** My father was Jewish, I didn’t mean that to be racist since I am actually of Hebrew decent.