effcuz answered this: I tweeted your ask box to help you get some more exposure. I hope we can get enough support together. ^^

Oh~ thanks! :D I don’t have many F.CUZ followers so… ^^;;;

Would you be willing to join? Even if you can’t do subbing, we’ll need admins & etc~

Hey guys, just a little note from one of the admins~

I’ve got exams at the moment running for another 6 weeks or so, so I won’t be updating as much, or as ~quick~

Meanwhile, please please follow these two wonderful RUNWAYs

>> effcuz << >> liljekonvalj <<

who I’m sure will guarantee you more and the best of the latest F.CUZ news and stuff wandering about! They’re lovely lovely people too, I promise you. :D and it would be great if you could show them some love because they always supply the best sources etc!! 

Thank you for your support~ GO GO SSHING