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im happy bc my mom said she would take me to my fav place to shop! and i ordered a 5sos sweater and she said i can get the you complete mess me shirt for school as well!! (MY FIRST MERCH EEE)



"Mooooll-eee," Roxy cried in a high-pitched voice, wandering through the new apartment with a distinct lack of ease, since it was all still very new to the couple. "We’re home, Molly! You can come out from hiding now!"

A fat, silver cat with charcoal grey markings peered around the hallway corner and then, seeing the blonde, padded up to her with an air of hesitation and displeasure.

"I think she’s mad at you," Casper said, smirking slightly.

"She’s definitely mad at me. But who could blame her?" She bent down and picked up the cat, cradling her in her arms. "Did we go and leave you all by yourself in this strange, new place? We did, didn’t we? And I bet you left us lots and lots of little presents to get us back, didn’t you?"

"I think I found one over there by the fridge."

"It’s a good thing our kitchen is tiled, isn’t it, Molly Wolly?" Roxy rolled her eyes, putting the cat back down. Molly shook out her fur and pranced away, showing that her owners were clearly not completely forgiven. "What better way to break in a new apartment than with a nice big pile of kitty poop?"

"At least it will be dry," Casper said with a sigh, pulling several sheets of paper towels off of a roll to clean up the mess.

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You know asl? I'm learning it! Are you fluent?

eee how exciting!!! i’m not fluent, but i know the basics because i took two asl courses in college. i really really really want to go back to school for it one day, and i kind of regret not pursuing it every day of my life…

Yahu sabahtan beri anne gibiyim evi temizliyom kahvaltı hazırlıyom çamaşır asiyom falan. Babanem dedi ev arkadaşın olsaydı ankarada yaşardı falan. Eee babane artık bizim kızların değeri kalmadı evde kaldık dedim…..

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Okay so I was at Lush and asked for a sample of the Stout shampoo and when they handed it to me it said it was the Fairly Traded Honey shampoo. But whichever it was I used it and I LOVE it but now I have no clue which shampoo to order! It smells a lot like the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze treatment if that helps at all! It's also kinda dark colored and very thick

EEE that sounds almost like they gave you Flying Fox Shower Gel oddly enough but I can be sure! If not then it probably is the Stout Shampoo. Best bet? Take your sample pot into your Lush and ask them to sniff it, believe me they’ll know what it is in a heartbeat!

Hope that helps!

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☁ (Regular WoY AU. After our Years later RP! X3)

☁- Our muses in a thunderstorm

Jewls yelped at the sudden thunder and looked outside her ship window worriedly. “What was that? Is Hater having a fit or- EEE!” She felt her ship shake and suddenly everything was dark. Nothing seemed to be working. “…..Aaaand the powers out. Great.”


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