Its been raining all day but when it finally let up & i went to check the garden. Turns out the one from this morning opened up too eee. It so pretty!!! Theyre growing so tall. Daddy says we might go to Ennis soon to see the feilds of sunflowers,they plant every year. Those are giant sunflowers. I cant wait

rottedfruit asked:

(im sorry i just liked 20 of your photos, youre so beautiful ;; sending u lots of love tommy)

i love you eee how come someone so pretty like you can like the way i look??? my puppy love thank you (; w ;) blushing!!!!!#\#\#\#\\#💛💛💛

anonymous asked:

eee you're so pretty and hilarious

what the heck thanks anon this made me smile like a maniac ok ok 😅😚