theelectricboy asked:

v-i-v-i-a-n (my name has a bit of repition yikes so i guess v,i,a, and n)

tysm !

  • V - Big dreams?: aaaah college and to have a bunch of friends !!
  • I - The last time I felt jealous, and why.: eeeek it was over something really silly :x (my sister doesnt have to do any chores at all but i have to all of them  )
  • A - If I’m in love.: I am not in love currently !
  • N - Favourite animal?: eee fawn, snake, fox, dog, bunny or cat !! (i love them all tbh)

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I’ve seen CNN and other American news networks mess up maps plenty of times, but with maps I’m seeing as Euro 2012 approaches, I’m surprised (well actually, not too surprised) at how even BBC and other West Europeans can’t get a map of their own continent right.

Seeing Czech Republic labeled as Austria or Switzerland, Belarus labeled as Poland, Serbia labeled at Yugoslavia…it makes you wonder, do they know a single thing about their own continent?