Edurne García Almagro is a spanish singer, actress and TV presenter and the girlfriend of the spanish manchester United’s goalkeeper David de Gea. 

She was born the 22th December 1985 in Spain. Edurne rose to fame in late 2005 when she auditioned for the talent television show Operación Triunfo on Telecinco, after only one year she released her first album “Edurne” whit 3 successful singles, the lead single from the album “Despierta” debuted at number 5 on the Spanish charts. “Amores Dormidos” and “Te Falta Veneno” which was chosen to be the soundtrack for Spanish telenovela Yo Soy Bea on Telecinco. After the debut album she released other 4 album: Ilusión, in the 2007, Première, in the 2008, Nueva Pieland, in the 2010 and Climax in the 2013. In the 2013 Edurne also  joined the cast of “Tu Cara Me Suena”, a Spanish show where celebrities impersonate singers for where she was proclaimed winner, now she presents with Xavi Rodríguez “Todo va bien”spanish program broadcast on “Cuatro” from monday to friday at the 21:30.  

She and the number 1 of the red devils has been together since the 2011. Edurne for work lives in Spain and David playing for Manchester has to stay in England, but the distance isn’t a problem for their relationship, every time she can, Edurne, joins her boyfriend in Manchester and David, madrilèno, spent almost his free time with his family and his girlfriend in the capital of Spain. 

Edurne doesn’t use to attend match of the Manchester United and neither of the Spain NT, but she is quite always next to david during social engagements, she is also close friend with no wags. 

"I am lucky to have him next to me because he supports me in everything" 

                                                          -Edurne about David