This is my first masterpost and i just wanted to make it about becoming vegan because over the past few months i’ve gotten a lot of super useful links.  Whether your looking to become vegan, you feel indifferent about the subject, or you don’t want to change your lifestyle, i believe that everyone should take the time to look through each link.  If you love animals, at least look through each link and inspire yourself!!

humans are herbivores (tw: animal abuse to links that the post lists)

humans are herbivores simple chart

different types of animal testing (tw: animal abuse)

everything you need to know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

documentaries and videos 1, 2, (tw: animal abuse)

lists of other documentaries 1, 2, 3

honey is inhumane

the myth behind “free-range”

humane bug catcher

accidental vegan food guide

the truth about eating animals

expectation vs. reality (tw: animal abuse)

how to go vegan

dealing with family 1

dealing with family 2

social situations

150 vegan recipes for one cookbook

The ultimate vegan baking cheat sheet

dairy and egg replacements 

vegan replacements for nutella

an unnatural lifespan 

lil vegan tip

how does drinking milk hurt cows? (tw: animal abuse)

vegan recipe blog

vegan breakfast recipes

wikihow: vegan recipes

eating on a budget

where do i start?

getting started

why should i be vegan?

more reasons to go vegan (tw: animal abuse)

list of recipes to make your holiday vegan

recipes by meal, type, and cuisine 

two week vegan meal plan

vegan sandwitches cookbook

vegan for the holidays cookbook

sweet & easy vegan cookbook

vegan makeup blog

list of cruelty free, vegan makeup 1, 2

being vegetarian isn’t enough (tw: major animal abuse and rape)

whats up with dairy?

The cheesy vegan cookbook

vegan chocolate cookbook

vegan cupcakes cookbook

cruelty-free cat eye tutorial

cruelty-free bar soap

make sure your next tattoo is cruelty-free

vegan tattoo inks and treatments list

Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas recipes

easy vegan cupcakes tutorial

petition: ban the sale of lion meat (tw: animal abuse)

petition: tell CNN to air the documentary, Earthlings

vegan FAQ 1, 2

hidden animal ingredients list

snappy comebacks to vegan questions

top 10 vegan apps

vegan beauty gurus on youtube

10 tips to going vegan

dairy and feminism (tw: rape, animal abuse)

is it ethical to eat eggs from home grown chickens?

eating vegan at chain restaurants: 1, 2, 3

veg*n calculator

the UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

harvard declares dairy not a part of healthy diet

4 ways to make any vegan recipe

10 facts about the egg industry 

10 non-dairy foods full of calcium

fish have feelings too

(VIDEO) the truth about humane meat

vegan meal plans 1, 2

cheap vegan life hacks

12 top vegan iron sources

10 vegan sources of protein

getting calcium

the gluten free vegan

eating vegan on a budget 1, 2, 3

eating vegan at disney

vegan fried “chicken”

vegan mozzarella sticks 

have a vegan barbecue 

5 vegan seafood recipes

top 13 vegan recipes

petition: get rid of horse drawn carriages in new york city

animal ingredients in art supplies

vegan art supplies and vegan artists

cruelty-free bold red lipsticks

5 cruelty-free sunscreens

list of vegan condoms

deadly destinations

list of must-buy vegan cookbooks

9 vegan beauty buys under 9$

vegan beauty review- blog full of vegan advice and beauty tips

the ultimate vegan make-up guide

vegan soaps/shampoos/conditioners

other helpful masterposts 1, 2, 3

10 things you didn’t know about seaworld

get vegucated chart

what would happen if we all went vegan (tw: animal abuse, blood)

how the earth, your wallet, and your health would benefit 

vegan on $2 a day

vegan on $5 a day

vegan on $10 a day

vegan staples shopping list

online vegan and cruelty free store

vegan chocolates for gifts and holidays

vegan cup noodles copycat recipe

veganism is increasing

being vegan in college

From what I’ve read these are the four more influential documentaries in showing people how animals are being exploited in the food industry.

Are there any big ones that have helped other people learn more about veganism? What has been the best resource for you?

Thanks folks!

Lets play a game called IS THIS RACIST?”

Apparently it is not at all racist to paint your face brown and post it on facebook with the caption “African Princess’s <3”

At least this is what im being told after standing up against this post for it being racist. Apparently this is okay because they "Dont really see how it could be THAT offensive."

If you could just help me prove a point and signal boost/reblog this with a comment of whether you think this is a racist act or not it would really help a ton to educate people on racism.

Thank you for your time.

It is imperative to educate people that there is no moral difference between meat and dairy. There is as much suffering in a glass of milk than in a pound of steak. Indeed, given that animals exploited for dairy live longer, are treated worse, and end up in the same slaughterhouse as do “meat” animals, we can say with some confidence that there is probably more suffering involved in dairy products.
—  Gary L. Francione

anonymous said:

I think I have a new phobia that might not exist. I was watching the cube episode and the people with the mouths that were like black holes game me nightmares. Is this a phobia? Or is it just creepy cuz Kirby is fine to me...

 Darling, that was just creepy. 





a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.



(psychiatry) an abnormal intense and irrational fear of a given situation, organism, or object

A phobia isn’t something to be taken lightly- M.O.D. actually dislikes how often the word is thrown around. A phobia is a great, IRRATIONAL fear. People will go to great lengths and even put themselves in DANGER to avoid the thing they are scared of. In the event they cannot avoid it, they will be marked with distress, anxiety attacks and severe hampering to social skills.

So… In short, no, that doesn’t sound like a phobia. Your reaction, although extreme, was completely rational.

None of the gentlemen on the left were carrying a weapon and each one was murdered by law enforcement. The ones on the right all murdered innocent people and not one was shot by law enforcement and each is given their day in court. People who blindly support law enforcement by grasping at straws is why these officers are allowed to continue to commit these crimes. I despise when someone uses the race card when it’s not appropriate but when it smacks you in the face, what other argument can you use. I keep hearing not all cops are bad; then maybe the good ones should start turning in the bad ones, instead of covering for them. Don’t believe the hype or fake stories, do your own research. #ferguson #uprising #murdered #doublestandard #racism #educate #read #payattention #martiallaw #truth #research #openyourmind #handsupdontshoot #lies #michaelbrown #ericgarner #ezellford #protest #handsup #dontshoot