Do you wanna know what tickles my pickle? in the uk we finish high school at 16 and then we’re EXPECTED to get a part time job and STAY in education until we’re 18 and then have our career planned out and START doing it as SOON as we finish education and if we don’t we’re lazy and not helping society or blah blah blah whatever. But then we’re expected TO WORK UNTIL WE RETIRE OR DIE so i literally finish eduation, work then die, where’s the time for me to go around the world travelling? you mean im supposed to travel the world in the 5 weeks anuall holiday that im ENTITLED TO!?!?!? why do teenagers and people that cant get a job or physically want a break after education deemed as lazy, if im working till i die i dont want to be working in a fucking office 5 days a week like no you can fuck off im going to work for maybe three years after eduaction and live with my parents so i can save this money up ad then im gonna fucking travel my ass off for like  fucking 7 years or however long that money lasts cause im gonna spend it carefully and im gonna come back and yeah you might have gotten a promotion in your shitty office job but i have been to almost every single fucking country and learned so much fucking shit while your office air conditioner doesnt even fucking work so if you call be fucking lazy ou can get off of your sweat stained office chair and fight me

When your time is limited but you still have so much to get done, you learn how to get 2 things done at 1 time. My #garden is being updated. Planted my #peppers, #cucumbers and #squash #plants and dropped some seeds for #broccoli, #chard and reaper peppers. My #tomates and #strawberry will be my #containerplants ~ while #gardening i was able to #workout with some #lunges, #squats and #weightlifting.
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Skeletons again

Third grade students have continued with skeleton drawing.

Students have been using a continuous line method of drawing the skeleton.

Third graders have been focusing more on the skeleton and less on their drawing as they are building their drawing skills.

This project has required the students to really focus their energy on building their visual and drawing skills.

Here are some examples…

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The Emily Shane Foundations SEA Program provides individualized, intensive academic mentoring and tutoring to at risk middle school students in the mainstream classroom across Los Angeles. We only serve those who could not otherwise afford this much needed support in order to succeed academically.

(The Emily Shane Foundation: Paying It Forward | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles)

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It breaks my heart & angers me to no end when I see people write such evil & malicious things to you! It's 1 thing to have banter & disagree on not liking a certain team, gym, uniform, or athlete but it's another to hit below the belt & throw out racial slurs! That's crossing the fucking line & takes shit to a level it shouldn't have even gone to in the 1st place! & all for what? Cause you said something about a team someone weirdly & overly obsessed with? GET OFF TUMBLR & GO EDUATE YOURSELF!!

don’t feel bad I don’t take any of it personally it’s just the internet but thank you for caring that’s very kind of you

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Nand2Tetris: Part 0

Since finishing App Academy, I’ve been focusing on the job search: sending applications, preparing for interviewing, and deciding which companies might be the best place to start my career in software development. Thankfully, that process is coming to a close, and now I’m beginning to think about where I want to take my computer science eduation. One thing I’ve heard is that it’s really important for self-taught programmers to understand the foundations of computer science in order to be really effective. For me, I’ve always wondered what goes on below the surface of an object-oriented langauge like Ruby. I’ve heard that there’s a compiler, and binary code, and somehow the computer hardware is involved, but I have a very shaky grasp of what’s actually going on. And fortunately, I’ve found a course that will teach me just that. It’s called Nand2Tetris, and the course progresses from building elementary logic gates all the way through creating programs on a virtual computer. The steps as I remember them go from logic gates, to an arithemtic logic unit (ALU), to memory systems, then low-level programs, followed by comptuer architecture and then an assembler. Those steps cover the hardware platform (the first half of the course) and the second half involves writing a high-level language and an OS on top of the preexisting platform.

One really important concept in this course, and computer science generally, is the idea of abstraction. At each level, we’re going to study how one thing is implemented, and then move onto a higher level of abstraction, no longer having to remember or worry about how things on a lower level work. It’s exciting that I’m going to learn the intricacies of computer science by taking this course. The only thing I’m worried about is that the information won’t “stick”. I found the learning process at App Academy to be really helpful for quickly internalizing and using concepts, and I’m not sure how effective I’ll be at that without people to talk to about the course. I know at least I can write this blog, and maybe I’ll do some rubber ducking. I could also see if there’s someone from App Academy who would want to take this course with me – idk, it could be cool. I’ll shop around and see if anyone is interested.

Eduation: pour Rama Yade les socialistes "préfèrent Jamel Debbouze" au latin

Eduation: pour Rama Yade les socialistes “préfèrent Jamel Debbouze” au latin

L’ex-ministre Rama Yade (UDI) voit “ce qu’il y a de pire en matière éducative” dans la réforme du collège portée par la ministre Najat Vallaud-Belkacem et accuse vendredi les socialistes de “préférer Jamel Debbouze” à l’apprentissage du latin.

La ministre de l’Education est “sans doute l’une dont les actes auront les conséquences les plus préjudiciables pour notre système éducatif et donc pour…

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21 Million Children at Risk of Not Getting an Education in MENA

21 Million Children at Risk of Not Getting an Education in MENA


Elliot Friedland

Across the Middle East and North Africa millions of children are out of school, with conflict reversing years of progress to build up better eduation.

As many as 21 million children across the Middle East and North Africa are at risk of missing out on an education according to the UN.


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Annotated Bibliography 2

Jasmine Van

   KIM, YOUNGMI, JIN HUANG, and MICHAEL SHERRADEN. “What Shapes Assessment Of Ability To Pay For Children’s College Education?.” Journal Of Consumer Affairs 48.3 (2014): 486-514. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Apr. 2015.

    In this article, it addresses the question - What Shapes Assessment of Ability to Pay for Children’s College Education? The authors of this article proposes an answer to this question; it is the parent(s) job to make sure their child/children have the proper support to invest their money into higher education. Parents need to have a concrete financial plan for college tuition or their child will not have the sufficient education needed to finish a college degree. If the parents do not have a sturdy plan for their child’s college, then the child will be forced to make last resort choices such as postponing their enrollment, getting high eduation debts, or even working long, ridiculous hours to try to prevent debt. In a lot of cases, poor parental plans will cause their child to go to cheap institutions that do not meet their goals in education. Some of these institutions do not even deliver the right studies.

   Kim, Huang, and Sherraden states that, “… many parents are poorly informed about planning for college cost or unprepared to undertake it”(487). This shows that when people become parents, they need to be advised on how they need to carefully plan out a financial system in which they can use to help their child attend a higher education school to invest in. The parents need to be willing to help and involve themselves in their child’s educational goals. Of course, those of low income will most likely be unsure of how to invest in higher education, which leads their child to be in an educational strain. However, no matter how much the income is, the parent(s) significantly influence their child’s education if the parent(s) are very aware and involved in the financial planning. 

   This article provides a model on how the child’s financial assessment is created. The socioeconomic status, the parent’(s) view and attitude towards education, and the management of their finance plays a huge role on how their child’s financial assessment is created. The most important factor that plays in on how much a child will get support for college is the parent(s)’ financial management skills. 

  Parents of young children need to be very aware of college costs and how they will provide support for their child to attend a good school that meets the educational priority. 

   This article was chosen because it showed a good solution to how children can succeed in higher education (no matter the costs) if the parent(s) are willing to invest in their child’s education and future. Even if the parent(s) are of low-income, there are multiple ways and options to help the parent(s) and child prosper. I will use this article in my counter argument to show that there is not just one side to a situation and that I am aware of other solutions.

EdTech Developer's Guide - 10 Opportunities

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The Office of Eduational Technology just published a developer’s guide on behalf of US Department of Education, it’s called “A primer for software developers, startups, and entrepreneurs”. Opportun…

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Are you Modification Addict ?

ADRENALIN AUTO CONTEST 2K15 on 18-19 April 2015 @ Surabaya Town Square ( SUTOS ).

| Contest Car 60+ category | Community Meet up | Sexy Car wash | Band Performance | DJ and FDJ Performance | Blood donation | Medical Check Up | Medical Eduation | Vapor Competiton | Bazar | And Many More |
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Further information:
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