40 years in future
  • Husband:can we pleaseeeee leave now! My back aches.
  • You:darling we just got to the party 30 mins ago it's only 8pm!
  • Husband:
  • You:
  • Husband:*makes pouty face*
  • You:fine but your the one who wrote the song claiming "we'll still stay out till morning"
  • Husband:
  • You:I guess you lied, you probably lied in your song when you called me beautiful..("wmyb",joking)
  • Husband:fineeeee WE'LL STAY, "we'll throw thee after party"
  • *sighs* 😉

Imagine: You and Niall broke up about a month ago. During rehearsals for the upcoming Billboard Awards, he heard your name being called. His first instinct was to turn around in hopes of seeing you again. For the past four weeks, he’s been craving the taste of your lips, the softness of your hair, the touch of your skin… But the two of you had a rough fight before breaking up. Looking your way, Niall stared deeply into your eyes, making eye contact for who knows how long. His sea blue eyes that glistened under the light were sure to leave you in a trance for days. But things were already awkward enough between the two of you. You were the first to break eye contact, which led to Niall’s heart breaking into a million more pieces. If only you knew how much Niall regretted the words he’d said the night you broke up. If only you knew how often you’d come across Niall’s mind on a daily basis. If only you knew how much he still loved you.