“You wanna sing it with me?” -Niall 

 "YES!“ -Harry 

Niall Horan Imagine for brokengirl98


You and Niall had been dating for over a year now and he still hadn’t met your parents. You had met his and they loved you. Niall was very nervous to meet your parents. He kept asking “What if they don’t like me? “. You reassured him that they’d love him just like his parents loved you. On the trip home Niall was still jittery.  When you arrived at home you quickly gave Niall a kiss to calm him down before knocking on the front door. You mom answered and pulled Niall into a hug before even say hi. “You must be Niall! Y/N never shuts up about you every time we talk. I can see why she likes you , you’re a cutie.” 

“ Mooooom” You groaned

She waved her to you and ushered you both inside.  You brought Niall to your old room to drop your bags then went to the living to meet you dad.

“ Hello, Sir.” Niall said

“ No, call me Y/D/N ! It’s so nice to finally meet you. “

Niall and your parents discussed everything from Ireland to One Direction. You could really tell they liked him. Just like you said.   Niall still had to impress one less thing.

“Mom? Where’s Y/d/N (dog)?”  You asked 

“Outside. “ She said pointing to to the back door. 

Y/d/N was a tough critic. She/He never liked any of your previous boyfriends so, this was the moment of truth for Niall.  You let Him/Her in and she jumped on you.  You pet her but once she/saw Niall she darted towards him. Thinking she was going to attack you went after her but she did the opposite. She/he licked him. For the rest of the night Y/d/N stuck to Niall like glue. You were starting to think that she/he liked him more than you.  You were glad your parents and your dog loved Niall. 



Lima bean tells a story to niall