I got my amnesia situation figured out. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL SPOONIES!
  • <b></b> The reason I lost my entire memory is because if my chronic pain.<p><b></b> My neurologist diagnosed me with retrograde amnesia due to the stress of dealing with my chronic pain.<p><b></b> He says this is not entirely uncommon for people who have long strings of days with lots of pain and outside stressors.<p><b></b> ESPECIALLY if you're prone to pain blackouts. If your body can stop working because of your pain so can your mind.<p><b></b> THIS IS MY ADVICE TO YOU. PLEASE SPOONIES TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF WHILE DEALING WITH STRESS. YOUR HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT!<p>
  • Get the word out to fellow spoonies. I don't want this to happen to any of you! We're a really caring community of people and we all need to know the dangers of this type of stress.

You knooow, once upon a time (and for most of my life actually) I used to be a huge collector of mangas (Japanese comic books - well, in the Italian translation of course); in fact, I currently own over 1700 volumes. Half of my bedroom is literally made of comic books… it was “my thing”, once, and later, they kept me company through the darkest years of my teenageness (I know how silly this sounds but whatever~). I started buying and reading them when I was in elementary school, around 1996-1997, although I had occasionally bought some Sailor Moon’s old edition volumes prior to that already, and kept doing it until the end of 2011. At that point, I realized that I had been hoarding them for a couple of years without really reading any of them, and that felt like a terrible waste of money (money that I could spend buying a new exercise bike… a FitBit… a new scale… oh, right?!). I felt like I wasn’t interested in them anymore, since I couldn’t even bring myself to read two pages in a row… and ~stuff~, you know. *roll eyes* While many years ago I could read and reread every single volume I had for hours or days on end. I think I was *still* buying them because maybe I hoped that some day in the future I would have been interested in them/be able to read them again. *shrugs* But I haven’t “had the chance” so far, and I still have lots of volumes I haven’t even opened yet. I even started thinking about selling most of them at one point, something that had always horrified me. But I didn’t, annnd I don’t know… I might restart from where I left and read ALL the backlog, to start with. Although that’s scary (but exciting) because they’re a lot… and even those series that I had actually started… well, I can’t just go back to where I left, say volume 25, because obviously I don’t remember anymore what happened in the previous 24. *hysterically laughs*

(Also, the package I’m waiting for is actually an entire series (18 volumes) that I had started to read a while ago and that I’ve found on eBay at a cheap price…)

Anyway, (one) problem is, I haven’t been to the local little comic book store where I used to buy them… in like 3 years, now. I am afraid it will be very awkward to go there again… maybe buying them through the Internet would make me save A BIT of money, but going there and… browsing them… touching them… physically… that was priceless. This sounds EXTREMELY creepy, I know. Lol. But also Ugh with a capital U.



Ang lalaking nagbago ng buhay ko. Ang pinakahuling lalaking nanakit sakin at ang lalaking binigay ko ang 100% kong pagmamahal pero sinaktan lang ako. Last march 11 chinat ko siya ng “Hi! :)" ng walang halong kabitteran ewan ko, namiss ko lang ata siya or what. Ayun we talked chuchu, but I’d stop. Ayaw ko na lumalim pa ulit ung convo namin. Baka mademonyo nanaman puso ko at magpaakit sakanya. Napakalandi niya shhh alam ko madami na siyang girls na pinalit sakin. Halata naman e, naiinis lang ako bat kasi nasasaktan ako, nasasaktan parin ako! Sa mga post niya na may heart sign parang naiirita ako. Konting kirot na kumukurot sa puso ko :( ang hirap. Pero hindi naman na ako naiiyak, di tulad ng dati. Onting kemerot niya lang nasasaktan na ko at kasabay noon luha. Hahaha tama na siguro tong katangahan ko.