So my rottie has quite badly injured my husband..

… by sneezing. Really, that’s it. A single sneeze. And by quite badly, I mean a dislocated jaw, torn ligaments, and a possible fracture.

He was lying on the sofa giving her some fuss, and just as he yawned she did a sneeze. Her head swung forward, as they do, impacted his jaw and tore it out of socket (which he’s already prone to as a bendy/EDSer), only it was a bit worse than we’d originally anticipated.

Chai realised something was wrong quicker than I did, she went and sat in the other room, looking really upset.

Hubs should be OK though. It’s a bit worse than that injury usually is so may need an op in future, but in the mean time he gets to be subjected to my experimental soup recipes for a few weeks. I’m sure he’s secretly overjoyed about that!


Hey look EDSers I’ve found someone who looks like us just trying to leave the house :p

"Nigel Plum is an Australian rugby player for the Penrith Panthers in the NRL and regarded as one of the hardest hitters in the sport." He costs the team $1,500 a year in medical tape yet has 399 tackles on the season.

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my-zebra-world said:

To the anon about being a potential EDSer. One thing, there is no such thing as being double jointed. Next thing, look up the beighton score and the different types. I have info on the different types on my blog.

Posting for ED Anon…