No matter how talented she is, that girl is rejecting the Divine.

I ended up showing such a disgraceful reality… Even if I were to try my best for everyone… even then…!

That strength will definitely end up hurting you!

I’ll just destroy our connection…

I’ll do something! That’s what I decided!

Sorey had no one who’d really sympathize with his goal of becoming a Priest. Now, it’s up to what answer he chooses…

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The Incredibles: Edna Mode [INTJ]


Introverted Intuition: Edna is an ambitiously forward-facing engineer and artist. Her intuitions more than likely have helped in her design and troubleshooting process, drawing from a deep and connected pool of knowledge about the properties of materials amongst other related concepts. As she is more driven by her visions of the future than that of her past, she often casts off sentimentality if it was necessary (as she doesn’t grow attached to her past works.) As an example, she was a little exasperated when Bob asked her to repair his old suit for nostalgic reasons.


Extroverted Thinking: Fueled by her intuition, she is all about planning and setting into motion her vision in an objective, methodical, and reliable way. She can be very direct when it comes to these plans, at times overbearing and frightening to some. But with it comes a detached but effective engineer, focused on the typifying question, “will it work?”


Introverted Feeling: She is deeply passionate about her craft and she carries some wounds from her tragic history with the caped clients (reforming her aesthetic values considerably, though she is not ruminative about it). It’s clear she feels responsible for the safety of her clientele, about as much as she does about the form and function of her end products. That said, she definitely plays up a diva-like persona with her passionate, if blunt, attitude.


Extroverted Sensing: In her line of work, she has a very well developed grasp on the concrete aspects of fashion. She has keen eye for aesthetically pleasing, groundbreaking, and functional designs. She has also asserted how present-minded she is in the movie and this function helps to give her visions tangibility.

Tales of Zestiria will launch for PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe by summer 2015, a new IGN preview reveals.

According to the video, Bandai Namco told the site the game, which is launching in Japan on January 22, will be out in North America and Europe within six months of its Japanese release—the fastest localization for a new Tales game in recent years.

Watch the video preview below.


As a bonus, here’s 10 minutes of off-screen footage from the Tokyo Game Show show floor.


Ever since the Man Booker prize was opened up to American writers, there’s been a renewed debate about America’s contributions to the literary scene. Many people have wondered who past Bookers would have gone to had American authors been eligible. At The Guardian, a roundtable including Year in Reading alum Joshua Ferris, Curtis Sittenfeld, Edna O’Brien and Martin Amis pick American books they think would have won if they’d had the chance. You could also read Joanna Scutts on the history of the prize.

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Tales of Zestiria - TGS 2014 Trailer.

Watch on satoshi-mochida.tumblr.com

Tales of Zestiria TGS Demo Gameplay - Story Demo