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I would like to welcome you to the next level.

Benny Benassi- Doom & Gloom
Markus Schulz- The New World
Ferry Corsten- One Thousand Suns
John Acquaviva- Clear Sailing
Harry Choo Choo- Booger [Avicii Dumb Dumb Remix]
Jerome Isma-Ae- perfect
pleasurekraft- Hearts Under Fire
Nicky Romero- Symphonica
Sander Van Doorn- Close My Eyes
Djs from Mars- Don’t Give Up

What would you like to see more of on EDMFever in 2013?

Would you like to see more text posts (like news, articles, opinions etc..), more pictures, more music, more GIFs, more videos or anything else?

Let me know below!

anonymous asked:

I 100% agree with you there I got into edm because of skrillex and I got hated on because of this but its because these people don't know the true meaning of plur!


I try not to make this blog genre biased but I might need your help?

I’m a dubstep/dnb/trance fan so it’s hard for me to find quality pictures and tracks of other genres (like hardstyle)
I just wanna apologize to those who don’t see a lot of posts directed to their genre and I really want to resolve this problem

So, what kinds of posts do you think are lacking from this blog?

Actually, fuck it, it doesn’t just have to be genres, just posts in general