The feeling of taking ecstasy is the feeling you get the exact moment you are about to start laughing; everything within that moment is released in a pure and joyful feeling of relief, radiating from your very heart in the center of your chest. You feel so good and so connected with not just the people you are with but with the world around you, with the universe as a whole. You don’t just feel good, you feel content. Like everything is love and you are perfect and you are the world and the world is perfect.
What I've realized:

My heart will never not miss my first love.
There’s no point in putting the effort into someone if a) you’re not sure if you like them and b) they’re sketchy and you don’t know if they’re into you.
There’s more to life than dating someone. Falling in love with yourself, family, and friends is way more important.
Animals are more important than anything on this earth.
I am the moon, the sun, and all the stars to myself and I am satisfied.
Dancing the night away to electronic music is freaking hypnotizing.
Work your ass off and you shall be rewarded.