Skrillex’s set at Ultra was definitely the sickest set I have ever watched! It was fucking unreal, insane, fantastic, mind blowing, explosive - I don’t even know, there are just so many words to describe how awesome it was. I got super excited when Justin came on, I was shaking so bad cuz seeing your idols performing and dancing together is such an amazing thing. :’) I couldn’t stop smiling while watching the entire set, I loved Justin dancing and being adorable and that hug with Diplo at the end was one of my fav things, and then Sonny and Kai singing Mind which was absolutely fucking beautiful and just everything about that night was so so so amazing and I really wish I could have been there cuz something like that is definitely what everyone should experience at least once in their life. I truly hope that one day I’ll be able to see Sonny live and hopefully meet him cuz that’s one of my life goals and it would be such an honor for me to meet him and hug him cuz he’s one of my biggest idols and god I just love him so so so much <3