Watch Once a Tree’s Haunting Debut Music Video, “Howling”

I finally received a physical copy of FYFE’s debut album Control recently, an album I’ve been dead set on getting my hands on for some time now in CD format. Suffice to say, this FYFE fan has been much content, blasting the British artist’s moody, artsy, and ruminative music off the record. It’s only fitting that a new remix of a FYFE song has surfaced in the meantime. German producer LCAW gives FYFE’s Solace an official edit that speeds up the tempo and infuses it with a lithe and nimble bounce. It’s a remix that builds on the original’s somber tendencies, stretching it out into an entrancing yet airy and spacious darkness. The deep house remix leaves me wanting to hear more FYFE re-imagined in this manner. LCAW’s remix will be available on iTunes soon.