Two of Korea’s famous ulzzangs Hong Younggi and Lee Seyong have been reported to be a mother and a father to a child.

Hong Younggi born in 1992 is one of the top ulzzangs in Korea as she even had her own fan club when she was only in 8th Grade. Although she is not even 4’9” tall in height, her cute and adorable looks and styles are beloved by many. She was really known to the public through Comedy TV’s “Ulzzang Generation” variety show. 

On the 29th, Hong Younggi posted a very long message on her personal Facebook account with photos of herself, Lee Seyong, and their newborn baby boy.

She began the post by saying, “After much consideration, I am willing to share a story I couldn’t for a while. This might be taken quite surprising to many of you. I assume a lot of you would know that Lee Seyong and I have been dating for quite a while now and it has already been over two years. We truly love and depend on each other a lot. During our dating period, we happened to come across a very special life. Although there were much difficulties, we were able to safely give birth to this baby with both our parents’ supports.” Lastly she mentioned that, “To our one and only son Jaewon, we will try to become wise and good parents to you. We hope everyone cheers for and supports our family.”

Other than the photos and the long post, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. If everything Hong Younggi mentioned on her social networking account are true, there is every hope that netizens will not be overly critical and will respect this young couple’s decision.

Source: New Daily