The problem with the SJW community is that they’re more focused on people who aren’t apart of the problem rather than people who are.

If they actually cared about social justice and equality, they would actually do everything they could to dismantle people who are actually supporting white supremacy, transphobia, homophobia, classism, sexism and so forth.

Those are your oppressors.

Someone simply being white or cis doesn’t make them an oppressor. They have to have some type of prejudice attitude towards you and who you are in order to be an oppressor.

Honestly one of my least favorite things is the usage of “EVERYONE is problematic!!” to silence discussion, because like, we know. That is the problem.

You’re supposed to be working on overcoming your prejudices and realizing your privilege, not leaving them be because ‘that’s just how things are’.

im so tired of villains either

  • being noticeably physically disabled, with their impairment being used to mark them out as different next to the abled heroes and somehow represent them being morally ‘tainted’ by portraying them as not ‘’’whole’’’ or as ‘’’deformed’’’
  • being ambiguously mentally disabled and labelled simply as ‘mad’, ‘crazy’, ‘odd’ etc and used to suggest that people who are mentally disabled have no choice but to be violent
  • having a chronic or terminal illness or impairment which they go to any lengths to cure, ending up hurting people in the process, scarily this often ends up in a ‘master race’ plotline, blaming disabled people for an ideology often used to enact violence against us

im tired and angry, its been done hundreds of times, disabled people are always the fucking villains its harmful and unoriginal, do something else

thinking about what’s going on in tibet makes me so mad. 

not only is our culture being destroyed by the chinese government (the GOV, not the people!), we aren’t even allowed to die in peace. our own spiritual leader, the dalai lama, was told by the chinese government how he will be reincarnated. 

yes, you read that right. that’s like saying the president of America will decide who goes to heaven or hell.

no one pays attention to us either. we have to set ourselves on fire just to get attention

unfortunately, pictures of tibetans self-immolation get turned into “funny jokes” on the internet. (note: commentary below is from me)

but no one cares about any of that. 

all america wants to do is sit down with the dalai lama and talk about how he’s able to eat dal everyday without rest. they just want to discuss how “peaceful” he is and how he’s such a role model. but really, the only reason he (and tibetans in general) are peaceful is because if they weren’t, they would die.

the “peaceful tibetan” stereotype is so disgusting because it makes it look like tibetans are fine with the way things are when, in actuality, they only have one reason they are forced to be nice, quiet, and respectful;

 they just want to survive.

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The signs as Super Junior MV's

Aries: Don’t Don
Taurus: Mr. Simple
Gemini: Twins
Cancer: Rokkugo
Leo: Mamacita
Virgo: Sorry Sorry
Libra: Swing
Scorpio: Sexy Free and Single
Sagittarius: Bonamana
Capricorn: It’s You
Aquarius: Super Girl
Pisces: Pajama Party


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I kinda bothers me that nobody talks about how shit the term “politically correct” is. Like when white people are like “you can’t use the n word because that’s not pc anymore” or “it’s not politically correct to use the r word anymore apparently” like shut the fuck up and realize that you can’t say slurs because of hundreds of years of dehumanizing people with them, not because some omnipresent being named politics randomly decided that you can’t say that word anymore

*Autistic coded character exists*

Autistic people: Wow this character reminds me so much of me? I really resonate them and we have so many similar traits gosh I’m gonna headcanon them as Autistic too!

Allistics: wtf? thats offensive and silly, that character is obviously not with autism and neither are you, just shut up

*New Autistic coded character comes along*

Allistic person: Ohmygoshhhhhh my little Autistic brother went to the cinema with me today and he identified so much with that character it was so sweet

The same damn allistics: wow!! how inspiring, this is truly progress, this is so great I’m so happy for you!!