this is the reason mmd was invented

Reblog this and add "Pika!" in your reblog and you will get a Pikachu themed after your blog in your submission box!

You must have your submit box open, or you won’t get a Pikachu! And keep in mind to add “Pika!” in your reblog, or it won’t count!

They’ll look something like this ;


Their accessory and color will differ depending on your blog theme, so all chus will be unique to those who want one.

I will try my best to get as many of these made and sent out, so please have some patience with me as it will take a lot of time - as i’m assuming this’ll spread like wildfire.


Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid available in US ⊟

Thank you, Pokemon Center website. The former Pokemon Center Japan-exclusive figure can now be purchased through the US Pokemon Center for $50! Top image via RandyGBH. Thanks to the anonymous Tumblr user who tipped us, though I don’t know why you would do that anonymously.

I don’t need one of these. I don’t have $50 to spend on one of these. I don’t like Pokemon that much. Move away from the button, finger.

Oh dip, though, check out this snowman Pikachu plush. Sigh.

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Someone take MMD away from me. I’m doing terrible things with it



i did it again

sorry not sorry