I think that for their last tour ever, one direction should have a 3 day music festival at each tour stop where they perform over the span of three nights, every song from every album. the ticket could be all inclusive so it covered every night. then the last show ever should be a live world broadcast each night of their performance

i gotta see u (just 1 more time) listen here

alternatively, an ode to new wave niall: ni in his best sunnies, with his knees knockin, flinging himself about. the boy dancing near the stage whose smile you wanna kiss but he leaves before you can catch his name.

1. Uncontrollable Urge - Devo | 2. Let’s Dance - Ramones | 3. Do You Wanna Hold Me? - Bow Wow Wow | 4. Right Now - The Runaways | 5. I Want To Drag You Around - Blondie | 6. Prince Charming - Adam and the Ants | 7. Oh! - Sleater-Kinney | 8. I’m the Man - Joe Jackson | 9. Cinco De Mayo - Marnie Stern