And here we have Zayn waiting so he can walk with Niall and Harry with a rose in his mouth♡

On the phone a Niall one shot

“We’ve been working on this album since the beginning of the year so we’re really excited to share it with the fans.” His raspy morning voice wakes me up. It can’t be right, he’s supposed to arrive tonight, he said he had an interview in the morning. “Steal my girl,” he speaks again and I slowly open my eyes, to him sitting on the edge of the bed, his bare back to me and the phone in his hand. He is quietly putting his pants on, trying not to wake me up I’m sure, then he makes his way out of the room.

I look around, his bag is by the the door and his clothes and shoes are scattered all over the floor. It somehow makes me swoon, he is here, he is back here with me. After two months without him, I couldn’t care less about the mess he left, in fact I love it. He was probably so tired when he got in, he didn’t even woke me up, he must just passed out in true Niall fashion.

Since I had no idea he’d be coming home a day early, I’m wearing the most boring pjs ever, so before he sees me today, I change. I go pick his plaid shirt from the floor and put it on because I love his smell as much as he loves me in his clothes. I brush my teeth and tie my hair in a messy bun, trying to not look so I-just-got-out-of-bed. We don’t all rock that look like Niall and his messy bed hair.

I tiptoe my way out of the room searching for him wearing only his shirt, first I thought he’d be rummaging through the kitchen as he is always hungry, but he’s not here, he is also not outside in the garden, he likes to sit with his Obama while he talks on the phone. Also not in the living room. Where is he? After several failed attempts, I hear his laugh coming from downstairs. I make my way to the game room as quietly as possible to find him sitting on the couch with the Tv muted and still talking on the phone.

“I still love to tour, but I hate leaving home so much,” he speaks as I make my way to sit next to him. When he finally spots me, his eyes glow and he smiles, patting his lap for me to sit there. His eyes never leaving my body and I swoon once more. He has this effect on me, no one has ever looked at me the way he does, and I melt every time his blue eyes look in my direction. I sit on his lap and give him a small peck on the lips, trying to make no noise that could be heard through the phone. I nuzzle in his neck, entertaining myself with the football match on the Tv. His free hand is drawing circles on my thighs, slowly driving me insane. I squeeze my legs shut as his hand starts traveling down to my center. I sit up straight to look at his face and mouth YOU’RE ON THE PHONE, to which he answers with a sexy smirk and a shrug. God, the things he does to my body. I can feel myself get wetter by the second, and all he did was smirk. The worst part of it all? He knows exactly what he does to me. He knows the effect he has on my body, and even if my mouth tried to deny it, my body would betray me.

“South America, last time we were there we didn’t get to see much apart from the hotels, so that’d be nice,” he speaks to the phone while holding it with his shoulder, leaving both his hands free. He grabs one of my legs and pulls it to his left side so that I’m straddling him. He grabs both my arms and clasps them behind my back, and I know what this means. It means that I can’t use my arms and that he, as always, is in total control of my body for the time being. He loves doing this. Having me stay still for him and knowing that I will never deny him, but always enjoy him.

His hands are busy slowly unbuttoning his shirt from my body. He is taking his time, because he knows it drives me crazy. And I can’t help it when my hips rock against him. His eyes angrily lock with mine, “we did write a lot on this album, we like to do things our own way,” he sternly answers the question and I know that that last part was meant for me too because I can’t seem to stay still. But it’s been too long, too long without him, he can’t expect me to be happy that he is taking his time, because I just want him. NOW.

When he’s finally done with with the buttons he just lets the shirt hang on my body, not really exposing much of my breasts. I feel his eyes travel down my body, and I see the smirk that forms on his face when he notices that I’m not wearing any underwear. He takes his phone in one hand and answers yet another question but I don’t catch anything he says since the fingertips from his free hand are gracing the skin between the valley of my breasts. My heart is beating like crazy and my breaths are hitched. Slowly he lets his hand cup my left breast and I try my best to swallow my moans as I tilt my head back, but still one very small one beats me. Niall freezes, and covers it with a laugh, before resuming his sweet torture on my body.

“Yeah, ‘t was a pleasure talking to ya, thanks mate,” I hear his phone fall on the couch and his hand curl around my neck bringing me down to him. Our lips meet and I let him devour me. His tongue invading my mouth, and his taste making me realize how much I missed him. Without even realizing it I bring my hands to cup his face. Not caring much for sex now, but for having him here with me, for getting to kiss those lips. His hands wrap on my forearms as he breaks the kiss and brings them down with his tight grip.

“Hi, beautiful,” he whispers before placing a kiss on the tip of my nose. His face soft and loving.

“I missed you,” that’s all I say as I try to free myself from his grip, but he won’t let my arms go.

“That’s why ya’ve been such a bad girl?” His expression hardens, and I know that he is back to being in control. “Walking ‘round the house with only my shirt? What if Wille saw ya? Huh?” he hisses, “Distracting me while I’m on the phone,” he clicks his tongue, “touching me when ya know ya shouldn’t,” he shakes his head. He lets go of my hands, as his slowly rid me of his shirt. “Such a bad, bad, girl. What I’m I going to do with ya?”

“Fuck me,” I blurt as his hands travel up my arms and his eyes admire my body, before settling on mine.

“Fuck ya?” he laughs tilting his head back, “more like punish ya babe.” I freeze as his hands dig at my hips, keeping in my place as I try to move away from him. Not really afraid of him, but not sure about what will be happening next. “Where ya goin’ babe?”

“N-nowhere,” I stutter, as I feel his hands lifting me up from his lap.

“Look at the mess ya made,” I look at his now stained pants as I stand before him completely naked and at his mercy. If his pants are wet, I can’t imagine how wet my pussy is right now. I feel the urge to touch myself, but I know that will only set him off. “Sit,” he nods towards the glass coffee table behind me and I oblige, the cold glass against my ass sending shivers down my spine. “Spread,” he says standing up, palming himself through his pants with one hand as the other grabs my chin jerking my face up, “don’t make me ask ya again.”

My hands come to my knees, pushing between my legs to open them, slowly spreading them as far as I can go “like this?” I sweetly ask him meeting his dark blue eyes with mine.

“Fuckin’ hell… yes, touch yerself,” he pants and I swallow hard. As I slowly drag my hand to my center. Spreading myself open with my fingers for him to see. “Nice,” he mumbles as his hands lower his pants and his erection springs free. So fucking beautiful, pink and thick and I feel the need to lunge myself at him, to take him in my mouth, but I know better than to do as I please.

“Fuckin’ fuck that pussy for me babe,” he mumbles. Fuck, I love when he talks like that.

I let two fingers slide inside me and close my eyes as I moan, “fuck I wish it was you, Niall.”

“Yea, but you’ve been a very bad liddle girl so ya don’t get to touch me or have me touch ya,” he scowls me. He brings his hand to my face, “lick,” he orders and I do as I’m told. Licking all along his hand. He quickly wraps it around his shaft and starts pumping himself, slowly. My eyes are glued to his cock, as I keep fucking myself with my hand, moans occasionally leaving my lips. “Eyes on me princes,” he groans and I snap to look at him. The hand that is not pumping his cock cups my face, and I suck at his thumb. I twirl my tongue at it as I would his cock, “Fuck,” he whispers, tilting his head back. He swallows hard as his adams apple bobs in his throat. My eyes never leaving his face. And my fingers never slowing their pace.

His hand leaves my face to wrap his fingers on my hair, “Niall,” I breathe and his eyes fall from my face to where my hand is working me toward my orgasm.

“So beautiful,” he groans,“I’m so close babe, I need ya to come with me,” he breaths, “rub yer clit.”  

He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I bring my other hand to rub my clit while the other fucks me. He is movements on his shaft fasten. The moans that leave his mouth with every pump, have me on the edge.

“Open yer mouth,” he breaths and I open my mouth, sticking my tongue out for him. He keeps pumping himself, rubbing himself against my tongue, and I feel my orgasm building in my center. It won’t be long now.

I taste his bitter come in my tongue as he groans, “fuucckk,” and that’s enough to push me to the edge. My legs shake close as I try to work myself through it. I close my eyes and tilt my body back. Feeling Niall’s cum hit my breasts, my stomach my legs, as I swallow what landed on my mouth.

My back hits the cold table and I close my eyes. Too lost in everything that just happened. I’m spread naked on the table when I hear noise coming from upstairs.

My eyes flutter open and I search for Niall, who is standing in the same spot I left him, his semi-erect cock now concealed behind his pants once more. I rest my weight on my elbows, not sure of what’s going on.  

“Jenna, are you downstairs?” Wille asks as I hear him travel down the stairs. Niall’s eyes go big as plates.

“Don’t come in ‘ere,” Niall yells and Willie stops just by the door.

“Uh, man! Are you guys having sex in there?” Silence. “Ugh, just clean up, mate, I don’t wanna know what you did or where you did it.”

“Will do, mate, will do” Niall lets out a laugh as he extends his hand for me to take. I take it and he pulls me to him, plopping himself on the couch with me straddling him. Not caring about the bigger mess we’re making on ourselves. I wrap my arms around him resting my head on the crook of his neck, kissing him there. He nuzzles me with his nose before whispering to my ear, “I missed ya, beautiful.” 


Niall’s lil dance last night 09.16.14