why don’t we talk about this performance of amnesia where ashton makes animal noises

Dirty Michael
  • Dirty Michael
  • omgomgomgomg
  • just play it

Michael talking dirty while he’s fucking you

Okay i found this audio but i kinda made the pitch higher so it sounded more like Michael.

Its not the best because I didn’t add anything in the background, its just him speaking. Its still pretty hot tho lol

theres a really hot Ashton audio like this and I was inspired by

 cuntmichael & radicalemojis

You were a bet (Luke Hemmings Imagine) Part 2


Y/N’s P.O.V

I run into my car and start up the engine, I look up to see Michael and Luke running out of the house towards me. Before they could come any closer I quickly drive out of the driveway and make my way home.

On my way home I couldn’t help but cry and think about what I heard. I can’t believe he would do something like that. Why? Am I really worth only $200? Was it really worth the $200 to break someone’s heart?

When I got home I jump out of the car, wiping my face as I sob. Walking up the stairs I try looking for my house keys but with my vision being so blurry by the tears I can’t see anything. I try knocking the door but I remember no one is home right now.

I drop my bag on the floor with me crashing down onto my knees as I start crying hysterically, crying into my hands.

This whole week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. But now, everything just turned upside down.

While crying I heard a car door open and shut. I quickly look up to see who it is, and guess who? Michael and the boy who broke my heart.

I quickly stand up and grab my bag trying to find my house keys before they could reach me. Where. Did. I. Put. Them???

I hear Michael and Luke getting closer until I see Michael right in front of me. I turn around and keep searching.

"Go. Away. What didn’t you get by don’t ever talk to me again?" I told them.

"Looking for these?" I heard Luke’s voice.. I slowly turn around and look at Lukes hands. my keys.

"Y-you forgot them at my house" Michael said.

I don’t look at either of them as I try to grab my keys from Luke. However Luke didn’t let me.

"Give them." I said, quite angry now.

"Not until you let us explain." Luke whispered

"I don’t want to hear it. I was a bet. You never loved me, you did it all for the $200. Give me my keys." I said all in one breath, I went to grab it once again but he then put it high above his head. Knowing full well I’m shorter than him and I won’t be able to reach it. I got mad and pushed him.

"Ow." Luke said, rubbing his chest. He pushed me back. And so I pushed him. We went back and forth doing that until I had a good opportunity in grabbing my keys from his hands.

Reaching, I grabbed and pushed him and Michael both before turning around and unlocking my door.

Opening it, I run inside however, before I could close the door Michael holds the door open and they both walk in.

"No. Get out!" I said.

"Not until you let me explain." Luke said.

"I ALREADY TOLD YOU LUKE. I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. BECAUSE I HEARD IT ALL." My voice cracked as my eyes started to water again.

"J-just. Leave me alone. Please." I said, sobbing. I turn around so they don’t see me crying.

I feel a body being pressed behind me, hugging me from behind and a chin being rested on my head.

"Y/N. You didn’t hear everything. You only heard part of it. Please let me explain" Luke whispered into my ear.

I can’t deny I love his hugs, it makes me feel safe. But, I can’t deny what he did wasn’t a dick move.

Thinking for a few seconds, wether to let him explain himself or not. What he might say, could hurt me more.

"You have one minute." I said before removing myself from his hug.

I walk to the living room and sit on the couch. Michael and Luke follow and sit on the opposite side of me.

"Well, tell me what you heard first so We can go on from there…" Michael said.

"It was all an act. I was a bet. I’m clingy and annoying." I said. The boys know that one thing I have always hated about myself was that I can blab on for ages and it annoys a lot of people that’s why I try my hardest to stay quiet all the time. I don’t want to annoy people.

"Right… Let me continue from there." Luke said.

"Yes. I said all those things. However, after that. I said something else…" Luke said.

Luke’s P.O.V

(Before the fight, talking to Michael about the bet)

"One week is over, I don’t want to be with Y/N anymore. So pay up." I said while smirking.

"I honestly thought you would start liking her while in the relationship with her. I mean I saw the way you would act around her. I really thought I won this bet." Michael said.

"Nope. That was all act. I want a girlfriend who I’m not embarrassed to call mine and be able to have at least some alone time without her around. She’s so clingy it’s annoying." I said.

Lies. Lies. All lies. I actually thought that I would totally win this bet because I didn’t like Y/N at all in that way. But after being one week with her, she’s amazing. She’s nice, sweet, beautiful and always makes me smile. She’s funny and caring and just perfect. I don’t know why I never thought of Y/N being my girlfriend.

"Ugh fine. Hold up while I go get it." Michael said, getting up. But I push him back down and laugh.

"I was joking. You won." I told Michael. He gave me a confused face but then it slowly turned into a smile.

"So you like Y/N now don’t you?" Michael said, smirking.

"Yeah yeah." I said waving him off.

"I knew it! I knew you two will love each other. All thanks to me, Thank me Luke." Michael said.

"Yeah yeah, thanks. I was plannin-" before I could continue Michael shut me up and told me to listen closely.

I heard crying going on, Y/N. I started worrying. I got up and walked into the kitchen with Michael.

—fast forward to present—

Y/N’s P.O.V

"So… Yeah." Luke finished off. I sat there, quiet. Collecting all this information.

"Say something" Michael said.

"That was a stupid joke you know…" I told Luke.

He agreed then apologized. He got up and sat beside me, hugging me.

"It was a stupid joke. I didn’t mean any of it. You’re not annoying. You’re not clingy. You’re perfect." Luke said.

Luke and Michael apologized until I forgave them.

"For making that stupid joke and bet. Let me take you out for dinner" Luke asked.

I smiled and accepted.

"And Michael will be paying for it because he’s the one who caused this problem" Luke said looking at Michael.

"Woah woah woah. Without me, you two wouldn’t be together." Michael replied.

"I thank you for that. But you’re still going to pay for it." Luke answered him.

Michael let out a sigh then agreed.

"Great. Let’s get going then." Luke said getting up.

"Now??" Michael and I say at the same time.

"Yes right now. Come on." Luke replied to the both of us.

"Time for third wheel." Michael whispered, I giggled and gave him a sympathetic look as we headed out.



hope you liked it 


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Hi! If you open for writing is it ok if I request metachel ship of makai ouji? TuT There is song I heard, strange sight by kt tunstall that reminded me of them and your fanfics of makai ouji ships are my favourite. sorry for terrible english!

Strange Sight, a Makai Ouji Fanfiction

Makai Ouji | Metatron x Michael | General/Angst/Romance 
| 480 words | Songfic! requested 

Strange sight.

He sees him standing amidst the rubble. And its no question why there are tears in his eyes; his once, beautiful expanse of wings are now tattered - falling apart, as pale, ashen feathers litter the bloodied floor.

He makes a move to approach him, but something holds him back; as if telling him to wait - to stop. Pearly white locks fall forward as he crouches down with a fragile and weak attempt, concealing his agony as he blankets his torn appendages forward; like a blanket shielding from an upcoming storm.

Something on the back of his mind tells him that he deserves this; this punishment that even the pits of hell cannot compare; cannot accomplish. And yet the pity that runs cold against his skin - was it fear? He does not know.

How I’m scared but delighted. Afraid but excited.

All he wanted to do at that very moment was to rush to him. To hold him close and protect him. His feet takes him to his side in an instant, and it is not long before his arms are scooping up limp limbs and his chest is cradling a crown of fair locks.

You’re wrong but you’re right.

In an instant, a sword is placed against his neck; sharp, cold and lethal. His red eyes stare blankly; and yet they look so broken. He lifts a hand and places them over trembling fingers, “It’s alright,” he says, “I won’t hurt you”

You have a cold heart. You’re reckless and distant, but I’ll be persistent. I will understand you.

Tears fall from his eyes, and his screams echo on the empty halls as he throws his sword; falling once again to his knees.

Do you long to be left all alone? Set apart with a heart made of stone. Let me help, let’s begin Let me learn, won’t you let me in?

His hand reaches out hesitantly, but as soon as he soothes his hair back, the angel leans forward and latches his arms around his waist. Hot tears soak through his clothes, and all he could do is bend forth; whispering sweet nothings to his ear.

He cups the battered angel’s cheeks, and a small smile appears on his lips when he sees a small shimmer of hope among them.

Lost in the darkness, you will be found. If you hear my voice, follow the sound. ‘Cause I’m here to guide you home.

He lifts him to his feet - but this time Metatron doesn’t hesitate; not when he sees the trust in Michael’s eyes. He wraps his arms around his shoulders, soothes back those frail, brittle feathers and presses a kiss unto his forehead.

His fingers entangle with Michael’s own, and there’s a smile that breaks the abiding silence and the uncertainty.

All the dark, let it go. Because you are not alone.