dating michael would include:

- you trying to gain his attention because he is way to concentrated on playing video games

- “yep,you look good in that,but you would look even better without it.”

- drunk texts

- him calling you baby,kitten,princess or other cute names

- him giving you the last slice of pizza because he loves the way you smile so bright when he does so

- even though he doesn’t say it so often,you’re really the one he loves the most

- him getting off of stage,coming to you and hugging you really tight

- you sometimes being the big spoon ‘cause he likes the way you hold onto him so tight

- you two deciding together what colour he should dye his hair next

- him sometimes convincing you to dye at least the ends of your hair with the dye that remained from him

- you two taking silly selfies

- cuddleeeees

- him being the animal that he is in bed asdfghjkl

- cheeky bum grabs when you’re cleaning something from under the bed or stuff like that

others: ashton / calum / luke

Talk - Michael Clifford

Michael had been your best friend since you were quite young. In fact you could not remember not having him in your life; he was always the one you would call when you needed someone to comfort you, or just to talk. As you grew older your feelings towards Michael began to change from that of the platonic relationship you had developed over many years into one with romantic feelings, which you kept hidden from him since the beginning of high school. Now nearing the end of high school you felt that if you did not confess your feelings to him before the end of the year you never would. Receiving a text from Michael saying, “I think we need to talk” made you think that he had feelings for you too.

Walking to the Clifford household that afternoon you began to daydream about all the things that would happen if you two began a relationship, and all of them were good things. Unfortunately when you reached his house, Michael answered the door with an extremely worried expression on his face. Michael invited you up to his room and told you that you should of ahead and sit on his bed. This worried you a lot as Michael was never one to be too serious.

“Y/N you know that you’re my best friend right? And that whatever happens won’t change that?”
“I know Michael. What’s this all about,” you replied worriedly.
“You know how my band has been getting like thousands of YouTube hits, and that like people from Europe and America and all over are watching them? Well, we’ve been offered a recording contract! And we are opening on the One Direction tour this year!”
“Michael I am so excited for you! Why did you seem so scared to tell me this? This is amazing news, I’m so proud of you and the boys,” you reply.
“Well….see…the thing is…thefourofusaremovingtolondonnow,” he blurts.
“What was that?”
“The…the four of us are moving to London. Like London, England. With the queen. And we leave at the end of the month.” He sighed, “I’ve known about this for nearly 2 months now and I haven’t been able to tell yo- you’re crying! No Y/N don’t cry. I promise that I’ll always be there for you no matter what.”
“It’s not that that doesn’t sound like a good idea Mikey, but you’ll be half a world away and the time difference is huge! I’m just…I’m just gonna miss you. A lot.”
Michael pulls you closer to him and looks you directly in the eyes, “Y/N you will always be my best friend no matter what. We’ve been through too much together for me to just throw an way this friendship now. I promise it will all work out. Come on, lets watch a movie.”

Quite a bit later that night you finally decide to go back home, though you would have rathered to stay with Michael, you knew your parents would begin to wonder where you were. When you turned off of Michael’s street, you finally let out all the sadness and anger that had built up inside of you. Crying all the way home, you decided that you would never let yourself get that emotionally attached to a boy again.

#26 - You’re dating another member (3)

#26 - You’re dating another member (3)

“Y/N!” Luke shouts with a smile when you, Ashton and Michael finally arrive at the camping area. You quickly pull your hand away from Michael’s before anyone can notice. He jogs towards you and open his arms, ready for a big hug. You smile and move towards him too, leaving Michael behind. When you two meet, you give each other a tight, big hug and you feel Luke bury his face in your neck. His hot breath is tickling you.

“Isn’t this lovely” Calum says as he walks towards you and the boys.

“Makes me wanna puke” Michael answers. Ashton, Calum and Luke begins to laugh, thinking Michael is joking as usual, but you know that he is serious. He is damn serious and you have to do something soon. You have to be fair and tell Luke what happened and apologize. After that you have to do the thing you’ve never thought you’d ever do. Break up with the best boyfriend in the world.

You have no choice. If Luke doesn’t break up with you first, you have to break up with him. He doesn’t deserve a cheating girlfriend like you. He deserves so much better and that’s the truth. You’re going to tell him that he must not blame or hate Michael, because you are the one at fault. You know you’re going to be lying a little bit if you say that you started it, everything is your fault and that Michael didn’t do a thing, but you are going to do it for the band. If Luke and Michael don’t get along anymore, everything is ruined and your life would become a nightmare. After you’re done with Luke, you don’t know what to do with Michael. Will you officially get together? Or in secret, at least for a while. Or will you never talk to the boys again?

“The tents are up I see” Ashton speaks up when you and Luke pull away from each other, “good job! So what are we going to do now?”

“There’s a lake not far away from here!” Calum says excited, “we should go!”

“Yeah! Good idea, come on guys!” Ashton shouts.

“I’d rather not” Michael mumbles, staring at you.

“Me neither” you say without thinking. Damn your mouth with a brain of its own.

“Then I guess Ashton, Calum and I are going” Luke smiles, “I am sorry you have to stay with a boring and grumpy Michael again, but I promise to come back soon!”

You just nod. Yeah, you’re going to be alone with a “boring and grumpy” Michael again.

“I am not boring!” Michael suddenly says and Luke chuckles.

“I’m just joking mate, take good care of Y/N!” and with that, the three boys walk towards the tents, find their bags and head to the lake.

“Don’t worry Luke, I will take good care of Y/N…” you hear Michael mumble behind you. You turn around and look at him and he looks at you. You take this as a good chance to talk to Michael about what you have decided to do. You take a long, deep breath and prepare yourself to spit it all out.

“Michael, I will tell Luke and also say how sorry I am. Then sadly break up, ONLY because I have to and tell him it’s only my fault and you did nothing wrong. And then…I don’t know” you say, spitting everything out. Now that you just told your plan to Michael, reality really hits you. You are really going to break up with Luke. The best thing that’s ever happened to you. You feel your eyes slowly tear up. No, why are you crying now? You have to be strong.

“Even if I feel like I just fucked everything up and really hate myself for doing this to Luke, you still remember what I said in the car?” Michael says, slowly coming closer. You feel his big, warm hands gently grab yours.

“You said…” you mumble. He actually said a lot of things.

“I said that I still don’t regret it” Michael whispers and leans in, ready to kiss your irresistible lips. Now you know what you’re going to do after Luke.

“Michael stop”

A shocked Michael gives you a puzzled look and let’s go of you.

“What…” he mumbles, waiting for you to make everything clear to him.

“As you just said, remember what I said back in the car?” you ask Michael. He thinks for a while, but doesn’t say a word, because of the same reason. You both said a lot.

“I said that I wish I never cheated on Luke, but still it doesn’t change the fact that I actually have feelings for you” you say, stepping closer to Michael and now it’s your turn to grab his hands, “I have really strong feelings for you, Michael…”

“Fucking kiss me already”

And with that, you and Michael share a long and deep kiss. Both of you revealing your feelings and desires as the kiss gets more passionate and beautiful, but later rough, just like in the car. That’s when it’s decided. After Luke, you are going to be with Michael, but first in secret. You really don’t want to hurt Luke even more that you have or are going to do.

“Luke…” you mumble. After a long day with lots of fun with the boys, the night suddenly came and now you all are in your tents, ready to sleep.

“Yes, Y/N?” Luke smiles, cuddling closer to you, holding your body warm from the freezing night air.

“C-can we talk?” you ask, getting more and more nervous by the second.

“Of course, something wrong love?” Luke answers you a bit concerned, “you can tell me anything, I’m always here for you”

Damn Luke and his adorableness. He is just the nicest, sweetest and most amazing boyfriend you’ve ever had and you just can’t do it. You can’t break up with him. You don’t want to see him sad or hurt no matter what, and you know this is going to hurt him a lot more than it hurts you.

“Hey Y/N, why are you crying?” Luke is really worried now and make you look him in the eyes, “did something happen? Did Michael say something to you or?”

Why Luke? Why most you make this impossible?

“I-I…” you sob, not being able to speak. Luke just pulls you closer to him and starts singing your favorite songs to you, trying his best to calm you down. You don’t know for how long you two stayed like this, but after a while you managed to calm down.

“Now Y/N, what is bothering you?” Luke whispers, probably really sleepy, but still staying awake just for you.

“Uhmm…” you mumble, not knowing what to say.

“I am always here for you, remember that” that’s the last words Luke whisper to you before he falls asleep, leaving you like a broken mess.

What are you going to do? Luke and Michael are both making anything impossible for you and you feel like running away, from both of them, so they can just forget you. That may be hard, but much easier than what you are doing right now.

Are you really going to leave them both? Maybe that’s the only solution?

A/N Part 3 is here and thank you all for being patient haha! There’s going to be a final part soon I think. Thank you all for reading, it makes me really happy xx

everything makes sense now.

i’m very timid around men and he probably didn’t want to make me uncomfortable

he wanted me to feel safe and secure and to trust him

so he kept our relationship platonic at first and acted as my guide and helped me, because that was what i needed.

then when he felt i was ready to know he revealed our past relationship

it all makes sense now

Flirting is Hard

// Fandom: Satan and Me
Pairing: Friend!Michaelie
Title: Flirting is Hard
Summary: Mike P tries to flirt but…
Warnings: You are looking at a girl who can’t flirt to save her life and most of these pick up lines will be found scattered along the internet and are really corny so I apologize in advance for these xD
A/N: A request from the meme thing! I feel so loved…! breakingleft said; Mike (either one) and Natalie “I’m flirting with you” so here you go! I hope you don’t mind I used Mike P~ \

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