“We’re what?” was all Michael could mutter, his fork falling into his half-eaten dinner. “We’re having a baby. You’re gonna be a dad, Mike,” his wife of six months smiled at him. “B-but…we’re not ready yet! I’m leaving for tour soon, you just started your new job, and we only got married six months ago!” His eyes were bigger than saucers and his chest was beginning to heave. “We’ll be fine, we’re gonna be okay. This is what you wanted, remember?” she reminded him. “Y-yeah, I know, but…,” he began to stutter as the news began to sink in, causing the biggest grin to spread across his face, “we’re having a baby. Holy shit, we’re gonna be parents!” he yelled. His wife giggled at his excitement, happier than she’s ever been. 

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Bad Boy Michael Smut

Word Count:2310


Warnings:Smut, light language

Summary: Y/n finds bad boy Michael hanging out at the park, little did she know, they’d become much more acquainted very soon.

  Today was a chilly day, one of those where you’re not sure if you can bear to wear long sleeves or not. The sun was beating down hot on your unclothed arms, but the breeze was a chilling sensation. It was around noon and you’d decided today was a good day to have a breath of fresh air in the city park, it was mid-Autumn and the leaves were shedding from the trees as the brisk autumn wind blew. A sudden burst of excitement from the children running by with their baseball and bat to the open field startled you from your observance of your surroundings. They were small, so innocent, and reminded you of when you were that age seven years ago. It seemed like an eternity ago and you had learned so much in your mere seventeen years.


               A tall, dark figure caught your attention from across the park. He was lanky, with shaggy black hair, an all-black outfit, and despite the temperature, a thick leather jacket. You’d seen him around town before, he was a hardly forgettable sight to see, but you’d only been close enough in proximity to speak with him a few times and wasn’t sure if he remembered you. You studied his demeanor, he was intimidating. He stood leaned against a brick post that held up the pavilion where people gathered, but there was no one there now. He looked up from his cigarette occasionally to scan the populated park scene, but then went back to what seemed like his duty. He flicked his finished cigarette to the ground and pressed it into the hard ground with the heel of his boot and reached up to fix his popped collar, looking around again as if he just knew I was watching him. He began walking, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and shook his hair out of his face. There was sort of a swagger to his walk, a skip to his step, but it wasn’t as perky as it was brash. He seemed to be making his way towards you, which intimidated you even more. There was a growing knot in your stomach as he approached you. “You new around these parts, sweetheart?” He asked, a sly smirk on his face as he leaned against the tree without taking his hands out of his pockets. You brushed some stray hair behind your ear. “Um. No, I’ve lived here my whole life actually. Sev-uh Seventeen years.” You stuttered and tried your hardest not to let your flushed face show. “Oh yeah?” He chuckled. “And how come I’ve never seen a pretty little thing like you around here before, huh?” He stood up straight again and took a short step closer to me. “I don’t come to the park much.” You sat down on the table of the bench to give yourself some room to breathe. “And why not?” He asked, furrowing his pierced eyebrow at you, he looked at you as if he’d never heard something so perplexing in his life. His voice was smooth, but stern, it took a bit of the intimidation away, actually. You shrugged in response to his question. “No answer. I see how it’s gonna be.” He said to you, the smirk was back and he’d taken another step in your direction. He placed a hand on your leg and, to your surprise, it didn’t feel wrong. He was attractive, his green eyes pierced through you, he could see through you. “Am I gonna have to get an answer outta you some other way?” He bit his lip, leaning in closer to you as he spoke. This caused a grin to form across your face. You were sure of what was happening here, and again, surprised yourself by not being bothered by it. “Maybe” You said, barely being able to speak from the anxious excitement that was quickly forming inside you. You liked bad boys. And this one was oh, so bad. “And just what is it that I have to do to get an answer from that pretty little mouth of yours?” He said, he brushed his index finger over your bottom lip. “Why don’t you try me?” You responded, you were asking for it, you wanted it. You wanted him.


It was almost instant that he leaned in, almost no hesitation and pressed his lips to yours with a sudden, opened mouth kiss that left you tasting his cigarette and a bit of alcohol on his breath. It wasn’t something that would cause you to pull away, though. You were already so invested in the kiss. Your arms snaked around his neck, the feeling of hot leather almost burning your arms, but again, this didn’t stop you. He was close to you now, he hadn’t broken the kiss longer than a couple seconds long enough to catch some air before continuing his devious work on you. Only a few seconds later did the kiss break, it was mutual. Almost as if you both broke away at the same time. He brought his bottom lip between his teeth and studied your face. “Wanna answer my question now, baby?” He said, bringing his hands to rest on your thighs. “What was that question again?” You said, shaking your hair behind your shoulders. “It doesn’t matter so much anymore.” He said, he took your hand and helped you stand up, the most gentlemanly thing he’d done since you’d first seen him, well, ten minutes ago. “How’s about we head back to my place and uh, talk it out. Huh?” He said, rubbing his darkly stubbled chin. You were hesitant, but took up his offer and allowed him to lead you to his car. It was a completely restored 1969 model Mustang Cobra. Dressed in all black, just as he was. He got into the driver’s side and waited for you to get in, which you did. You buckled your seatbelt, but he didn’t. It was a short drive to his house, so short that it made you believe he only drove there to show off his car. His house was old, sort of shaggy on the outside with faded white paneling and scuffed up paint on the window sills, but you got out anyway and followed him to the door. After he managed to unlock it, there was the reveal of the one couch, coffee table and a 90’s era tv sitting on the floor, a giant “Don’t tread on me” Metallica flag hung behind the couch on the chipped painted wall. It was, well, grungy. The house reeked of cigarettes and cheap food and you could see the stained carpet from drunken party spills and late nights.


  “Make yourself at home.” He told you, tossing his keys and box of cigarettes down on the coffee table and sitting down on the arm of the couch. You sat down at the opposite end of the couch and crossed your legs only to have him come nearer and scoot close to you, allowing your legs to brush as he adjusted on the couch. His hand touched and rested on your thigh again for a moment before he pulled his shoulders back and removed his jacket, revealing a cutoff Metallica shirt. “You’re really into Metallica, yeah?” You asked him. “Yeah, they’re fucking phenomenal. I’ve been a fan since I heard my dad listening to them when I was little.” His and immediately reattached itself to a higher part of your thigh. You inched closer and closer to him, his hand finding its way under the hem of your skirt. “Mmhm. They’re good.” You said, uninterested, but trying to keep some sort of conversation going. “You like them?” He asked, not taking his eyes off your face as he let his hand trail up to the inside of your thigh. “Mmhm” You answeredthe same way you had before, then leaned in and kissed him way more roughly than before. His hand was over your core before you knew it, and he was rubbing you through your panties. A breathless moan escaped your lips as you felt yourself wetting beneath the thin layer between his hand and you. He slipped his tongue into your mouth eagerly and let it explore and wander around your mouth. The kiss was lustful and both of you knew the other wanted more but didn’t take it any further…yet. That was old news soon enough as he grew impatient with the thin fabric and hooked his finger in them and pulled them off seemingly without any struggle. He broke the kiss and licked his lips then gave you a look with deep, sensual eyes. He was begging for more withoug having to beg at all. You stood up, confusing him at first but soon showing him where it was going by pulling your skirt off and sitting back down on the couch. He smirked, he was getting exactly what he wanted. And you weren’t gonna lie to yourself, it was what you wanted to. You soon decided it was time for your top to come off as well, it was a Beatles crop top and wasn’t much fabric, so it wasn’t a hassle to pull it over your head and toss on the floor with the rest of your clothes. You were only left in your thin, lacy bra as you looked at him to find that only his shirt had come off in the process of all this. You reached behind your back to unhook and let your bra fall off as well before looking back at him, up and down before stopping at his crotch to notice his prominent erection through his tight, black denim jeans. “See something you like, do you?” He chuckled before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, then lifting his hips to peel them off of his pale legs and stepping out of them.


  You were now completely nude and the only thing stopping you was his short, patterned boxer briefs. They didn’t stay long, he pulled those off too and as if it were scripted ,immediately braced himself on the couch and hovered over you. ”How are we supposed to be all safe and shit if I don’t have a condom?” He asked. “I’m on the pill, relax, hot shot.” You said to him and he chuckled before you grabbed his face in both your hands, pressing another heated kiss to his rough lips. You felt his cock brushing against your inner thigh and occasionally over your slit as your makeout session progressed further. And it wasn’t long before all in one motion, he broke away from the kiss, lined up, and pushed into you in a steady but careful thrust. You let out a small, short moan and looked up at him. “Good?” He asked, nothing more, nothing less. He stayed there only for a few seconds, not giving you the time to reply, before delivering another thrust of more force,much less gentle than before. He groaned from the release of tension as well as the pleasure. “Fuck” you swore, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders for support. “Again.” You pleaded, earning a beginning of steadily paced thrusts and a drawn out moan from him. You moaned back to him not only in response, but from immense pleasure. He was big, bigger than you’d had before and damn, could you tell. He suddenly pulled out and thrusted back into you full force and with his full length, you moaned again, together this time and much louder than before. He reached down to grope your breast in his hand, kneading it and pinching the nipple between his fingers. You held back a whimper and it didn’t last long as his movements sped up and he held a firm grip on your breast, the couch almost shaking with each of his thrusts. He chanted out a string of foul language and profanities and you could tell he was getting close. You brought a hand down to your clit and rubbed it in fast circles, causing a loud, almost ear shattering moan. “I’m so close, I’m so fucking close.” He said, leaning his head down and letting his damp, sweaty hair fall into his eyes before he squeezed them shut, letting a loud, throaty groan escape his lips as he pulled out of you, hand shooting straight to his throbbing length to pump it quickly before he came directly onto your stomach, moaning breathlessly. You leaned your head back and continued rubbing yourself before he forcefully moved your hand and leaned down to where his head was directly between your legs. “Allow me” Escaped his lips before he began harshly sucking on your clit, working his tongue against it and giving it a light nip with his teeth every now and then. This brought you to your climax quickly. Causing you to grab a handful of his brittle hair in your hand and moan out, letting it echo into the room as you came as well. He slowed down to a stop and raised back up to a sitting position on the couch as you lay there, panting and trying to pull yourself together. “Wow.” Is all you could manage to say through your struggled breaths. You sat up next to him and looked at him for a response, only to find an outstretched arm and an open hand. “I’m Michael by the way.” He said. You took his hand and shook it, then giggled at him. “Y/n.” You said. “This is the beginning of a great relationship.” He said before folding his arms behind his head and smiling at you. “A great relationship indeed. “

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Wedding Day - Michael

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most magical day of your life, you are allowed a few bumps along the way but in the end you are supposed to be Mrs. So and so and then go party. I was ok up to about 45 minutes later, then I was pissed. But now, now I’m just scared and broken. No one has heard from him, nothing for any of them. The only thing we have found is that Mike left his phone here. I’ve been staring at it for hours. How could he just walk out on our wedding like that? I mean Kate says that he didn’t because he left his phone behind but I can’t make sense of anything other than that.

I stand up from the couch at a knock on the door. I can’t find any words as I swing it open letting Kate in.

“Don’t look so sad I have good news.”

“Did you find my fiance?”

“No but we have an open bar downstairs, a ton of food and cake.”

“Right because I want any of that.”

“Come on you can’t sit in here and mope if he did leave. You have to drink it out tonight pack up tomorrow and go home.”

“If he did leave how am I supposed to go home?” I crumble to the floor, fighting all the terrible realizations.

“We will get you through it. That’s why you picked me as your maid of honor. We will do it together.” She pulls me to my feet and wraps me in a hug.

I sigh as there is another knock on the door. I open it and slam it shut just as fast. “So that was Michael. I don’t know what to do. I am happy to see him but why wasn’t he at our wedding?”

“I can’t answer that question. Try asking him.” Kate says as she opens the door letting him in and walking out.

“Where in Christ’s name have you been?” I say really feeling the anger I had shut down with fear.

“Baby I am so sorry. I was not supposed-that was not how I thought today would play out.”

“Why are you covered in dirt? Never mind I don’t care. How dare you abandon me on our wedding day? You sounded so excited to marry me this morning when you called while I was getting ready and then you don’t show up. And the worst of it you leave me and then you show up here trying to make it better. You are an ass.”

“Will you let me explain please before you say something you regret because I promise you baby it isn’t what you think. I love you please just give me a minute.”

“You have one sentence to catch my attention.” It was the line I used when he first asked me out. What he whispered in my ear really caught my attention and it was definitely the truth.

“I rode in the back of a truck full of hay with a goat.”

“Sucks to be you, but you have my attention.”

“Sit down please i need you to not look so pissed at me.” I do as he asks because with him I can’t help it no matter how angry I am. “We were running late anyways and I had left my phone here and Ashton had no idea how to get back to the church from the pub.”

“You went to a pub the morning of our wedding. We had a full bar downstairs you could’ve done it there.”

“I went for a gift. Anyways Ashton took a wrong turn with Luke giving him instructions and it was a disaster. So we found ourselves on this back road and we were like 3 miles from our turn that would take us down another road for 23 miles and then from there I don’t know. But Luke’s phone died and we lost the directions so we were going to just go with it the best we could. Then there was a loud pop sound and then so much smoke. So Ash pulled over and none of us know anything about a car so we didn’t know what to do with it. Well we were getting married whether the car broke down or not so I started walking, I was determined to get here to you. Well I didn’t make it far before Calum made me stop and go back to the car with him so we could actually find out what were going to do. I couldn’t have walked all that distance I am pretty sure I would’ve died and would’ve left you even more broken. So we paced at the car I was pissed that I had forgotten my phone. Calum left his with one of your bridesmaid and Ash’s died. So we really had no way to call and check on you. I knew you were going to be pissed but I didnt know what else to do. So I sat down and watched the sun set with no passing cars to jump into and knew I would need to kiss your feet in order to make it up to you. I know how important this date for our wedding was and I will wait another year if I have to just to give you the date you wanted.”

He stops and just looks at me for a minute. “So you didn’t get to the part where you road in a truck with a goat.”

He smiles knowing I’m softening to him. “So about 30 minutes ago a truck came down the road and stopped. He said somethings I didn’t hear to Ashton and then Ash came and told us we had a ride back to the hotel but we would all have to ride in the back with Buster. So we did that and we got back here as soon as we could. I wasn’t able to focus on anything else that was happening all I knew is I had to make this up to you. I am so sorry baby.”

“You rode in a truck with a goat for me, how could I stay mad.” I climb into his lap just needing to feel close to him. “I thought you left me.”

“I couldn’t have done that even if I had a gun held to my head. I wanted to be here to marry you so bad.”

I look over at the clock. “I can be in my dress in 15 minutes, we still have 2 hours before the day is over. I’m sure the justice is at the bar we can still make it today.”

“Anything to make you Mrs. Clifford as soon as I can.”

“Go so I can get ready. Get yourself looking decent and get people gathered. It’s time to get married.”

xX Kay Xx


MOD note: I wonder, I wonder, why do you all keep writing his name wrong?
Or am I wrong? You all got me so confused I looked it up multiple times on Deox’ blog, but they write it as Michael too as far as I saw…

Michael: Thank you.

Lucifer: What did he do this time? Remind his vessel to breath?

Michael: Please ignore the vengeful conglomeration of frozen water.

Lucifer: Was that your idea of a joke?

Michael: No, but you must have been our father’s idea of a joke! 



Lucifer: -Tackles-