listen im no expert on michael clifford but one thing i know 100% is when he kisses he doesn’t hold back. like have you ever seen him basically make out with his mic on stage? i know for sure mikey is the type to grab your neck with one hand and wrap his other arm around your waist and press you up against something if possible just to get you as close to him as possible so he can kiss the fucking fuck out of you ok like almost bruising force biting your lips and tugging and getting his tongue into your mouth immediately. he’d probably end up slipping a leg between yours and using the hand behind your neck to angle your chin up so he can kiss you even harder and deeper and maybe even choke you a lil if thats what ur into. but honestly i know michael treats kissing like foreplay and would be handsy and rough and aggressive but tHEN ALSO he could be sleepy kisses at 7am sponging little wet ones to your cheeks and chin and peeking his tongue out to taste you just so he can feel you against his tongue. i take back what i said earlier i am an expert on michael clifford this is all 100% fact I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep now

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from this anon’s ask, something i have been thinking about a lot lately, lol.

“You live next door to Michael, and his band practices often. The songs sound like they might be about you..”



Huffing, you drop your heavy bag on the floor of your small apartment. Yet another shitty day at work, trying not to punch the people you work with. 

It’s not like they do anything wrong, you just tend to be a short tempered person. 

You flop yourself onto the bed and unlock your phone, scrolling through meaningless posts and photos. As soon as you finally get some what comfortable, that’s when the deep bass comes through the thin walls.

This is not what you need right now. Out of anything, the punk-ass kid next door decides it’s a perfect band practice time. All you wanted was some quiet. God forbid.

They really aren’t that bad, considering that it’s a bunch of emo teens just having a great time while you plug your ears. 

The worst part is your minor crush on one of them. The one with the hair. 

He’s just so.. ugh. Even though he’s flirted with you a few times, you couldn’t. You live on your own now and he still lives with his mom. He’s just a kid. A high school kid, to be exact. 

The first few songs are decent, nothing that would make you buy their album, but it probably sounded better when you weren’t  in a pissy mood.  

All of a sudden, you hear the first lyric to a song that sounds better then the rest. 

I wish that I was 18, do all the things you read in a magazine.

They then proceed to make a sort of funny pop culture reference, but the next line gets you. 

She’s just a little bit older, but I want to get to know her. She said it’s already over.

Funny, “It’s already over,” were the exact words you used to let Michael down easy. 

The rest of the song is surprisingly corresponding to the situation Michael seemed to be in with you, and it confused you.

No way he would write a song about you.

And no way would it sound this good.

The second verse comes with a surprise. 

She’s got a naughty tattoo in a place that I wanna get to.

Now how in the hell would he know that? You begin to blush before you stop yourself, and even find yourself tapping your toes against the wall. 

The song comes to a close and you hear that one last high note that you are surely impressed by. 

That’s it. You have to go confront them. One of them must be stalking you! You have to tell his mom.

Upon knocking on the door, you don’t find his mom. You find that black haired boy with the shocking eyes and pretty lips to die for. You won’t be confronting anyone about stalking today.

He pipes in after an awkward silence. “Before you ask, yes the song was about you. And can I take you to dinner?”

ok but daddy!michael was trying to put his little boy down for a nap but lil clifford was not having it because he was NOT. SWEEPY, DADDY. and he’d try everything to get his little one to just sLEEP so he could have a nap too but instead he was bombarded with millions of questions

“daddy why are we sweeping if the sun is out”

“why does yo hair change cowors?” 

“daddy why are you tie-owd?? we swept da whole nighttime!!” 

“what color is dat daddy?” he would ask pointing at some object in his room and when Michael didn’t reply, instead pretending to be asleep next to his son, letting out soft fake snores, baby clifford rolled onto his tummy with his face right in front of his dad’s and prodded at his cheek

“daddy! i asked qwestion!!” 

and michael would stick to his guns, still fake sleeping until his kid gave up and laid back down with a “hmph” and eventually when he heard his breathing slow, he would crack one eye open and notice his little eyelids fighting to stay open and he’d reach over and softly pat his little buddy’s tummy until his eyes fluttered shut and he was finally asleep. he’d smile and his lil baby looking like an angel sleeping next to him before groaning and muttering “fucking finally” and letting himself fall asleep with his arm around his lil buddy and second love of his life ((the first being you :-))

fuck michael michael like seriously fuck michael clifford am i right

anonymous asked:

"Dad I think I like girls.." (Coming from his daughter.)

I could see Michael and our fourteen year old sitting on the garden chair on the deck, staring out at the night sky.

I’d had this conversation with her three days ago. I was so, so proud of her. I knew Michael wouldn’t react negatively, but how he reacted was so important to her.

He put his arm over his shoulders and squeezed her tight.

“I’m so happy you trust me enough to tell me that.”

“You don’t mind?”

“I don’t care, but that sounds insensitive.”

“No, no, that’s exactly what I wanted you to say.”

“Do you know what I really wanted to say?”

“What?” She asked, smiling up at him.

“I like girls too.” He smirked. I’ve never seen them hug each other so tight.