Michael, Luke, and Calum before Ashton joined the band

Asylum!5SOS Prologue


Calum: 17: Pyromania - an obsessive desire to set fire to things.

Calum had always loved to play with fire. He spent most of his childhood staring at the lit fireplace, throwing twigs in that he had collected and watching them turn into ash. He was bullied for 5 years by Jonny. He took up smoking because he loved the way it burned, it was therapeutic for him and helped him forget about what the Jonny said and did to him. At the age of 16 he took his love to the next level when Jonny took his lighter and broke it. He burned down his house that night using turpentine and his new lighter, killing Jonny. He felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and wasn’t caught for a week, only discovered when he set fire to the forest down the street from the police station, where he was tested and put in Denbigh Asylum.


Mona: 16: Psychopath/serial killer: a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour.

Mona grew up in an abusive family, often watching her father beat her mother for minuscule mistakes. When she reached the age of 11, her father began using her as a prostitute, selling sex to his friends for money, and for himself. She got severe depression very quickly due to the excessive amounts of times she was raped. She lived in her father’s basement for most of her life until she devised a plot. She carried a knife in her boots on her 16th birthday, the night when her father set her up to have sex with 3 of his friends over the space of 1 hour. She slit the rapists neck when he were mid-orgasm, leaving with the money and moving onto the next repeating each method. When she came home she found her father asleep, and stabbed him 6 times in the chest, being careful not to stab any major organ, letting him bleed out, carefully watching with a smirk on her face.  On each man’s chest, she carved a message. She was caught 2 hours later and put in Denbigh Asylum.



Michael: 21: Severe Intermittent explosive disorder – Repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behaviour or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation.

Michael lived a fairly normal childhood with loving parents and had many friends for a while, despite having a few anger issues, but it was taken away when he was 14. When he was a toddler he would hit his parents if he didn’t get his way, which developed into beating people up from the age of 5 when they said something that was ever so slightly out of line. He began losing all his friends in fear that he would hurt them. He was expelled in 4 schools by the age of 13 due to his explosive behaviour then was sent to a school specifically for children with anger issues. He was kept there for a year until another child said something about him which sent him into a rage, beating the boy close to death. When they managed to restrain him, they sent him to West Park Asylum to live until he learned to control his impotent rage. 


Nadia: 19: Bipolar: characterized by both manic and depressive episodes, or manic ones only.

Nadia grew up in a strict Christian household, having a long list of what she could and couldn’t do. Failure to abide by the rules led to being punished, Nadia’s least favourite was being caned by her father. However, Nadia became less and less affected by the spanking which gave her some confidence to rebel. She started hanging out with the stoners of her school, joining them in daily sessions getting high by the river at the age of 14. After 2 years of smoking at least 4 times a week, she had a bad reaction causing her to get severe bipolar disorder, switching from the happiest girl in the world who had endless possibilities, into a rage, causing her to braking everything in sight. Sometimes she would just curl up in a corner to cry for hours. Her parents took her out of school when she was 17 so she couldn’t harm anyone. They brought in priests, psychiatrists, nuns and even an exorcist to try and rid her of her disorder, but it only made things worse when she was left alone one night. Her parents arrived home and not a single item remained intact, except Nadia’s extensive record collection. The next morning, she was taken to West Park Asylum.


Luke: 15 Schizophrenia a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

Luke’s mother had severe schizophrenia, where she was sent to High Royds asylum by her parents,. Schizophrenia can be hereditary, which is how Luke got his. He began hallucinating and became delusional, often talking to people that were not there. This began from an early age and his parents just though he was talking to an imaginary friend that is common for children have, but when he began talking to multiple people after the age of 12, his parents took him to hospital, where he was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. Things got worse as he grew up, despite receiving regular sessions of counselling and medication. At 15, he often woke up to hear his hallucinations taunting him, causing him to scream and pull at his hair. This went on until his mother decided to send him to the same asylum she went to in hopes that it would help him as much as it helped her. 


Evangeline: 15: Borderline personality disorder is a cluster-B personality disorder, the essential feature of which is a pattern of marked impulsivity and instability of affects, interpersonal relationships and self-image.

Evangeline developed Borderline Personality disorder when she was 11, being diagnosed when she was 12 after she grew too close to a boyfriend, they had a mature sexual relationship where they shared everything with each other. He was her only friend and she trusted him with everything, they were communicating 20/7 and clinging to him whenever they were together, until he heartlessly dumped her in front of all the students in the cafeteria leaving her empty. He abandoned her, when she needed him most as her parents had decided to get a divorce that morning so her father could run off with the neighbour’s dog-walker. Her mother couldn’t deal with her mood swings, and put her in High Royds Asylum when she threatened to kill herself if her mother left her alone to go on a date at the age of 14.


Ash: 25: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ash joined the army at the age of 16 because he wanted to fight for his country. He served for 7 years, losing many friends throughout the war. When he was 20, he married his high school sweet heart in Iraq as she joined the military alongside Ash. However, when they were out on a rescue mission, they were ambushed. Ashton screamed as he watched his wife get shot in the chest 4 times and once between her eyes. He managed to escape but was removed from his duty due to extreme behaviour changes after the death of his wife. He was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder or ‘shell shock’ in Whittingham Asylum. He only came in for counselling 3 times a week, but due to the severity of his case, he became a residential patient.


Leia: 22: Mute with social anxiety.

Leia was born mute, struggling with words her entire life. She could only speak small and simple sentences, but her school work said otherwise, giving her A+ grades in many classes. Due to her inability to talk, she felt very isolated and eventually cut off many friendship bonds she had formed. She was bullied by her fellow students because she couldn’t speak more than 2 words without stuttering. She eventually developed social anxiety because of the lack of social communication, becoming afraid to talk to more than 1 person at a time. Her friends and family got worried about her social anxiety and being mute so she began receiving counselling at Whittingham Asylum, one of the best. Her mother bought a room for her to stay in, against Leia’s will, as it was too far for her to travel and her mother was tired of taking care of her.