You Play His Guitar (Requested)

(Request: illiteratedead: “Could you please do one where michale leaves and you start to sing and play his guitar and he comes back and he hears it and he loves it and then he stays for the night with you asking you to play more songs? Please I love your wrighting so soo much”)

(A/N: Oh thank you, I that literally made my day. xx)

"Michael," I yelled up the stairs, "You’re going to be late, you have to meet the boys at Luke’s in ten minutes!" This was a common thing. You would loose track of time playing whatever game you were playing and then you would be late for everything.

"Have you seen my blue flannel?" He yelled back.

"It’s in the wash. Just wear your red one. I put it in the dresser."

"Thank’s babe." He hollered back.

A few minuted later, he was running down the stairs. He gave you a quick kiss on the lips and rushed out the door. “Don’t speed!” you yelled to him, as he slammed the door.

The house was quiet after he left. You didn’t expect him back until late that night and so you watched TV for an hour, played with your cat, Alfie, for another hour before dinner. 

Dinner wasn’t more than a bowl of off brand cereal. Then you moped around the house until 7ish.

Finally, you went upstairs and decided to clean. In the spare room, where Michael kept his guitars, one caught your eye. His favorite acoustic. 

You picked it up and sat on the worn lounge and strummed a chord. For a little while you had been practicing your favorite song on it and you figured that now was as good a time as ever to practice again. 

You played the beginning and then messed up a little, then went back and strummed a little more. You hadn’t tried the lyrics before but when you got the instrumental down packed you began to sing.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?” You began.

The song was Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Definitely your favorite.

You sang through it a few times and really had the hang of it. Alfie even seemed to like it. 

After a little while you put the guitar to the side and stood up.

"Well, don’t stop now." You heard from the doorway.

The sound of another person in the room made you jump a mile, despite knowing that it was Michael. “What are you doing home?”

"Calum got sick and so we decided to call it a day." he told me, "Do you always play the guitars when I leave?"

"Only sometimes." You said.

"Keep going, I like it." He said and plopped himself beside Alfie on the couch.

"Come on, let’s go watch a movie," You said, you weren’t about showing off, not even to Michael.

"Y/N, play for me," he pleaded, "please." 

"Fine," you said sitting back down and playing the song again.

Your night continued on like that. Playing any song you knew, which wasn’t too many, and messing up too many times than you’d like to admit. 

Even through the messed up notes of 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' by Green Day, he still loved it.

Michael Doesn't Like You Imagine

You were sitting on the leather couch in your dressing room; your band was on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. The other girls in your band got on with the band but for some reason you didn’t, and that hurt you a lot because you were a big fan of the boys. You were okay with Luke, Calum and Ashton but Michael had a strong hatred for you and you didn’t know why. The girls teased you saying that he liked you but there’s a different between playful disliking someone and hating them.

“You okay?” Luke asked running in and hiding under the wooden table,

“What are you doing?”

“We’re playing hide and seek, why aren’t you playing?” He asked shuffling closer to the end so you could see him and he could see you,

“Was it Michael’s idea?”


“Then that’s why I’m not playing, he doesn’t like me,” You said,

“He didn’t like me at first either,” Luke told you,

“He doesn’t even try,”

“Do you try?”

“What’s the point? He likes to remind me he hates me so there’s no point,” You said,

“He’s weird, ignore him,” Luke said trying to make you laugh but you couldn’t. It was bugging you, you didn’t know what the problem was but if you knew the problem maybe you could fix it and you and Michael could be friends.

“Maybe he’s in here,” You heard the familiar voice say, Michael walked into the room and the smile was wiped off his face,

“Never mind, the room’s empty,” He said rolling his eyes at you, Ashton walked into the room confused and frowned when he saw you,

“The rooms not empty you idiot, y/n is right there,” Ashton giggled,

“Really? I can’t see anything,” Michael said snarling you, you rolled your eyes and turned your attention away from the two boys,

“Michael, that’s horrible. What’s your problem?” Calum asked walking in, everyone followed in behind to see what the confrontation was about,

“She is my problem!”

“I haven’t done anything to you,” You snapped still not looking at him,

“You haven’t done anything? Really? You constantly carry a pen around in your hand like a little weirdo, you crack your hands religiously, you have this really loud and irritating laugh and you have this weird obsession with Nutella that you should probably stop eating because it’s making you fat,” He snapped, you could deal with the other comments but not the fat comment. Everyone was quiet as you stood up and left the room quickly. You didn’t look Michael or anyone in the eye; you kept your head down as you left the room.

You were embarrassed and quite frankly upset and hurt at his comment. You heard fast footsteps behind you but you ignored them, it was probably one of your band mates coming to tell you to ignore him and that he’s a stupid boy who knows fuck all. But you liked Michael, he was your favourite.

“Y/n,” Someone said grabbing your upper arm to stop you from walking any further, you were nearly out of the arena at this point because you sped walked towards the exit,

“Let go of me,” You said shrugging his hand off of you,

“I didn’t mean to say that,”

“People don’t say what they don’t mean,” You said wrapping your jacket around you,

“This is me we’re talking about y/n; I say a lot of shit I don’t mean,”

“You should probably stop that; it could seriously hurt other people’s feelings,”

“Like your feelings?” He asked,

“It’d only hurt me if I actually liked you but I don’t,”

“You don’t like me?” He asked confused,

“You don’t like me, what’s the point in liking someone who doesn’t like you back? You just get hurt in the end anyway,”

“I don’t know what to say,” He said,

“Don’t say anything, just let me go,”

“You’re not going to cry are you?”

“That’s patronising Michael,”

“I didn’t mean it that way; I just don’t think you should cry over me,”

“I’m not going to cry over you, I’m going to cry over the fact that I’m fat and I have annoying habits,” You said looking him in the eye, he looked down,

“I didn’t mean it,” He mumbled,

“Yes you did,”

“I didn’t,”

“Do I have to remind you of the phrase I said?” You asked getting impatient, he hadn’t even apologised yet,

“No I remember, people don’t say what they don’t mean,”

“Exactly,” You said turning on your heel and starting to walk to the exit,

“I’m really sorry!” He called after you,

“Say it to someone who cares,” You snapped pulling open the door and storming out.

Nerdy 5sos Preference

Request: Yes
Hi can you do a nerdy imagine however you would like to do it just please nerdy and stuff btw your imagines are awesome ❤️

Boys: 4/4

A/N: I wrote this on my iPad because I screwed up my computer so excuse the spelling errors, also this isn’t smut but it’s something!


Calum: Okay so basically I just think that Calum would be that super cool guy at school that all the girls like and would swoon over. He’d be on the football team and have lots of friends and would appear not to care much about his grades. But really when he wasn’t at football practice he’d be up in his room studying super hard with music playing in the background to help him concentrate for a big maths exam that was coming up. He’d make lame his excuses to his friends so they wouldn’t see him trying so hard to get really good grades to make his mom proud. I think Calum would be the closet nerd, does that make sense?

Ashton: He would definitely be the all around geeky guy, like I don’t even know how to explain. He’d just be super geeky guy with his little glasses. I don’t think he’d be so much as an academia nerd but more of a music geek. During lunch you’d probably be able to find him in the music room just jamming out on whatever instruments they had in there and playing the drums so loud that the teacher would have to tell him to stop. He also wouldn’t be shy around girls but almost too excited and would just kind of ramble on about anything and be super enthusiastic when he spoke to people of the opposite sex.

Michael: This guy would be the biggest gaming nerd ever. During classes, lunch, break, before and after school, whenever, you’d just see him on his little DS or whatever handheld gaming thingy he had. But he totally wouldn’t suit the look of geek because he’d have the piercings, tattoos and dyed hair to boot. He probably wouldn’t talk to many people either, he’d be more introverted and perfectly content to be being by himself. He’d also spend lots of time in the music room as well, just playing cool riffs and stuff when he was giving his eyes a break from all those harsh artificial lights.

Luke: Nerdy Luke seriously gives me chest pains okay? He’d be that guy that comes into school looking super hot and cool with his fucking SnapBack but he’d be so freaking shy and would not look up from his books once during class unless the teacher was instructing at the board. He wouldn’t talk to anyone and would dread being paired for partner assignments because he would just be so freaking awkward and shy even the he legit towers over everyone. He’d just be super academic oriented and I think that’s really cute.




For imaginesof5sos to help cope with stressful projects:

How cute would it be to exchange letters with Michael while he’s on the road. This way you got to “talk” to each other and not worry about time zones. Michael would write “sorry my handwriting sucks, but that’s not why you love me”. And he’d tell you all about tour and all of the new songs they’re playing. You’d write back that you saw him shedding his guitar in a fan video and shower him with compliments because you were so unbelievably proud of him. He’d write back that he loved you, that he was lucky to call you his own, and how much he missed you. You’d cry because he was going to be away longer than he originally told you he’d be gone. Weeks would pass without a letter, and you began to feel like he forgot you. A knock would sound at your front door, signaling your mail was delivered. When you opened the door, a tall familiar figure was standing before you with a wrinkled envelope. His eyes were red and rimmed with water. A large, pink-lipped smile was plastered across his face. “I thought this one should be hand-delivered” he spoke softly into your ear as he pulled you in for the tightest hug.