Maks and Meryl Freestyle!!!! OMFG im not recovered!! IT WAS BREATHTAKING, BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW THEY ALL SHIP!!!!!! THEY NEED TO WIN!! VOTE!!

Maks Said It

First thing Maksim Chmerkovskiy ever said to Meryl Davis.

“I love you and I would love to marry you.”

Weeks later he was asked if he meant it.

He replied: “Absolutely, who wouldn’t want to marry her.”

And even months later, after their win he states.

Well I asked her to marry me 5 min into our first meeting  and she still hasn’t give me an answer.


Know what he never did? Recant. Maksyl on peeps!

Dara Phan Photography took some fantastic photos of our Rex and Raiden from the Pre-NYCC Cosplay pop up event in Brooklyn. (*´▽`*)
This photo set includes our guest MGS cosplayers, Max ‘Mustang’ Franicevich cosplay as Snake and Sue Light as Meryl.
We absolutely love these photos!!!
Thank you so much Dara Phan!!!ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

Metal Gear Rex: Ruby Taki
Raiden: Shiori Tung
Solid Snake: Maximillian
Meryl: Sue Light