my icon for anon, i’m the one on the right for those who don’t know and the boy on the left is my boyfriend! please don’t judge how i look here, this pic was taken during nye so i had had a few drinks ok xx

i love how for every major sporting even for the past like ten years has had a post made about it with the prediction “ireland will win, but krum will catch the snitch.” every major sporting event. without fail. i have seen it for two world cups and every consecutive superbowl since i joined this site.

Naprawdę, Anastasio, nie powinnaś czynić obietnic, których nie jesteś w stanie spełnić.
—  50 twarzy Grey’a
-Proszę, nie kłóćmy się. - głos ma schrypnięty, gdy obejmuje ją mocno.
—  50 twarzy Grey’a
Who the signs are most attracted to

Aries - me

Taurus - me

Gemini - me

Cancer - me

Leo - me

Virgo - me

Libra - me

Scorpio - me

Sagittarius - me

Capricorn - me

Aquarius - me 

Pisces - me